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PCH & Junipero Street
(1.2 Acres)


Rotary Centennial Park, a new Mini Park is located on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Junipero Street. The park was first constructed when the Rotary Club approached the department with the idea of collaborating on the construction of the new park in celebration of the100th anniversary of Rotary International in 2005.

Rotary Centennial Park added 1.2 acres towards the City Open Space Plan goal of acquiring 1,000 more acres of parks and open space, so that there are eight acres for every thousand citizens. The mini park is a joint project of the Rotary Club of Long Beach and the Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation & Marine.

The park features a solar system theme that contains art installations of the planets, benches, turf, trees, playground equipment, a half-court basketball court, gazebo and a water play spray feature.


This park is located on the former Pacific Electric Railway Right-of-Way between Pacific Coast Highway and Junipero Avenue. The City acquired the site in 2001 with a grant from the federal Land & Water Conservation Fund.

The Rotary Club of Long Beach partnered with the City to develop this park in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Rotary. On May 15, 2003, the Parks and Recreation Commission approved to recommend to the City Council that the park be named "Rotary Centennial Park." In addition to a sizable donation for the parks capital development, the Rotary Club donated and installed artwork in the form of a scale model of the solar system, and has done many clean-ups of the park by club members.

The site is a long linear park cutting diagonally through the block. A walkway and bicycle trail runs through the park on the diagonal. Other improvements include a playground and a large picnic shelter. Besides the Rotary Club, funding came from Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1996, Park Impact Fees and the state Parks Bond Act of 2000. The park was opened in June 2005.


Green Space, Sun Dial, Large Solar System, Playground, Equipment, Half Basketball Court, Water Play, Gazebo

Map to the Park