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Lilly ParkLillyPark

3200 Lilly Avenue
(562) 570-3100
(0.3 acres)


Lilly Park is nestled in east Long Beach's El Dorado Estates and provides a pleasant recreation area for all visitors. In 1988 local residents worked with the local non-profit organization, Partners of Parks to raise money to match funds provided through Department's Matching Funds Capital Improvement program for play equipment and benches for the park.


This site was dedicated to the City with the El Dorado Park Estates housing tract development in the early 1960's as a greenbelt. A playground was added in 1991 through the matching funds program and a Partners of Parks grant. The playground was replaced with new equipment in 2005 as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act plan with CDBG funds.


Picnic Area, Play equipment

Map to the Park