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Rainbow Harbor EsplanadeRAINBOW_HARBOR

Pine Ave. & S. Shoreline Dr.
(562) 570-5333
(7.2 acres)


This location can be rented for special events. Call 570-5333 for information.


This area at Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive wraps around Rainbow Harbor from Shoreline Park to The Promenade South Terminus. The Esplanade, completed in 1999, is a 30 wide walkway with paving and landscape area depicting native landscaping from habitats surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Up to 53 vendor carts have been approved on the Esplanade, but few have been installed. Historical markers for the Trans-Pacific Los Angeles to Honolulu races that originate from Rainbow Harbor were added in 2008.


Open space to enjoy the ocean view and colorful bridges to take a stroll on.

Map to the Park