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Atherton & Tulane
(562) 570-3100
(0.8 acres)


This passive .78-acre park is located south of Atherton and north of Bouton Creek drainage ditch at approximately Elmsfield Avenue. Large trees and an expanse of green lawn provide a restful spot for a picnic or a stroll.


This park located south of Atherton Street and north of Bouton Creek drainage ditch was known as "Atherton Street Park." The Home Investment Company, headed by L. S. Whaley, donated the park to the City in 1965. The park follows a portion of the former location of Bouton Creek, which was converted into a storm drain channel. The channel continues easterly past the edge of Whaley Park and through the California State University at Long Beach campus to Los Cerritos Channel, and westerly to Clark Avenue where it turns north and enters the southern portion of Long Beach Airport. It is a passive park with a playground, and picnic tables and benches.


Open Space, Picnic Tables.

Map to the Park