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Tanaka ParkTanaka_playground_AW

1400 W. Wardlow Road near Caspian
(562) 570-1600
(1.4 acres)


This West Long Beach lot was developed into a park with a playground, picnic area, benches, walking trail and half-court basketball court in 2004. It provides a great place to relax and enjoy the grass and trees while children enjoy the playground equipment.


Tanaka Mini Park is a remnant of the former Tanaka farm and was leased to the City by the Tanaka family. Mrs. Tanaka was born in the house that once stood on the property and her family farmed the land for many years. Because of this history, she was not interested in selling the property. Unfortunately the family was experiencing many code enforcement actions against the property due to the illegal dumping that was occurring on this vacant site.

The Tanakas turned to Councilman Grabinski to assist with their code enforcement problems. He suggested that the family might lease the property to the City for park purposes as a way to relieve them of the maintenance responsibility. Councilmember Grabinski held a meeting with the Tanaka's and Parks, Recreation and Marine staff and a ten-year lease was subsequently authorized by City Council for the use of the property for park purposes.

Two community meetings were held to develop a conceptual design for the park. The Mayor contributed $50,000 of discretionary money for Tanaka Park. A $50,000 competitive grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board paid for the installation of the walking track using recycled California tires. Finally, the Conservation Corps of Long Beach was awarded a Proposition 12 grant for construction of the Tanaka Park and assisted in the construction of the park contributed in ongoing maintenance.

The park is primarily passive, but includes a playground, a half court basketball court, benches and rubberized perimeter walking trail. The General Fund, through Mayor O'Neill-s Mini-Park Fund paid for the majority of park funding, with a grant provided funding from the California Integrated Waste Management Board for the walking trail. The Conservation Corps of Long Beach helped with construction of the park. The ground breaking was held on July 8, 2002 and a grand opening celebration on January 10, 2004.


Playground, Picnic Area, Basketball Court, Open Space, Park Benches.

Map to the Park