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.48 acres
Hours: 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Valparaiso Plaza honors the relationship between the City of Long Beach and their Sister City Valparaiso, Chile. The centerpiece of the area is a canon perched on the bluff that points out over the ocean. The canon once guarded Valparaiso.


The .48-acre Valparaiso Plaza sits on a portion of what was formerly Bixby Park.  When the beach parking lot was constructed in 1968, Junipero Avenue was extended down the bluff to access the parking lot, separating this half-acre lot from the rest of Bixby Park. 

Beachgoers on their way to Junipero Beach pass the canon that once guarded Valparaiso, Chile for over 100 years.  Their citizens donated the canon to Long Beach in 1976 as a symbol of the strength of the sister city relationship between the two cities. In the same year, the Long Beach City Council renamed this area of Bixby Park Valparaiso Plaza.


Historic Canon, Landcaping