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Beginning on Friday, May 8, the public trails and trailheads will be open at the El Dorado Nature Center, DeForest Wetlands and Willow Springs Park. Individuals should engage in physical distancing measures and wear a face covering while in close contact with other people on the trails and when entering the park. Face coverings are not required while engaging in physically distanced exercise. Parking lots with access to trailheads will be open to facilitate access to trails only. 


(48.2 acres)
Hours:  Daily, Dawn to Dusk

AGENTS OF DISCOVERY – Willow Springs Park

Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile gaming platform that uses augmented reality to get youth active outdoors. Missions are free to play and, once downloaded, do not require WiFi or a data connection. Learn about the environment and local wildlife through fun challenges!

Download the Agents of Discovery app on your phone and enjoy our mission at Willow Springs while visiting the park!


The Willow Springs Wetlands Restoration Project opened in October 2017. The project restored 11 acres of a 48-acre degraded site into wetlands that highlight the pivotal role they played in the City of Long Beach’s establishment in the late 1800’s by preserving the history and unique topography of the site. 

The Park site sits atop the Cherry Hill Fault, a region of the Newport/Inglewood Fault, which lifts the land 4 millimeters/year, created topographic contours in the Park that were preserved and used to create a unique park user experience, unlike any other in Long Beach’s park system. 

Visitors discover a walking loop through a series of water-capturing bio-swales that flow to one acre of restored seasonal wetlands and 10 acres of habitat with native plants and trees, a constructed spring that mimics the original artesian spring that provided water to early Long Beach, a water retention basin that cleans and diverts water to be reused on-site, and an outdoor environmental education classroom. 

Longview Point at Willow Springs Park is located on the west side of Orange Avenue between Willow and Spring Streets. The four-acre site is at the highest point of the Willow Springs property and provides 360-degree views of the Long Beach skyline, the Port of Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verde, and the Los Angeles Basin and San Gabriel Mountains.   

Map To The Park