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(.18 Acres)
Hours: Dawn to Dusk

The 8,000-square foot park can be accessed via Seaside Way, just west of Pine Avenue, or via the 

slide, which is adjacent to the pedestrian stairs just south of Ocean Boulevard. The park’s features include a dog park, fitness stations, the slide, landscaping, lighting, benches and bike racks. The park was built by a private developer as a requirement included in the approval of the adjacent residential project.


The Park was named in memory of the Pike Amusement Area founded in 1902 along the shoreline south of Ocean Boulevard that featured arcades, food stands, gift shops and a variety of rides, a roller coaster, and a bath house. Pike Park is located in the former Pike Amusement Area.


Benches, Bike Racks, Dog park, Fitness stations & Playground Slide