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C. David Molina Park

4951 Oregon Avenue

(3.3 Acres)


Sports field with synthetic turf, lighting and fencing,Outdoor fitness equipment,Picnic Tables, Playground featuring universally accessible structure for ages 5-12, Restroom facility, Walking path


The park opened on August 21, 2018 and is named for Dr. C. David Molina who started the city's first intensive care unit at Pacific Hospital in 1962, and served as the hospital’s Emergency Department Director for 21 years. He developed a paramedic system for Long Beach and trained the city's first firefighters to become paramedics. In 1980, he opened a clinic in Long Beach to serve low-income individuals and families. He founded Molina Medical Centers, headquartered in Long Beach and served as its president and chief executive officer. Dr. Molina passed away in 1996 at the age of 70. Today, Molina Healthcare is a Fortune 500 multi-state health care organization, and the Molina family continues to serve Long Beach in several fields and endeavors.

Map to the Park