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2910 E 55th between Candlewood & South
(11.5 Acres)


The 11.5-acre Davenport Park is located on 2910 East 55th Way, near the east side of Paramount Boulevard, between Candlewood Street and South Street. The park makes a positive difference in the lives of North Long Beach residents providing wonderful open space for people of all ages to relax and play as its amenities include a playground, sports field, and tot lot.

The park was named in memory of Long Beach Police Officer Corporal Ed "Pops" Davenport, a man that has made a positive difference in the City of Long Beach. During a distinguished 40-year career, Corporal Davenport worked on numerous assignments including patrol, motors, special investigations, and was a special weapons and tactics team (SWAT) member for more than 30 years.


This park was the site of a Long Beach landfill until 1947 when it was developed for industrial uses. Differential settlement of the land resulted in the condemnation of industrial buildings on the easterly portion and abandonment of the site by the owners. The Redevelopment Agency acquired the 5.92-acre site portion on July 31, 2001 with North Long Beach Project Area funds.

Construction began after substantial design and permitting work to close the landfill according to then current standards and was completed on August 26, 2006. Improvements include a soccer field, two half-court basketball courts, a playground, walking trail, picnic area, restroom and parking lot. The park's development was also mitigation for the Police Station in Scherer Park, a park restricted to open space use by prior receipt of federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. The federal restrictions also apply to Davenport Park.

On April 24, 2006, the Redevelopment Agency acquired the westerly 5.6-acres with North Long Beach Project Area funds, to extend the park to Paramount Blvd. by summer 2010. The new area will include an additional soccer field, picnic area and extended walking trail.


Green Space, Sports Field, Playground Equipment, 2 Half Basketball Courts, Walking Trail

Map to the Park