LB Humanitarian Effort

Supporting the U.S. Government’s Unaccompanied Children Humanitarian Effort

Here you will find information on donations and other ways to get involved in Long Beach’s efforts to support the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) efforts to temporarily house and quickly unify unaccompanied minors who have been arriving at our southern border. 


HHS provides updates on the Long Beach Emergency Intake Site each on Mondays and Fridays each week. While this is a federally-led effort, the City of Long Beach is helping HHS transmit this information to the community. The information provided includes:

Total Census: the current number of children onsite at the shelter. Please note that this number will fluctuate depending on intakes and children’s unifications with their families and sponsors.

Total Unifications to Date: this represents the number of children who have been cleared to leave the facility through a thorough vetting process and unified with a family member or sponsor in the United States. A comprehensive overview on the Safe and Timely Release from ORR Care is available in the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement Unaccompanied Children Policy Guide.

Covid+ Population: 
the current number of children who have tested positive and in quarantine. This number will fluctuate based on our total census. UCLA Health, the shelter’s medical provider, is fully prepared to manage the Covid+ children in the quarantine area. Please note that all children receive surveillance testing every 3 days.

As of Monday
6/21, 8:30 am
Total Census
Total Unifications to Date
Total Covid+


The City of Long Beach was recently asked to assist HHS with their work to temporarily house and quickly reconnect unaccompanied minors who have been arriving at our southern border. On April 6, 2021, the Long Beach City Council voted to allow the City Manager to negotiate a partnership agreement with HHS. 

While the effort is being fully led and funded by the federal government, the City will focus on assisting HHS and the federal government in welcoming the children and supporting them during the unification process. As part of this partnership agreement, a temporary shelter has been set up at the Long Beach Convention Center, formally called the Long Beach Emergency Intake Site, with the main priority being the care, well-being, security, and privacy of the children during the unification process prior to August 2, 2021.

The shelter will not impact COVID-19 vaccination clinic operations currently underway at the Long Beach Convention Center and costs for the operation and use of the HHS shelter are being provided by the federal government.

Currently, there are several emergency intake sites operating in several states, including California (San Diego and Pomona).

How you can help

Monetary Donations

At this time, the easiest and quickest way that the community and local organizations and businesses can support this effort is by providing a monetary donation. The Long Beach Community Foundation has launched the Migrant Children Support Fund to accept monetary donations from community members, local organizations and businesses. All donations are designated specifically to provide assistance and supportive resources related to the HHS Unaccompanied Children program in Long Beach. Resources provided through these donations are intended to make the children more comfortable during their stay in Long Beach and during the unification process. All monetary donations to this fund are tax-deductible.

Examples of the use of funds include, but are not limited to: grants to organizations that will provide educational and recreational items for the children during their stay in Long Beach, and gift cards to assist the children as they are united with their families. Uses of these charitable funds will be updated as the needs arise during the children’s stay in Long Beach.

Donations can be made online, or by mailing a check to the Long Beach Community Foundation at 400 Oceangate, Suite 800, Long Beach, CA 90802. Check donations should include “Migrant Children Support Fund” in the memo section of the check.


Are you an individual who would like to volunteer your personal time in some capacity? People interested in volunteering should submit a volunteer interest form with their name and contact information and HHS may be in contact. Volunteers may be utilized for a number of activities and services, which will be headed by HHS.

All volunteers will have to undergo a comprehensive background check via a Department of Justice (DOJ) Live Scan, at a level that allows interaction with minors. HHS will screen and select all volunteers. HHS may also have additional requirements that must be met for volunteers.

Organization Support

Are you an organization, nonprofit or business looking to support this effort? Organizations, nonprofits and businesses interested in providing complimentary services at the HHS-managed Long Beach Emergency Intake Site should complete an interest form, which will be submitted to HHS for review and consideration. Examples of services include:

  • Food/meal services
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Mental Health
  • Entertainment
  • Family unification
  • Legal services
  • Religious services
  • Language translation
  • Case management
  • Health care

HHS Sponsor

Interested in being an HHS sponsor? Information on how to become a HHS sponsor is available on the HHS Sponsors and Placement webpage.

For questions email

Other Resources

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- City of Long Beach press release announcing Long Beach City Council approves negotiations to begin U.S. Department of Health and Human Services use of Convention Center for humanitarian effort
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Contracts Related to Long Beach Humanitarian Family Reunification Efforts
For transparency, the City is providing the contract between the building operator ASM and the Convention Center, as well as the City’s contract amendment to allow for this use with ASM.  It is important to note that the funds paid to the Convention Center go to offset the costs of the building operator ASM, pay building rent, and procure services from a number of subcontractors who are needed to provide the requested services at the site.  The money does not go to the City’s General Fund.  Direct City costs have been negotiated and will be offset by the federal government under the agreement, as well as some indirect costs for the City to ensure the contract is being adhered to.   Some sensitive security information like site map and security staffing were redacted and cannot be provided for the safety of the children.