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Bordered by Junipero (W), Wisconsin (W) 4th St. (N) 3rd St. (S)
(.68 acres)
Hours: 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

The Carroll Parks are four mini parks located east of Junipero Avenue, south of 4th Street at the intersections of Carroll Park North, Carroll Park South, Carroll Park East, and Carroll Park West.  The four parks total .68 acres, and are passive in nature and improved with turf, plantings and a few benches. 


The parkland was donated to the City in 1910 by neighborhood developer Johanna Jane Carroll. 

The Carroll Park subdivision was plotted in a series of circular drives and at the intersection of each, these small rectangles occur, into four little green island parks.  The streets were built for horse and buggy, so traffic is naturally deterred. Historians feel that the Park was planned in this circular fashion with its complex maze of streets to deter the farm and ranch wagons on their way to town.

The Carroll Park neighborhood and the parks were designated a Historic Landmark District in 1982.


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