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Space Beach Continues to Thrive 11/7/2022 Over the past week, I've had the chance to tour some of the space industry companies that call Long Beach home. With over 7.5 million square feet of facilities dedicated to this sector, our city has become a leading national and international hub for innovation and manufacturing in this growing field.

These industries represent the future of our economy, and the companies we visited already employ thousands of people in well-paying jobs here in Long Beach. Not only are places like Relativity Space, Rocket Lab, Virgin Orbit and Spin Launch creating incredible opportunities for our local economy and workforce, but they're on the cutting edge of innovation in 3D printing, rockets and satellite launch systems, space information technology, scientific exploration, and other exciting work.
New City Assistance for First-Time Homebuyers 10/31/2022 Earlier today we announced the launch of our First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Program which will provide 100 eligible families with up to $20,000 to help buy a home here in Long Beach. This is an amazing opportunity for first-time homebuyers to invest in their future, build wealth and plant roots in our city.
Election & Ballot Drop-Off Information 10/24/2022

Over the past two weeks, all registered voters in Long Beach should have received ballots for the November 8 midterm election. Voting is incredibly important to the future of our country and city. I hope you'll join me in making sure your voice is heard this election.

Launching our Guaranteed Income Program 10/21/2022

Earlier this week we launched a new website for Long Beach Pledge, our city's Guaranteed Income Pilot Program. The program will serve some of our most vulnerable residents with a goal to provide 500 single-parent families in the 90813 zip code with $500 a month for a full year. 

Safety and Making Progress Post-Pandemic 10/18/2022

Long Beach is continuing to make strong progress on public health, economic recovery and on community safety — but we know there's still major work ahead of us. The last two and a half years have presented tremendous challenges to our city. There’s economic anxiety, more people have fallen into homelessness due to the economy and remote work has changed the number of people and activities in our Downtown. Fewer people occupying public spaces often causes additional safety concerns.

Growing Our Port Economy 10/11/2022

This week I am in Thailand and Japan for an important business and trade development trip with Harbor Commission President Sharon Weissman, Harbor Commissioner Bonnie Lowenthal and our Port Deputy Executive Director Noel Hacegaba. We are meeting with shipping executives, trade partners and senior management at the ports of Bangkok and Kobe. We also took this opportunity to meet with leadership from our U.S. Embassy in Thailand. This is our first trade mission with the Port since the start of the pandemic and my last trip as Mayor. We are using this opportunity to pick up where we left off — expanding our relations with Southeast Asia and spreading the good word on the strength of our Port.

Long Beach Gives is Today! 9/22/2022

Today is Long Beach Gives — our city's annual online giving event that showcases over 200 local nonprofits. Through Long Beach Gives, you can donate directly to causes that you care about in our community. You can learn more, find your cause and donate today at the link: here.

In 2021, this event raised over $2 million. This year, our goal is to match or improve on that number to benefit the nonprofits that do amazing work here in Long Beach.

Beach Streets is Back! 9/14/2022

Beach Streets is coming back this Saturday, September 17!

This is truly one of my favorite local events, and I'm excited for it to be returning to our community for the first time since the pandemic started. Since 2015, Beach Streets has turned our roads across Long Beach into an outdoor festival complete with music, art and lots of great food. This is a great chance for residents and families to walk, bike and skate around our community and enjoy all our city has to offer.

Preparing for Tropical Storm 9/9/2022

Over the past few days, Long Beach has been closely monitoring Tropical Storm Kay. City teams have been working around the clock to help protect homes and property along the Peninsula and our other shoreline communities. Swells are expected to increase in the next day before tapering off.

A unified command post has been established in the Claremont parking lot located at Claremont Avenue and Ocean Boulevard to help respond to the situation. Sandbags are available at 72nd Place/Ocean Boulevard and the Claremont lot. All Long Beach Fire Stations have empty sandbags for public use. Bins of sand are available at Fire Stations 7, 12, 13, and 14.

Updated COVID-19 Boosters Now Available 9/7/2022

Starting today, our Long Beach Health Department is beginning to offer bivalent Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 boosters. These updated boosters provide increased protection against the omicron variant and are available via walk-up at all City-run vaccine clinics. This means that if you've been waiting for the chance to get your second booster, now is the best time to go.

To All Workers — Thank You 9/5/2022

This Labor Day, the City of Long Beach celebrates and honors the contributions of everyone who has fought to build a more fair and just society. It was great to march this morning with City employees at the Harbor Area Labor Day parade. Workers are the backbone of our country, and it is crucial that we stand in solidarity with them in their fight for better pay, working conditions and equal rights in the workplace.

Expanding Access to Monkeypox (MPX) Vaccines 8/31/2022

Starting today, eligible Long Beach residents can get vaccinated against monkeypox (MPX) at our Long Beach City College clinic without an appointment. Over the past weeks, we've worked to expand eligibility and access to vaccines to protect residents and our community — especially LGBTQ+ people and others at high risk. Addressing the spread of MPX continues to be a top priority and I want to encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated.

A New Budget and Historic Infrastructure Investments 8/2/2022

Earlier today I presented the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY 23) Budget in partnership with City Manager, Tom Modica. This is my eighth and final budget that I am presenting to the City Council, and like the previous seven, it is balanced and responsible. This $3.2 billion budget makes substantial new investments in infrastructure repairs, public safety, homeless services, and creates a new Office of Climate Action.

Monkeypox Eligibility Now Expanded 7/20/2022

Over the past weeks, the City of Long Beach and our Health Department have been urgently working to prepare for and address cases of monkeypox in our community. Yesterday, we announced that we are expanding eligibility requirements to make vaccines more accessible to people at the highest risk in our city — particularly gay and bisexual men and our transgender community.

First Monkeypox Case in Long Beach 7/16/2022

Earlier today, our Long Beach Health Department announced the first presumptive case of monkeypox infection in Long Beach. Additional testing will be performed at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to confirm monkeypox. Still, given the positive test result, our Health Department is conducting an extensive contact tracing investigation and offering vaccines to people who may have been exposed in order to prevent additional cases. The person is an adult Long Beach resident who has no recent travel history or known contacts. They are symptomatic and recovering and isolating at home.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend 7/3/2022

The Fourth of July holiday has always been a special day to me and my family. This country offers so much to the people that live here, and one of the best days in my life was the day I became a U.S. citizen. I bring the sense of duty I felt that day with me every single day I get to serve this city. 

This Fourth of July we have a lot to celebrate — we get to celebrate our families, being surrounded by great friends and neighbors, and the fact that we live in this great country. But at the same time, it's an opportunity to reflect on all we still have to achieve. As we have seen in the last few weeks, freedoms must continuously be defended. As far as we have come as a country, as Americans, it is always our responsibility to the generations that come after us to be engaged, and never stop fighting to protect the rights so many before us have labored to achieve.

Building a Better Long Beach 6/30/2022

On Tuesday, in partnership with the Long Beach Business Journal, I delivered my final Building a Better Long Beach presentation as Mayor. Each year, this presentation highlights the ongoing construction, development and investment that's happening across Long Beach to create new and affordable homes, good jobs, business opportunities and public amenities for our city. It was great to be able to showcase this amazing work in person and reaffirm our community's economic growth and recovery.

A Dark Day for our Country 6/24/2022

This morning, the United States Supreme Court took the extreme step of overturning Roe v. Wade and ending the constitutionally protected right to an abortion. The decision will have devastating consequences and recklessly endangers the basic autonomy, health and wellbeing of women across the country. In nearly half of U.S. states today, reproductive healthcare decisions no longer rest with women and their doctors but instead exist at the whim of state legislators.

Today we are in a country with fewer rights than we had yesterday. A country where someone can be forced by the state to give birth — even if they do not want to, regardless of risks to their lives and health, and irrespective of the costs. This is a dark moment for our country, but we cannot lose hope. We must each fight back and speak up with everything we have.

Investing in our Youth 6/23/2022

I'm excited to announce that Long Beach and our Office of Youth Development are launching two grant opportunities to help young people in our city most impacted by COVID-19, chronic health conditions, crime and poverty. This program is funded by Measure US which voters in our city approved in 2020 and is already being used to invest in our environment and our next generation.

Please RSVP to join us for our annual Building a Better Long Beach presentation 6/13/2022

Please RSVP to join us for our annual Building a Better Long Beach presentation. We will share developments underway across the city, those ready to break ground and recently completed projects.

This annual event is co-hosted in partnership with the Long Beach Business Journal and we are excited to bring this year's program back in person.

I can't wait to share what our city has been up to, from our major housing and retail developments to our airport, port and Space Beach projects — we have a lot to cover.

Make Sure to Vote This Election Day 6/4/2022

We are now only 3 days away from Election Day, and it is as important as ever that you vote in our local, state and federal elections this primary season.

Vote Centers are open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Monday, June 6, 2022. On Election Day, Tuesday, June 7, all Vote Centers will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

By now, all registered voters in California should have received a Vote By Mail ballot. Vote by Mail ballots can be returned by mail (no postage required) or to a Vote By Mail Drop Box or Vote Center on the day of the election.

An Update on COVID-19 in Long Beach 6/2/2022

In Long Beach and across the state and country, cases of COVID-19 have begun to trend upward again after a significant drop this spring. Luckily, our community has made incredible progress in getting people vaccinated which has helped to keep hospitalizations and deaths down — and it's important that we continue building on this progress to better protect more people.

Honoring our Heroes 5/28/2022

As we prepare to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend, let's remember the reason for this important holiday: to honor and remember our fallen service members. Long Beach has a proud military history, especially with the Navy, and we're grateful for this opportunity to honor those that have died in service to our country.

A Message on the Tragedy in Texas 5/25/2022

We are heartbroken and angry as we learn more and more of the horrific tragedy that occurred in Texas yesterday. The shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde puts our nation’s failure to act on gun violence in a painful spotlight, and our prayers and support are with the loved ones of those killed and with the community of Uvalde. As a country, we have failed to protect our children and our communities. In just over a week, mass shootings alone have killed 32 people in Buffalo, Laguna Woods and now in Uvalde.

Continuing to Invest in our Airport 4/27/2022

Today we celebrated an incredible milestone for our city and our airport by opening a new ticketing lobby and checked baggage inspection system. We already have one of the best airports anywhere in the country, and these improvements — along with the rest of our Phase II projects — are continuing to make Long Beach an amazing place to fly.

Completing our 10th new playground in 4 years 4/8/2022

Last week at Colorado Lagoon, we opened the tenth new playground built in Long Beach over the past four years through Measure A Funding. This is a historic investment in our city’s parks infrastructure, and it's been great to see kids and families enjoying these great new playgrounds.

An Update on Gun Violence 4/4/2022

Over the weekend we witnessed a horrific shooting in Sacramento that killed 6 people and injured at least a dozen more. Our love and support go out to each of the victims and their families. This terrible incident highlights a trend in violence we are seeing across the country. From Long Beach to Sacramento to New York, gun violence is devastating communities nationwide and we must collectively do more to take action and keep communities safe.

Since the pandemic started, there has been a clear increase in gun violence from coast to coast. Over the summer, gun sales spiked 64% across America and guns seized by our local police department increased by as much as 51% over the course of the pandemic.

Zero Emission Truck Program Launches at Port 4/1/2022

Today I joined leaders from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to announce the launch of a historic program to dramatically reduce emissions at our ports. This first-of-its-kind plan put us on a strong path toward a greener and more sustainable future by setting up a clean truck fee that will help support the transition to zero-emission trucks moving cargo.

The fee will be paid by cargo owners and it's expected to raise $90 million in just the first year. It's also a critical part of how we're going to meet the ambitious goal of our Clean Air Action Plan and complete our transition to emission-free trucks by 2035

Small Business Grant Opportunities 3/12/2022 Last week, the City of Long Beach announced the Long Beach Recovery Act Small Business and Non-Profit Relief grants, a new recovery program to help small businesses and nonprofits that have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant opportunities, totaling $8.4 million in funding, will provide working capital to eligible small businesses and nonprofits to help them pay for a variety of business expenses, such as payroll, rent, personal protective equipment (PPE), technology upgrades, marketing and more.

These grant programs will provide much-needed support for our local businesses and nonprofits. Businesses are an integral part of our Long Beach community and economy. The City is committed to building our economic recovery with equity as a central goal so we can preserve the diversity that enriches our community.
Another Budget With No Reductions Or Cuts 3/9/2022

Yesterday we announced some really good news as we begin public discussions of our 2023 budget. Thanks to a strong economic recovery and responsible budgeting, we are once again looking at a budget that includes no significant reductions or cuts.

There are certainly still challenges to come and a lot of hard work ahead, but the news we heard tonight going into our FY 23 budget cycle is fantastic. I want to thank everyone involved in this effort.

To be in a second consecutive year with no budget reductions in the face of a historic crisis is truly commendable.

A Health, Economic & Public Safety Recovery 3/8/2022

Today, I joined small business owners, city leaders, and community partners from our Downtown neighborhood for a roundtable discussion about our city's economic recovery. This was the first of nine conversations we will have in each City Council district over the next few weeks.

We had a great discussion, and I think it's important that we continue to hear from local businesses that have been among the most impacted by the pandemic. Our small businesses are a huge part of what makes Long Beach a great community. Their success and their recovery are critical parts of how we will build back safer and stronger from COVID-19.

Mayor Robert Garcia Appoints James Ahumada Chief of Staff 3/4/2022

Mayor Robert Garcia has appointed James Ahumada to be his next Chief of Staff. James is currently the Mayor’s Communications Director where he leads the office’s public relations, media and digital communications efforts. James previously worked as ASI Senior Communications Manager at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and previous to that worked in Washington, D.C. as Legislative Assistant & Deputy Press Secretary for Congressman Henry Waxman. 

A headshot of James is available here

Support Ukrainian Students in Long Beach 3/4/2022

Long Beach continues to stand with the people of Ukraine as they fight to protect their homes and democracy in the face of an unprovoked military invasion by the Russian government. In the past days, we've lit up our city landmarks in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag, and our thoughts remain with the millions of people who have been impacted as this war drags into its second week.

We've also partnered with CSULB to support international students from Ukraine and those affected in the region through their Student Emergency Fund for Food and Housing.

An Update on COVID-19 and Masks 3/2/2022

Given the recent changes in our health orders, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come and update you on the city's current orders. Over the past two years, our community's response to this historic crisis caused by COVID-19 has been nothing short of heroic. Today, 88% of adults and over 99% of seniors in Long Beach have been vaccinated — and our efforts have been lauded as a model for the rest of the country. Long Beach was the first city in California to vaccinate public school teachers and educators, and we built on this success by moving quickly to vaccinate food and dock workers early last year.

Long Beach stands with the people of Ukraine 3/1/2022

Long Beach stands firmly with the international community in support of the Ukrainian people. The horrific tragedy that is unfolding in Eastern Europe is an unprovoked invasion by Russia. Vladimir Putin must be held accountable for his actions.

Over the past few days, buildings and monuments across our city have been lit in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag as a demonstration of our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Housing for All 2/25/2022

Yesterday we joined other city leaders to celebrate the grand opening of Vistas Del Puerto in Central Long Beach. This complex has created 47 new affordable homes in our city for families, our neighbors with chronic health conditions and those who have experienced homelessness. It’s the newest project to be completed after a decade of housing progress.

Lincoln Park is officially open 2/10/2022

Earlier today, I joined city leaders to commemorate the official opening of our new Lincoln Park. Located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, Lincoln Park is the next piece of our Civic Center to be completed. It joins City Hall, the Port of Long Beach headquarters, and our state-of-the-art Billie Jean King Main Library to create a space that all residents and visitors can enjoy.

Important Updates to our COVID-19 Clinic Operations 1/5/2022

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge around the country and here in southern California, the City of Long Beach is announcing some important operational changes as we take an aggressive approach to help keep our community safe. This increase in cases is incredibly concerning but, thanks to the incredible success of our vaccination program, the number of those hospitalized remains well below what we saw during last winter's surge.

Of those who are currently hospitalized, 72% are unvaccinated.

Important as Ever to Get Vaccinated & Get Boosted 12/28/2021

The holidays have given us a chance to gather once again, and vaccines have made it safe to do so.

But, COVID-19 continues to persist and at the moment, we are battling the Omicron variant. This newest variant is highly transmissible and has caused case numbers to surge across the country, including here in Long Beach. This moment is showing us how absolutely critical vaccines are to keeping our families safe and businesses open.

While our case rates are rising and along with it, hospitalizations – our hospitalization rate is nowhere near what it would be if not for the 85% of Long Beach adults who are vaccinated. Thank you to everyone who’s chosen to get vaccinated. Please continue to encourage others to do the same, and get the booster when it is time.

Merry Christmas 🎁 12/24/2021

I want to wish everyone celebrating this weekend a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday with loved ones. We've come an incredible way in just the last year and I'm grateful to be able to spend this time with family and friends.

From our team to yours, happy holidays! Here is our holiday card with me pictured with mascots from CSULB, LBCC and our LBUSD high schools.

Thank You, Congressman Lowenthal! 12/16/2021

After serving nearly 30 years in public office and the last eight in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Alan Lowenthal announced his well-deserved retirement earlier today. Since 2013 he has represented our city with distinction in Washington D.C. and has also served in the California State Senate, State Assembly, and on the Long Beach City Council.

Congressman Lowenthal has made our city and our nation stronger.

Long Beach Achieves a Perfect Score on LGBTQ+ Inclusion 12/12/2021

For the tenth consecutive year, Long Beach has been recognized as one of the best cities in the country when it comes to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Christmas Tree Lighting Tomorrow, Hanukkah Celebration 11/29/2021

I hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We are excited to bring back in-person holiday celebrations this year --- thanks to everyone who contributed to our city’s 83.4% vaccination rate.

To kick off this holiday season, we have three great programs for you – all happening this week:

Thankful for a Great Community 11/24/2021

As I write to you today, families across our city and country have begun gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving. For many of us, this holiday season will be the first we've been able to see our family. Just one year ago, we were in an extremely different place and I am grateful for the tireless work and sacrifices of so many that have made it possible for us to celebrate together.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family, for my friends and for our amazing Long Beach community. But I would be remiss if I didn’t also take a moment to be thankful for the memories we have of those who are no longer with us today. Long Beach has lost 1,052 people to COVID-19. The lives of their families and friends will never be the same. As we gather, in a way that we might not have before, please take a moment to remember those who we lost — and an extra moment to be thankful for those who are still with us today.

Lighting the Tallest Christmas Tree in Long Beach 11/22/2021

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, in partnership with the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, we will be lighting up the tallest Christmas Tree in Long Beach! You are invited to join us in-person or through our live streams which will be aired at lbtv3.com or on the City's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. 

Long Beach Ranks First Nationwide as a 2021 Top Digital City 11/18/2021

Earlier this week, the Center for Digital Government announced that Long Beach has been recognized as a Top Digital City, ranking #1 for cities of our size. This is the eleventh year in a row that Long Beach has been recognized as a Top 10 Digital City and I want to thank our entire city team for all they do to keep us ahead of the pack. This award demonstrates how investing in technology is foundational to creating a resilient, responsive and smart city.

All adults are eligible for a COVID-19 booster 11/16/2021

The Long Beach Health Department is now offering COVID-19 vaccine boosters to everyone 18 and older. Vaccines are continuing to save lives and they remain our absolute best defense against a possible COVID-19 surge over the winter.

To ensure everyone is able to access vaccines, Long Beach has clinics open six days a week across the city. To receive a booster, all you need is to have gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two months ago or finished their two-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccination series at least six months ago.

Visiting DC to Celebrate Historic Infrastructure Investment 11/15/2021

Today I joined President Biden, Vice President Harris, and mayors from across the country in Washington, D.C. to mark the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. This is a historic achievement for our country, and Long Beach will benefit tremendously from this important investment. We are likely to see hundreds of millions of dollars invested into our community from this package.

Moving America's Cargo 11/12/2021

This morning I had the opportunity to sit down with Senator Alex Padilla, Congresswoman Nanette Barragán and leaders from across California for a conversation about addressing the challenges in our supply chain that are evident at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. These challenges have placed our community and the country's largest port complex in the national spotlight, and our city is committed to being a part of the solution with funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package that President Biden will sign into law next week.

Supporting Veterans with City Jobs 11/11/2021

On Veterans Day and throughout the year, we honor the incredible heroism and sacrifices made by those who've served our country. This Veterans Day is also the 10-year anniversary of Measure C and our city's Veterans Preference Program which I authored as a member of the City Council in 2010.

Measure C awards additional Civil Service points for veterans, disabled veterans, and spouses of disabled veterans when they pass our city's civil service exam for city employment. To date, Measure C has provided 4,488 veterans additional opportunities to seek employment with the City, making up 7.6% of all qualified candidates over the past 10 years. This is great news for these veterans, and for our city's civil service work.

Creating a Youth Climate Corps for Long Beach 11/9/2021

Earlier this year, I joined the coalition of big city mayors from California and secured state funding for youth workforce development with a focus on climate change. Thanks to these efforts, I'm proud to announce that the State of California has provided $5 million to help us establish a youth Climate Corps in Long Beach.

This funding is part of the State's 2021 budget and includes $150 million to support a youth workforce jobs program in California's 13 largest cities. The goal is to increase youth employment, develop experience towards a career in public service and strengthen our capacity to address key areas of education, climate and food insecurity.

Starting Friday, Vaccines Available for Kids 5-11 11/3/2021

Starting this coming Friday, Nov. 5, parents will have the opportunity to vaccinate their children against COVID-19. The Long Beach Health Department will begin offering the Pfizer vaccine to children ages 5 to 11 years old. This is great news for our city and better positions us to end this health crisis.

Thank you to all those who have already received the vaccine. Because of you, our city's adult population is nearly 82% vaccinated. And with everyone in Long Beach 5 and older soon able to receive the vaccine, that means 93% of our entire city's total population will be able to receive this life-saving shot.

Moderna and J&J Boosters Available in Long Beach Tomorrow 10/22/2021

Starting tomorrow, the Long Beach Health Department will begin offering COVID-19 boosters for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. This is in addition to the Pfizer booster already being administered to eligible people.

Our city has been doing a great job getting vaccinated, now with nearly 81% of our adults having received the COVID-19 vaccine. This is thanks to all of you who heard our call to get vaccinated, and did the responsible thing. Now, with these additional boosters available, we will be able to further protect our frontline workers and our other high-risk populations.

Moving Port Cargo Faster 10/20/2021

By now you have seen numerous news reports about the incredible congestion and backlog we face at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The global pandemic and decades-old supply chain challenges have caused disruptions across the port industry, trucking, warehousing, rail, and goods movement.

We are receiving historic amounts of cargo that our national infrastructure is not built to handle. Fortunately, we are making progress by working with the U.S Department of Transportation and moving to a 24/7 port operation along with other public and private sector partners.

80% of Long Beach Adults Vaccinated 10/8/2021

We hit a major milestone today with 80% of adults in Long Beach vaccinated against COVID-19. This accomplishment is thanks to the efforts of our dedicated Health Department, community medical partners and everyone who has made it a priority to get vaccinated. Having 80% of adults in our city vaccinated is a huge success for the health of our community, and it is a major step towards ending this pandemic once and for all.

Last week, the City of Long Beach also joined organizations across the region and the state in requiring proof of full vaccination for our employees. This policy will help to keep our city workers and the community we serve safe. Long Beach has also implemented a vaccination requirement to enter indoor bars and nightclubs as we continue to encourage vaccinations for every eligible member of our community.

Pfizer Boosters Now Available for 65+, Healthcare Workers & Teachers 9/24/2021

Today, our Health Department announced that we are starting to provide boosters for those who received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and are eligible.

These boosters will be available for people who received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine at least 6 months ago and also are:

  • age 65 and older,
  • a resident of a long term care facility,
  • someone with an underlying medical condition,
  • or someone with high institutional or occupational risk.

Those with high occupational risks include healthcare workers, first responders, teachers and daycare staff, grocery workers and workers in homeless shelters or prisons.

Long Beach Gives 9/23/2021

Today is Long Beach Gives — our city's annual online giving event that showcases hundreds of our local nonprofits. Through Long Beach Gives, you can donate directly to causes that you care about in our community. You can learn more, find your cause and donate today at the link here.

Breaking Cargo Records at the Port of Long Beach 9/22/2021

It has been an incredibly busy year at the Port of Long Beach. In 2020, our Port processed a record 8.1 million container units — the most in its 110-year history — and this year it is on pace to receive more than 9 million.

The Port of Long Beach has broken monthly cargo records in 13 of the last 14 months amid a historic surge that started in July 2020. August 2021 was the port's best August ever and I applaud the outstanding dedication of our ILWU dock workers, truck drivers and everyone else who keeps our port running each day.

Honoring 1,000 Lives 9/17/2021

It has been 17 long months since Long Beach experienced our first cases of COVID-19. Today, we learned that 1,000 people in our community have died from this terrible virus. The pandemic has had unimaginable impacts and caused the most devastating loss of life in our city's history. My heart goes out to the hundreds of families that have lost a loved one during this crisis.

I know the pain that comes with loss, especially given how quickly this virus acts — and no one should ever have to go through that. We must cherish the memories of the people who've died and celebrate the lives they led.

Welcoming President Biden to Long Beach 9/15/2021

Earlier this week, Long Beach had the honor of hosting President Joe Biden during his first trip to California since taking office. The President landed at the Long Beach Airport for an event in the city and stayed the night in Downtown Long Beach.

Our city has been hailed as a national model by the President and leaders across the country for the work we have done to get our community vaccinated, and we're grateful for the distinction of being one of the very first places on the West Coast visited by President Biden during his term.

LB and Signal Hill Remember 9/11 9/11/2021

This morning I had the honor of joining members from the Long Beach and Signal Hill community to honor those we lost twenty years ago on September 11. We gathered at the 9/11 Memorial in Signal Hill.

This will always be a day to uplift the memories of those killed in the attacks, and to stand in unity with the countless people whose lives were impacted by the devastation of that day. I also want to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of the first responders who risked their lives to get people to safety.

Long Beach Students go back to School 8/31/2021 Today was an enormous day for kids and families across Long Beach as they returned to classrooms — many for the first time in over a year. I spent the morning touring classes at Roosevelt Elementary with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, Superintendent Dr. Jill Baker, and Board President Dr. Juan Benitez. The excitement we saw on kids' faces was absolutely infectious, and it was so great to see classrooms fully back in use.
City Council Adopts 2022 Budget 8/25/2021

Last night, the Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to adopt a budget for the next fiscal year. Our 2022 budget is balanced, responsible and reflects the city’s strong foundation for a recovery from this historic economic and public health crisis. It includes no cuts, no deficit, replenishes our reserves and positions Long Beach to continue building back stronger than ever.

COVID-19 has had significant fiscal impacts to nearly every organization, and Long Beach has not been an exception. Last year, we were faced with hard decisions that required sacrifice to preserve the future of our city – and while revenues are still in the process of returning to pre-pandemic levels, we are seeing gains and are fortunate to have federal and state funds to support many new and existing programs and services in FY 22.

Information About Booster Shots 8/18/2021

The federal government has announced that starting late September, booster shots will be made available to those who initially received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines eight months after their second dose. In Long Beach, we are already planning for this major effort and are committed to making these shots available to all residents and workers in the weeks ahead.

We’ve built the infrastructure to take on this challenge. Our health department will be providing detailed information in the weeks ahead about how to get your booster shot.

75% of Long Beach Adults Are Now Vaccinated 8/17/2021 We hit a major milestone today with 75% of adults in Long Beach vaccinated against COVID-19. This accomplishment is thanks to the efforts of our dedicated Health Department, community medical partners and everyone who has made it a priority to get vaccinated. The undisputed fact remains the vaccine offers us the best chance at ending this pandemic, once and for all.
LBUSD to Mandate Staff Vaccinations 8/10/2021

The Long Beach Unified School District announced they are joining our other educational institutions in requiring proof of vaccination or weekly negative COVID-19 tests for all of their employees.

LBUSD is now the largest school system in California to implement this mandate, which I strongly support.

Long Beach has been a leader throughout our vaccination program and we are now the largest city in California to require vaccinations or testing for employees of our city government, community college, state university and school district.

Joining Governor Newsom at North Long Beach Clean-Up 8/5/2021 Earlier today we hosted Governor Gavin Newsom for a freeway clean-up in North Long Beach. Trash, litter and dumped items have been a rising concern across the state and in our city throughout the pandemic, and last year alone our refuse workers were tasked with collecting an additional 18 to 19 thousand tons of trash. We produced more trash during the pandemic than ever before. Today we had a chance to talk with the Governor about this issue and take actions to address it.
City and Education Leaders Implement Vaccine Mandate Programs 7/28/2021 This week your Long Beach City Government, CSULB, and LBCC all implemented a mandatory vaccine or weekly negative COVID-19 test program for employees and students. While all these programs are slightly different to meet each institution's needs, they take on this pandemic and model responsible public leadership. A huge thank you to these institutions and the leaders making these tough but important decisions. Additionally, LBUSD is strongly encouraging vaccination for their employees with additional requirements being discussed.
Vaccines for All City Employees 7/27/2021

We are announcing today that all City of Long Beach employees will need a mandatory vaccination or be required to show a weekly negative COVID-19 test. Thank you to the 72% of city employees who have already been vaccinated and to the hundreds of thousands of Long Beach residents that have as well.

Nearly 72% of adults in our city are now vaccinated against COVID-19. This is a tremendous achievement and I want to thank all of the incredible people whose hard work and dedication allowed us to roll vaccines out quickly and become a national model for vaccine distribution.

Migrant Shelter Completes Reunifications Ahead of Schedule 7/23/2021

We are proud to report today that every child at our emergency migrant shelter has been reunified with family or sponsors in the United States. The shelter opened on April 22 and now, 3 months later, we are able to close the shelter, on time, as promised with 1,538 children reunified.

Since it opened, staff and volunteers at the shelter have worked tirelessly on behalf of these children to make sure that they were well cared for with access to excellent medical care from UCLA Health, legal representation from the amazing Immigrant Defenders Law Center, and — most importantly — a safe home in our country.

Governor, Mayors and Police Chiefs Talk Public Safety in Long Beach 7/21/2021

Today, we welcomed Governor Newsom to Long Beach for a roundtable discussion about public safety with mayors and police chiefs from California’s 13 largest cities. Our nation is facing a gun violence public health epidemic, and every leader who spoke today, spoke about the incredible challenge posed by this increase in firearms.

Here in Long Beach, firearm-related arrests are up more than 60% from last year and total firearms seized are up 51%. We discussed ways in which cities and the State can come together to take on crime and keep our communities safe. After the discussion, we had a chance to visit local small businesses on Retro Row and talk about our city's economic recovery as we move out of this pandemic.

Our 2022 City Budget 7/16/2021

Today, I joined our City Manager in releasing our proposed budget for FY 22. COVID-19 had a significant impact on the current budget cycle — which was marked by sacrifice and hard budget decisions to preserve the future of our city. While our city’s revenues are still in the process of returning to pre-pandemic levels, we are fortunate to have federal and state funds to support existing programs and services.

I am proud that this proposed budget, totaling $3 billion, continues Long Beach’s strong history of providing services to residents and makes meaningful investments to help our community build back stronger than ever.

This year's proposed budget includes no cuts, no deficit, and replenished reserves.

A Clean Long Beach 7/15/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our city in many ways, including a significant increase in trash produced. Last year, our refuse workers were tasked with collecting an additional 18 to 19 thousand tons of trash.

In addition to this increase, our Public Works team was personally affected as many staff had to quarantine or care for family during the pandemic. I’m proud of the extraordinary work that has been done to continue residential and commercial refuse service even as we have had to pick up more trash and illegally dumped items.

In fact, in one year we picked up 25,000 mattresses. That’s a lot of trash. And we still have a long way to go to ensure we become the cleanest big city in California. But we have a plan to get there.

1280 Kids Reunited From Migrant Shelter 7/9/2021

We continue to make incredible progress at the Long Beach migrant shelter. As of today, 1,280 migrant children at our site have been unified with family or a caring sponsor in the United States. These reunifications represent dedicated humanitarian work from our federal partners at Health and Human Services, UCLA Health, the staff at the Long Beach Convention Center, and the committed lawyers and staff at Immigrant Defenders that work to represent the children.

I’m grateful that U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra, immigration and civil rights lawyers, and community leaders have called our shelter a national model.

Long Beach Marks 70% Vaccinated 7/8/2021

We hit a major milestone in Long Beach today with 70% of adults in our city having been vaccinated against COVID-19. We've also vaccinated over 99% of seniors. We have gotten here thanks to the efforts of our dedicated Health Department, community medical partners and everyone who has made it a priority to get vaccinated to help protect themselves and keep our community safe. 

Summer Movies in the Park 7/7/2021

It’s great to have summer in full swing with long days and great weather to be outside. This summer is already shaping up to be much better than last year, with events at our parks returning for residents. I couldn't be more excited to see some great movies with families and friends from across Long Beach. Our parks are once again destinations for outdoor fun brought to you by the city.

Here are the movies being shown in our parks during the month of July. Each movie starts at dusk.

Launching our Guaranteed Income Program 7/7/2021

We're excited today to annouce our guaranteed income pilot program. This initiative will help 500 single parents in our city who are living in poverty and struggling to meet basic needs. 

Direct payments will focus on the 90813 Zip Code which is the highest concentrated area of family poverty in Long Beach and has a median household income 25% lower than any other zip code in the city. The pilot program will provide up to 500 participants with $500 per month for 12 months.

Let's Celebrate the 4th of July 7/4/2021

My mom always said to give back more to your country than your country has given to you. Her words have always driven my love of country and my appreciation for our freedoms. Happy Fourth of July, Long Beach.

This year's Independence Day will have a special meaning for us all. A year ago, in response to spikes in COVID-19 cases, our beaches were closed and we asked our entire community to celebrate safely at home.

A Conversation about Public Safety 7/2/2021

Over the past year, there has been an increase in gun violence across our country and here in Long Beach. Gun sales have spiked 64% and guns seized by our local police have increased by 51%. This is a national gun epidemic. 

Now while shootings have increased - murders have not. 6 months into the year we are at two murders below last year at this time and overall murders are still at historic lows especially when compared to the last 30 years.

I sat down today with Police Chief Robert Luna and City Manager Tom Modica to discuss our crime data and map out steps to take on crime moving forward.

Space Beach Takes Off With Relativity 6/30/2021

Space technology and innovation is our country's greatest frontier, and Long Beach is at the center of it.

Earlier this morning, Relativity Space announced that Long Beach will be the home to their new 1-million square-foot headquarters that will host 2,000 good-paying jobs.

Welcome to Space Beach.

Big Wins for Long Beach in State Budget 6/29/2021

The state legislature recently passed a budget that's great news for Long Beach. This budget includes much-needed funding to address issues we face around infrastructure, housing and climate. Thanks to the work of our Long Bech representatives in Sacramento, State Senator Lena Gonzalez and Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell, important resources will be coming to our community.

Representing our LGBTQ+ Community at the White House 6/29/2021

As we close out Pride Month, I'm thankful for the opportunities we've had to uplift the history, activism and accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community.

Last week, I had the opportunity to represent Long Beach at the White House at an event hosted by President Biden and the First Lady. We marked the progress that we have made on LGBTQ+ rights and advocated to pass the Equality Act in Congress.

Committed to Safety in Long Beach 6/28/2021

I wanted to take a moment this morning to write about the recent gun violence and safety in our community — especially given what happened over the weekend.

As you know, there was a horrific shooting on Saturday evening that left three people injured. Thankfully, Long Beach Police Officers swiftly attended to the victims until paramedics arrived and they arrested the suspects soon after the shooting was committed. We had already surged patrols across the city and are grateful to the officers who responded and saved lives.

Historic $30 Million Donated to Long Beach City College 6/16/2021

Yesterday, Long Beach City College (LBCC) announced that they've been selected by philanthropist Mackenzie Scott to receive a $30 million gift to support their work on closing equity gaps and academic success.

This is a historic donation — the largest LBCC has ever received — and I want to congratulate Superintendent-President Mike Muñoz and the LBCC Board of Trustees for their work that led to this outstanding investment. 

A New Day in Long Beach 6/15/2021

Today marks a new day in Long Beach.

With both our city and the State of California having surpassed the most significant milestones outlined by our health experts and scientists, we have reached a point where we can now fully open the economy.

Measures like physical distancing, capacity limits, and the color tier system will no longer be in place. It also means that California's mask requirements for fully vaccinated individuals will be lifted in most settings according to the CDC's guidance.

Aquarium Vax Event on Thursday & More 6/15/2021

Getting a vaccine has never been easier in Long Beach.

Our community has been doing a great job at getting their vaccinations, and to date, nearly 67% of our adult population has received a vaccine. The national goal is to hit 70% by July 4, and we are working hard to hit that target in the weeks ahead. This week, on June 17, our Health Department will host "Sharks for Shots" at the Aquarium of the Pacific where folks will receive free admission when they receive their first vaccine shot.

Dedicating our Pride Lifeguard Tower 6/10/2021

Tonight, we had the opportunity to celebrate Pride Month in Long Beach by dedicating our new Pride Lifeguard Tower. After the previous tower was destroyed in March, our city responded with support, solidarity and commitment to the dignity of every person.

Long Beach is a community where people of every sexual orientation and gender identity are welcome and included — something that has been demonstrated beyond a doubt by this overwhelming response. This is also why I was so sure that Long Beach would build back better and brighter than before.

Thanking our Essential Healthcare Workers 6/9/2021

As we look ahead to California reopening on Tuesday, I want to take a moment to extend our appreciation to our healthcare providers for their tireless efforts and dedication to our community. This morning I was joined by Dr. Anissa Davis, our City Health Officer, and some of the CEOs of our local hospitals to provide an update on COVID-19 and vaccinations in Long Beach. 

More than 250,000 Long Beach residents have now received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine — including more than 16,000 residents who have gotten the vaccine at one of our mobile clinics. Community clinics like those at Admiral Kidd, MacArthur and Houghton Parks are key to our vaccine success and have decreased barriers and increased access for residents.

Need rental assistance? 1 week left to apply 6/4/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious health challenge, but it’s also brought with it, economic impacts that have made it difficult for many to make ends meet. That is why, earlier this year, we launched our Emergency Rental Assistance Program — and when additional funds were made available, we extended the application period so that more folks could apply for the help. $56 million has been made available for rent and utilities assistance through this program.

If you or someone you know needs help paying rent, there’s still one more week left to apply for our Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Remembering our heroes 5/29/2021

This Memorial Day, as we pay tribute to those who’ve given their lives for our country, please also keep their families, friends and fellow veterans in your thoughts. Long Beach has a proud military history, especially with the Navy, and we honor this history every day.

Long Beach Airport Taking Off 5/27/2021

As more and more people are now vaccinated against COVID-19, we are starting to see an uptick in travel again — and the Long Beach Airport has remained the best flying experience around.

Passenger traffic at the Long Beach Airport is returning. We are seeing more than 50% of passengers pre-pandemic back at the Airport and more passengers are returning each week. Air travel is safe for people that have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and the airport continues to be a tremendous source of jobs, investment, and tourism in our city.

Win up to $1.5 million by getting your vaccine 5/27/2021

The State of California has announced the nation's largest and most ambitious COVID-19 vaccine incentive plan to date. Getting residents vaccinated is the single most important tool we have to save lives and safely reopen our schools and businesses. This is why every Californian who has received at least one vaccine dose will be entered to win up to $1.5 million at a drawing on June 15.

You can get vaccinated against COVID-19, no appointment needed, at our Long Beach Convention Center or at one of our many mobile clinics which are listed here.

Open Streets and Patio Dining Extended 5/19/2021

If there was a silver lining during the pandemic, it was the amazing outdoor dining scene that sprung up because of our Open Streets initiative. We’ve heard from hundreds of restaurants and community members — outdoor dining and parklets have no doubt helped businesses survive the last year.

Food and culture are so important for any city, and Long Beach has some of the very best. Our restaurants and all of the unique parklets throughout our city add such incredible character and warmth to Long Beach.

222 Children Reunited with Family 5/18/2021

As you know, Long Beach recently began hosting migrant children at our Convention Center as part of a humanitarian mission for our country. The support from the community has been overwhelming. You all have donated over 70,000 toys and books.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is also now releasing data on reunifications and total number of kids sheltered. As of this week, 222 children have been reunited with family or sponsors here in the United States. And there are currently 535 kids awaiting reunification.

12+ Now Vaccine Eligible 5/12/2021

Starting tomorrow, kids 12 and older will now be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Long Beach. This is a huge milestone in our effort to fully vaccinate everyone. 

Youth, ages 12 to 17 years old, will need parental consent in order to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, which is available at longbeach.gov/vaxlb. Those 12 and older seeking to be vaccinated can do so, without an appointment, at the following City-run vaccine sites...

Community Hospital Emergency Room Opens 5/12/2021

Today was an incredible day as we reopened the emergency department at Community Hospital for the first time in three years. Community Hospital began taking walk-in and transfer patients as of today at noon — and this is just the beginning. We expect in the next few weeks, the hospital may begin to accept patients who are transported by ambulance.

Expanded and Extended Rental Assistance 5/12/2021

As part of Governor Newsom's California Comeback Plan, Long Beach will receive an additional $21.2 million for our Emergency Rental Assistance Program, bringing our total available funds to more than $56 million. Because of this additional support, we will be extending the deadline for our rental assistance application to June 11 so that more folks can get access to these funds. You can access the application here

This program is a huge part of our Long Beach Recovery Act and will assist both renters and small property owners who are struggling to pay their mortgage. 

Get Vaccinated & Get 2 Free Aquarium Tickets 5/11/2021

Starting today through Saturday, May 15, we will begin offering two general admission tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific to anyone receiving their first COVID-19 vaccination. We are going to do everything we can to keep folks healthy and get them vaccinated.

While we have made tremendous strides in vaccinating 60% of eligible Long Beach residents and 96% of our seniors, we know that vaccine hesitancy for some is real. We hope this incentive encourages more of our neighbors to come out and get vaccinated.

30,000 Toys and Books, Launching Letter Writing Drive 5/10/2021

We are proud to report that we just wrapped up our hugely successful toy and book drive in support of the children being temporarily housed at our humanitarian shelter. Our community came together and donated an amazing 30,000 toys and books for the children. They now have a large library of books to choose from to read at their own leisure and plenty of toys, games and drawing materials to spark their imaginations.

Today we are announcing a new community campaign to bring letters of encouragement to the children as they await reunification or placement with a sponsor. This is another great volunteer opportunity.

Moving into the Yellow Tier 5/5/2021

Starting tomorrow, Long Beach officially moves into the Yellow Tier. Yellow is the least restrictive tier in the State's Blueprint for a Safer Economy and also the last tier that we will enter into before our broader reopenings happen on June 15.

I want to take a moment to once again thank our health care workers and everyone working at our testing and vaccination clinics over the 14 months. Because of their tireless work and the hard work of everyone in the community who has stuck with our health orders, our case rate and positivity rate continue to get lower every day. And because of that, tomorrow we enter the Yellow Tier.

94% of all Long Beach Seniors Vaccinated, 56% of City 4/28/2021

We are making excellent progress in our vaccine rollout and I want to thank you for helping make our city a model in the state. As of today, we have vaccinated more than 94% of seniors, and 56% of all vaccine-eligible Long Beach residents have received at least one dose. Both of these percentages are outpacing state and county figures.

Now, even with as great as our progress has been, we have to continue vaccinating more people and stop variants from spreading. Here’s how we are going to do it:

SpaceX Coming to Long Beach 4/26/2021

Today we are proud to announce that SpaceX will be coming to the Port of Long Beach. This is great news for our aerospace industry and for the residents of Long Beach. With this addition, Long Beach is firmly the largest space and technology economy on the west coast, and there is still so much room to grow. 

Welcome to Space Beach.

New Mobile Community Vaccine Clinics 4/26/2021

To ensure we are reaching our community in neighborhoods that were hardest hit during the pandemic we have launched three new mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics. These three mobile clinics do not require appointments and are open to residents and workers in Long Beach 16 and older.

Each of the mobile clinics will provide walk-up vaccinations each day, no appointment needed. If you get in line and walk-up appointments are all taken on a particular day, our team will provide you with information on alternative mobile vaccination sites or offer you a future appointment.

Over 50% 4/19/2021

There is no question that our city has had one of the most successful vaccine rollout efforts in California and as of today, we have hit another huge milestone: Long Beach has now vaccinated over 50% of eligible adults in our city.

Just under two weeks ago we began offering walk-up vaccinations to any resident 16 years or older and were one of the first jurisdictions in California to do so. As our economy slowly begins to open, the vaccination of so many will help slow community spread and move us closer to herd immunity.

How to Help Migrant Children in Long Beach 4/19/2021

Two weeks ago our City Council voted unanimously to provide temporary shelter to unaccompanied children arriving at our southern border. This humanitarian work is being undertaken by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and is first and foremost an effort to move children into a humane environment as they are quickly reunited with family or a sponsor. The Long Beach shelter is temporary until August 1, has no impact on conventions, and is paid for by the federal government.

Over the past weeks, we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of community support. So many of you have called, emailed or left messages asking how you can help. We are excited to announce that we have launched a new online city portal at longbeach.gov/migrantchildren to coordinate efforts for community involvement.

Original Blue Line Car Returns to Long Beach 4/18/2021

A few years ago when we learned LA Metro was going to dispose of the very first rail car in service, I introduced legislation to preserve it. Our goal was to bring the car home to Long Beach and transform it into a cafe or museum -- keeping its rich history alive.

Today is THE DAY: All 16+ Californians now vaccine eligible on MyTurn 4/15/2021

This is a big day for California — and for Long Beach.

Today marks the first day that all Californians ages 16+ are vaccine eligible across the state. We have been waiting for this day since the start of this pandemic, and it’s finally here.

If you have not already received your first dose and are at least 16 years old, visit MyTurn.ca.gov to sign up and book an appointment. It’s super easy. We are on our way to the end of this pandemic, and with every new vaccinated person, we get one step closer to that goal. Ultimately, it is up to each of us to do our part.

$30 Million Rental Assistance Program Now Open 4/13/2021

Today, we launched our new $30 million emergency rental assistance program to assist tenants with rent and to prevent eviction.

This program is a huge part of our Long Beach Recovery Act and will assist both renters and small property owners who are struggling to pay their mortgage. Folks can find out more and begin their application by...

Strongest Long Beach Port Performance on Record 4/12/2021

Our Port just posted its busiest month and second-busiest quarter ever in its 110-year history, breaking the record for container traffic at a time that is typically the slowest month for trade. This is amazing news, and I applaud our port's outstanding work and the extraordinary dedication of our dock workers, truck drivers, and port workers who went to work every day to keep our port running.

Trade is up 62.3% and imports rose 74% compared to last March. That’s a testament to the continued reliability and efficiency of the Port of Long Beach.

Long Beach residents 16+ can now get vaccinated 4/8/2021

We have exciting news to share. Over 43% of eligible adults are now vaccinated in Long Beach -- that means we can start vaccinating all residents age 16 and over TODAY. With this move, Long Beach once again sets the pace for the State of California and I am so proud of the successful vaccination program we have here in our city.

All Long Beach residents 16 and over are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment. You will not see the option to book an appointment online through My Turn until April 15, once the State officially opens up the 16-49 age group category statewide.

Compassionate Long Beach Welcome 4/7/2021

As you may know, Long Beach was recently asked to assist the Biden Administration and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with their work to temporarily house and quickly reconnect unaccompanied minors who have been arriving at our southern border. I am proud to report that last night, our Long Beach City Council voted to unanimously approve this partnership.

Long Beach has a long history of welcoming and helping immigrants and refugees. From our Cambodian community to the work done by our churches and faith organizations, we have led with compassion and kindness. As an immigrant, I know how important it is to support all people, especially children -- and I am proud to see our city step up to this challenge.

PRESS RELEASE: Long Beach Leaders Express Support for Migrant Children Relief Efforts 4/6/2021

Tonight, the Long Beach City Council will be considering an item to authorize City staff to facilitate an agreement with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Federal Emergency Management Agency to establish an emergency intake site for unaccompanied migrant children at the Long Beach Convention Center.

New Reopening Rules for Long Beach 3/31/2021

Per the State of California, Long Beach is moving into the Orange Tier and our new guidelines will be effective tomorrow. We have made great progress in the last few weeks, and I want to thank the entire community. We need to stay cautious and continue to act responsibly. Here are the new reopening rules:

LB Residents 50+ now vaccine eligible 3/25/2021

Here’s some more great news. We just announced that effective immediately, our Health Department will begin vaccinating all Long Beach residents ages 50 years and older. We will be one of the first health jurisdictions in California to expand vaccine access to people in this age group.

For those who are in this age group and have previously signed up through our VaxLB system, our health team will contact you directly to schedule an appointment, or if you did not sign up for VaxLB, you may simply walk up to the Convention Center vaccination site between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday, no appointment needed.

Join us Today at 11 AM for Building a Better Long Beach 3/24/2021

Join us this morning at 11 a.m. for our annual Building a Better Long Beach presentation. We will share developments underway, ready to break ground and recently completed in Long Beach.

This event is co-hosted in partnership with the Long Beach Business Journal.

We will be going live to discuss changes coming to our city's skyline — and I have a few exciting announcements to share.

One Year Later 3/23/2021

One year ago today we lost our first resident to COVID-19. A year later, we are now reporting 901 total deaths since the start of this pandemic. There is no doubt that we are turning the corner and beginning to recover as a community, but we must first remember the real impact this virus has had on our families, friends, neighbors and loved ones. 

Earlier today we held a virtual press conference updating the community on where we stand in our battle against COVID-19. We also held a moment of silence to remember and reflect on the people we've lost. I personally know that behind each metric and statistic is a life, a story and someone who made an impact on this world.

Your Invite to Join Tomorrow's Key to the City Presentation 3/22/2021

Please join us tomorrow to honor some of Long Beach's most distinguished community leaders with a Key to the City. Ron Arias, Gina Rushing Maguire, and Roberta and Dr. Matthew Jenkins have made incredible contributions to our city and I am thrilled to be presenting them with this recognition.

Though the community will not be able to attend in person this year due to COVID restrictions, I encourage you to watch live at 4:30 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 23, on any of the city's social media channels, or on YouTube.

RSVP Today: Building a Better Long Beach 3/18/2021

RSVP to join us for our annual Building a Better Long Beach presentation. We will share developments underway, ready to break ground and recently completed in Long Beach. 

Click below to RSVP

$234 million Long Beach Recovery Act passes City Council 3/17/2021

Yesterday the Long Beach City Council voted to adopt the Long Beach Recovery Act -- our $234 million plan to bolster our economy, keep our community healthy and safe, and secure our city’s future.

I previewed the plan to the community last week, and after a thoughtful and robust dialogue last night it was unanimously adopted by the Long Beach City Council.

Now it’s time to get to work.

Mayor to Honor Ronald R. Arias, Gina Rushing Maguire, and Roberta Jenkins and Posthumously Dr. Matthew Jenkins with Keys to the City 3/15/2021

“These leaders have made incredible contributions to the City of Long Beach and beyond,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This year it is so important that we recognize people who have spent their lives lifting people up, and I am so excited to celebrate these exemplary leaders.”   

Moving the Economy Forward 3/12/2021

After many months of focusing on saving lives during the surge, while also successfully launching a citywide vaccination plan, Long Beach is finally at a place where we can officially move from the Purple Tier to the Red Tier in the State's Blueprint for a Safer Economy.

This is great news for our city and only possible because we followed the science and took care of each other. Because we did these things, starting Monday, our community will be able to go back to doing some of the things we have missed the most:

Our Plan to Recover 3/9/2021

Yesterday, we presented our $207 million Long Beach Recovery Act – a plan to bolster our economy, keep our community healthy and safe – and to secure our city’s future. If you missed it, please check it out on YouTube.

Today marks a somber anniversary. A year ago this week, Long Beach experienced our first three cases of COVID-19 and just days later, business, education, events and our entire way of life came to a halt. There is no question the last 12 months have been difficult, but with our vaccination program is going well, the challenge now is to build back better than ever before.

Join us at 11 AM: Long Beach Recovery Act 3/8/2021

Over the weekend, the Senate passed the American Rescue Plan, bringing us one step closer to the much needed federal recovery funds we need. It is the centerpiece of our Long Beach Recovery Act.

I hope you will join me as we release the Long Beach Recovery Act at 11 a.m. today. You can watch on all of the city's social media channels, including: Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Long Beach residents with disabilities can now be vaccinated 3/5/2021

Starting Monday, Long Beach residents with disabilities will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We made the request to the state to start this group early and are grateful for their support. This is a great step in our continued effort to vaccinate everyone in Long Beach. We are very grateful.

Starting March 8, individuals with disabilities who meet the following criteria may show up at the Long Beach Convention Center between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., no appointment needed, to receive their vaccine:

Eligible and yet to be vaccinated? 3/1/2021

Each week we continue to make more and more progress with our vaccinations. We aren’t going to stop until everyone has a way to get vaccinated.

If you live or work in Long Beach, and are a food or agriculture worker, restaurant worker, bodega or grocery worker, a teacher or school worker at any grade level, a senior 65 or older, or are emergency response personnel and have not received your vaccine yet – there are two ways to get vaccinated:

Super-Sized Food Vaccine Event 2/25/2021

I have some great vaccine and food news today. Next Friday, our Health Department will be holding a super-sized vaccine clinic at the Convention Center for Long Beach food and grocery workers. Over 3,000 restaurant workers, bodega and market employees, cooks, and anyone working directly in the food industry will be vaccinated on March 5.

We are contacting restaurants and markets directly to sign-up employees and pulling workers from our VaxLB system. We are making progress on getting all food workers vaccinated as we move closer to fully and safely re-opening this important part of our economy. 

58% of Seniors Vaccinated 2/23/2021

Long Beach is turning a corner. We’ve made strong investments in our vaccination process, prioritized teachers, seniors and food workers – and are showing meaningful progress in all areas.

I’m proud to share that we’ve now vaccinated 58% of seniors 65 and older in Long Beach. And we will be vaccinating thousands more this week from our VaxLB site.

This is an important milestone, and affirmation that our process is working. Soon, our Health Department will be taking our vaccination clinics on the road and meeting seniors who are unable to travel where they're at. 

Governor Newsom's visit to Long Beach 2/22/2021

Earlier today, Governor Gavin Newsom visited our Long Beach Convention Center mass vaccination site and personally thanked the National Guard, our nurses, health staff and volunteers who have been working nonstop to get our community vaccinated. We were joined by LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn and State Senator Lena Gonzalez, who have also been amazing supporters of our efforts in the city.

The road to vaccinations has had its challenges, but Long Beach has risen above every step of the way. As of today, we have administered more than 94,000 vaccines in our city – and 38,000 of those have been second doses, primarily for health care workers and those 65 and older.

Vaccinating Teachers and Reopening Schools 2/18/2021

The Long Beach Unified School District has announced that K-5 instruction will begin on March 29. All K-5 teachers and school staff will have had an opportunity to be vaccinated with both doses before reopening. Teachers and staff deserve to be vaccinated and safe. LBUSD has also made it clear that any families who wish to keep kids home for the semester and continue online learning will be able to do so.

Reopening our schools and the timing of the opening is up to our school district, and they are working closely with our Health Department to follow all CDC and State guidelines. We promised that we would vaccinate our teachers, and I’m proud we are able to do so.

Vaccines continue to roll out in Long Beach 2/10/2021

I'm proud to report that in just six weeks, more than 56,000 vaccine doses have been administered in the City of Long Beach, including 8,000 second doses. That means tens of thousands of health care workers, older adults, emergency workers, food service workers and educators have been vaccinated and will be better protected against COVID-19, and in turn, will better protect our greater community.

We have set up multiple vaccine sites throughout the city to make this happen. At CSULB, educators continue to receive their first doses. At Memorial Medical Center, our older adults are being vaccinated. And for those scheduled for their second dose, the Long Beach Convention Center is up and running with drive-thru and walk-up vaccination options.

Outdoor Dining, Barbershops and Nail Salons Can Reopen Safely 1/25/2021

Earlier today, Governor Gavin Newsom lifted the Regional Stay at Home Order that restricted outdoor dining, barbershops, nail salons and other personal care services in Long Beach and across the state.

Long Beach will adjust its health orders to reflect these changes beginning tomorrow. Restaurants with outdoor dining and personal care services can begin operating safely and under state and city regulations. There is no doubt that hospitalizations have been decreasing over the last week and ICU capacity has increased statewide and locally.

LBC Vaccine Update 1/22/2021

I wanted to take a moment and provide an update on our city's vaccination efforts. Next week Long Beach will start vaccinating educators at LBUSD and LBCC and continue with vaccines for food and healthcare workers, and seniors 65 and over. We continue to administer vaccinations as supply becomes available.

Please know there is a statewide and national vaccine shortage so we can only vaccinate folks based on the supply we are receiving and all appointments for the next week are currently full.

Vaccine Update for Long Beach 1/19/2021

Earlier today, we opened the doors to the Long Beach Convention Center Vax Super Site. So far we are mostly finished with vaccinating healthcare workers, paramedics, firefighters, and nursing home and clinic staff. We have also started to vaccinate folks 65 and older, city emergency response workers, and police. These groups are going smoothly with no major issues. 

State of the City: Convention Center to Become Vaccination Center 1/13/2021

Last night, I delivered my seventh State of the City address, but this time virtually. I hope you were able to join us.

We are living in the midst of the greatest challenge of our generation — last night reflected that. In this State of the City, I spoke about the impact COVID-19 has had on our communities and me personally.

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State of the City Tonight - How to Watch 1/12/2021

Tonight is the 2021 State of the City. I am excited for you to join us at 6 p.m. 

Though folks won't be able to join in person this year, we are providing multiple ways for you to view online.

My Website: Watch live starting at 6 p.m. at www.longbeach.gov/mayor/stateofthecity.

LBTV3: If you have cable and have access to LBTV, you can watch live at 6 p.m. Or you can visit www.lbtv3.com and watch from your phone or computer.

A Long Beach vaccination update 1/7/2021

I wanted to provide a vaccination update.

The good news is that most in Group A have already received their vaccine. If you are in Group A, which includes workers in healthcare, medical fields, paramedics, dentists, pharmacists, home healthcare workers, community health workers, and nursing homes, and you have not been vaccinated at your hospital, office, or clinic site we want to get you vaccinated. 

An Attack on Our Democracy 1/6/2021

I wanted to take a moment this evening to message you about the shameful actions that took place today in Washington, D.C.

There is absolutely no question that what occurred was sickening, horrific and completely against what we stand for as Americans. This was an attack on our Capitol and our country's most sacred institutions. It was truly saddening to watch our Congress overrun at the urging of a President who has failed to uphold the oath he took: "to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Community Hospital Approved to Open 12/31/2020

I want to close out 2020 with some great news.

We just received news that the California Department of Public Health licensed Community Hospital Long Beach (CHLB) to reopen January 4. This is incredible, and an outcome that we had been working towards all year. With hospitals across our city and state at capacity, this reopening is critical for the safety and care of our community, and couldn't be more needed.

City Workers on the Frontline 12/30/2020

Yesterday, the city provided over 5,000 free combination flu and COVID-19 tests. We do thousands of these tests a day at multiple sites across the city. It’s a massive operation and those that have been working these sites for most of the year are our dedicated city employees. These employees come from various departments and are now trained to do testing.

They are lifeguards, and clerks, and employees from all across the organization who never imagined they would be staffing these sites daily. We also have a small but mighty medical volunteer corps.

The Biggest Threat We Face 12/22/2020

Our health department just reported that 14 additional Long Beach residents have died due to COVID-19. This loss of life is devastating. It is double the largest loss of life we’ve experienced in a single day since the pandemic began.

We have now lost over 333 Long Beach residents. This virus is the single largest threat we have ever faced, and remains the biggest threat to life.

An Emotional Day 12/18/2020

Earlier today, at the same hospital where my mom passed away, I witnessed the first medical workers in our city receive the COVID-19 vaccine. As a healthcare worker, my mom would have been in the front of the line with her co-workers. I’m so grateful to have witnessed our heroes get the support they need.

Vaccines Have Arrived 12/17/2020

Today, our first batch of vaccines have arrived. We could not be more grateful to Governor Newsom, our state partners, and our team at the Long Beach Health Department.

Tomorrow at 9 a.m., we will begin our vaccine rollout to medical workers in Long Beach. It’s an important and hopeful moment for our community in the fight against COVID-19.

Our Long Beach Vaccination Plan 12/10/2020

Earlier this morning, we announced our Long Beach City vaccination plan. We've been hard at work on this plan for the past several months and I want to thank our Health Department and the California Department of Public Health.

Our first shipment of vaccines will be arriving before the end of this month and will include 3,900 Pfizer doses, and then in early January, 11,600 Moderna doses will also arrive. Our team has acquired all the necessary refrigeration infrastructure and is ready to go.

Mayor Introduces $5M Personal Services and Fitness Resiliency Fund 12/7/2020

Today, Mayor Robert Garcia introduced a $5 million Personal Services and Fitness Resiliency Fund to support barber shops, nail salons and other personal care service providers, as well as independently owned fitness studios and gyms. Many of these small businesses have suffered significant financial losses as a result of public health measures that have been necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19.

"Our personal care service providers do so much to take care of our community and it is important for us to take care of them," said Mayor Robert Garcia. "These small business owners are our neighbors and they need our support more than ever.”

New Regional Approach to Fight COVID 12/3/2020

Across the country, COVID-19 deaths are now 9/11-like events happening daily. Our state is facing an unprecedented challenge as cases sharply rise and hospitalizations become dangerously high.

Today, Governor Newsom announced a new Regional Stay at Home Order that becomes effective 24-hours after a region’s remaining hospital ICU capacity reaches 15%. This guidance by the state is the right approach. Now cities and counties will move together as a region instead of having a patchwork of different orders and regulations.

Lighting Up The Long Beach Holiday Tree Tonight 12/2/2020

Every year, we have gathered together for one of the largest and exciting events of the year—the lighting of the Long Beach Holiday Tree. It’s one of the largest trees in Southern California and thousands turn out for the celebration, fireworks, and live music.

This year, we won’t be able to gather together or have an in-person event, but we are going to light up the tree tonight at a virtual event for the entire city.

Mayor Garcia Proposes $5 Million Restaurant, Brewery & Bar Resiliency Fund 11/30/2020

Long Beach, CA – Mayor Robert Garcia has proposed a $5 million Restaurant, Brewery & Bar Resiliency Fund from the anticipated federal COVID-19 stimulus package to assist local Long Beach small businesses who are closed or at limited capacity due to health orders. 

Long Beach and Los Angeles County health officials recently closed outdoor service at restaurants, breweries, and bars due to a spike in hospitalizations and a dangerous increase in the region’s COVID-19 positivity rate.

A Message From The Heart 11/25/2020

To the 275 Long Beach families who won’t have their mom, dad, grandparent or child at the dinner table tomorrow, please know that I am praying for you and have you in my deep thoughts. Loss is hard anytime during the year, but especially this year and in this moment.

For many families, they never had a chance to say goodbye in person—or to hold their mom or dad in their last days or hours. These 275 local families have gone through horrific trauma and loss.

Safety This Thanksgiving 11/23/2020

California is seeing a record level of new COVID-19 cases at a dangerous rate. Our local hospitals have more than doubled their patients and we broke our city testing record on Friday.

In the last few weeks alone, the data and figures are striking. Here are some of the most concerning indicators...

New Rules Will Save Lives 11/19/2020

Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases across California, Governor Newsom just announced a new limited Stay at Home Order that will take effect this Saturday night at 10 p.m. The new order will impact most California cities and is consistent with what we are already doing here in Long Beach. It will require that statewide, all non-essential work and gatherings end by 10 p.m. and resume no earlier than 5 a.m.

This action by the Governor and the state will save lives and provide relief to our hospitals and our healthcare system.

National Model: All City Tests Now Dual COVID-19 & Flu 11/13/2020

We’ve just launched one of the first dual COVID-19 and flu testing operations in the state of California. Everyone who gets tested for COVID-19 at a city-run site will get automatically tested for influenza. This is critical for those worried about their symptoms. It’s a new national model and should be done everywhere.

As you have likely seen in the news, we have the potential of facing two major health crises, where folks could contract both COVID-19 and the flu.

Governor Made the Right Call 11/13/2020

Yesterday, Governor Newsom hit the “emergency brake” on the State’s COVID-19 reopenings. In looking at the data, most of California, including our neighbors to the south in Orange County, now meet metrics that put them in the State’s purple tier. This is the tier that Long Beach is in, and the tier with the most restrictions. It is absolutely the right call — based on data and science.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the positivity rate and case rate rise statewide and it is translating to increases in hospitalizations.

Honoring Our Veterans 11/11/2020

On Veterans Day and throughout the year, we honor the incredible heroism and sacrifices of those who have served our country. From one proud American, thank you for your service!

Veterans contribute so much during their service in the U.S. armed forces, but it's their service to our nation after they return that we should also recognize. Those who served return to America with invaluable skills and experience they put to use in our communities every day. Long Beach is committed to engaging our veterans and providing them with great resources, in large part thanks to the work of our Veterans Commission and leaders in our community. 

Mayor Garcia Proposes Guaranteed Income Artist Fund for COVID Relief 11/10/2020

Long Beach, CA – Mayor Robert Garcia proposed a new plan that would provide emergency financial support to artists who have been financially impacted by closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that the arts have been one of the areas hardest hit by the pandemic,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “With events coming to a halt in March, there is no doubt that these workers are struggling. This new guaranteed income program would help our artists support their basic needs and make it through this difficult period.”

Congrats, President-Elect Biden & VP-Elect Harris! 11/7/2020

On behalf of the people of Long Beach, I want to congratulate our new President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We are ready to work with them as one of our nation’s largest American cities.

Job number one will be to build a new national partnership to beat back the spread of COVID-19, which includes passing a new economic stimulus package through Congress to support small businesses and our families most in need.

Voting Safely in Long Beach 11/3/2020

Our elections team, Office of the City Clerk and public safety personnel have extensively prepared for a safe Election Day today. I’ve reviewed our plans and we are working to ensure that everyone can vote safely and that regardless of outcomes, the city stays safe in the days ahead.

Voters in Long Beach have been voting for weeks, which is great. But for everyone who hasn’t voted yet, there’s still time to do so.

Free Child Care Comes to Long Beach 10/28/2020

The COVID-19 crisis is hitting working families hard. That’s why today Long Beach is launching a new program to provide free, in-home childcare services to residents impacted by the pandemic.

Working families need help and cities across our country need to provide as create programs to assist parents and guardians.

America's Port 10/22/2020

Our Port just had the busiest month and the busiest quarter in its 109-year history, breaking the September record for container traffic as the peak shipping season hits its stride. Even with trade uncertainty and a global recession, the Port continues to grow and to power our local and state economy.

Trade was up 12.5% compared to last September. That’s a testament to the continued reliability and efficiency of our port.

Governor’s Vaccine Announcement 10/20/2020

Governor Newsom announced yesterday that California will independently review COVID-19 vaccines before distribution. This is absolutely the right approach. Our state is home to the best and the brightest in medicine and innovation.

Most experts believe it will be next year when a vaccine is approved by the federal government. By independently conducting our own review, the Governor is ensuring transparency and equity in what will be a complex process.

Leading the Fight Against COVID19 10/19/2020

Long Beach is leading the way in California on fighting COVID-19 and we've maintained a responsible and steady approach to this health crisis.

Since the pandemic began, our city mobilized one of the best city testing operations in the state, with more than 240,000 tests completed in our public and private labs.

National Coming Out Day 10/11/2020
This is National Coming Out Day and I'm grateful to my family and friends who supported me as I came out a few years after college. The process took many years, but it forced me to evaluate who I was, what my values were, and to confront self-hate that exists within many people who struggle with their identity.
White House & Senate Need to Pass COVID-19 Stimulus 10/8/2020

We need the White House and Congress to get back to work on negotiating a COVID-19 relief bill that includes funding to cities and states. For months, members of Congress have been working on a bill that would provide millions of relief to places that need it most—local and state governments, hospitals, and public schools.

California’s Newest Icon 9/24/2020

On Monday, October 5, we are opening California’s newest icon. Our new international bridge, linking Long Beach to Los Angeles, is a 50-story iconic structure that includes a bike and pedestrian path and incredible lighting features.

A huge thank you to all the union trade workers who built it.

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A National COVID-19 Testing Model for Immigrants 9/22/2020 My mom, who passed away from COVID-19, was an immigrant and a health care worker. She knew how hard it was for the undocumented to get medical treatment. They often don’t have access to insurance and fear losing their jobs or being deported. As an immigrant myself, I understand these struggles.
Thank You Governor, For Signing COVID Bill 9/16/2020

Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a critical bill into law that ensures protections and sick leave expansion for essential workers impacted by COVID-19.

I want to thank the Governor for signing this bill.

This legislation was hard-fought by SEIU-UHW, the union that represented my mom and dedicated health care workers like her nationwide. 

An Update on Wildfires 9/10/2020 I’d like to take a moment to thank the 33 Long Beach firefighters deployed to assist with the fires across the State. Overall, we have more than 14,000 firefighters across California fighting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest wildfires in California history at the same time.  This is an incredibly challenging situation. I want to thank them for their work and we pray for their safety.
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Help for Small Businesses and Non-Profits 9/8/2020 Earlier this year, we led a coalition of big city mayors in a tough fight to ensure Long Beach would receive a $40 million relief package funded by the state. We also received $13 million from LA County to assist with our health response. I want to thank Governor Gavin Newsom for his support and our local Long Beach delegation including Speaker Anthony Rendon, State Senator Lena Gonzalez, Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, and Supervisor Janice Hahn.
To All Workers Today, Thank You 9/7/2020

On Labor Day we honor and celebrate the contributions of hardworking men and women fighting for better working conditions and social and economic rights that strengthen our nation. Thank you to those who power our local economy and the steps they have taken to increase worker protections like instituting the eight-hour workday, ensuring workplace safety, and banning discrimination.

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Salons and Barbershops Can Reopen 9/3/2020

The data shows Long Beach is once again stepping up to the challenge COVID-19 has put before us—and doing the right thing.

We are getting better at wearing our face coverings and making better decisions about who we see and how we distance around other people.

100 Years of Women's Suffrage 8/26/2020

Starting in Seneca Falls in 1848, women fought for and won the right to vote 100 years ago today. We invite you to celebrate this historic milestone by joining women across our community in celebrating and marching for women. Our local Long Beach Silent Sentinels have been organizing events and demonstrations all year.

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Even More Testing 8/19/2020

Long Beach is combatting this health crisis with every resource we can—and that includes widespread testing. We continue to grow our testing capacity and we can now test more people than ever before. We can provide 1,600 free tests a day across all our sites.

That includes our new site at the Port of Long Beach to make it easy for dock workers, truck drivers and folks who work in our goods movement industry to get tested. Our Port workers are so important to our national economy.

Statement from Mayor Garcia 8/10/2020

We are incredibly saddened to share that my stepfather, Greg O’Donnell, has passed away due to complications from COVID-19. It’s a heartbreaking loss for our entire family, especially for my brother Jake.

Greg was a kind and good-hearted man, an amazing father and grandfather, and the best husband our mom could have ever hoped for.

Public Health
Free PPE for Long Beach Businesses 8/7/2020

Long Beach small businesses and up to 5,000 employees can receive free face coverings, face shields and hand sanitizer through a new multi-agency effort.

This personal protective equipment (PPE) has been made available to Long Beach small businesses through the California Office of Emergency Services in collaboration with the California Office of the Small Business Advocate.

New Rebuild Long Beach Small Business Grants 8/5/2020

On the evening of May 31st, numerous small businesses were vandalized and damaged across our city. I promised we would work to support every business that was looted or needed assistance. While the city provided numerous emergency grants and loans to small business owners, I asked the City Council to create a new Rebuild Long Beach Relief Fund and make $1.2 million available in additional grants to businesses and they did just that.

Thank You 7/31/2020

Earlier this week I shared that my mother, Gaby O’Donnell, passed away due to complications from COVID-19. She was 61 years old.

I’d like to thank everyone who has reached out to me and my family to express their condolences. Your cards, notes and messages have been an incredible source of strength.

Statement from Mayor Garcia 7/27/2020

It is with deep sadness that I share that my mother, Gaby O’Donnell, has passed away due to complications from COVID-19. My brother and I are heartbroken. Our mother was the kindest and most compassionate person we’ve ever known. She immigrated from Peru to the United States in search of the American Dream—and she found it. She became a healthcare worker, caring for thousands of patients over her career and assisting nurses and doctors who she loved dearly.

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Long Beach Boosting Testing Capacity 7/23/2020

The City of Long Beach has issued a Health Order that will provide access to COVID-19 diagnostic testing at all healthcare facilities throughout the City. 

Long Beach is committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and will continue to do everything we can to keep our community safe. 

Thank You 7/19/2020

This Sunday morning, I’ve been reflecting on the tremendous outpouring of kindness, love, and prayers from all of you for my mother and stepfather. Your notes and messages this week have been a huge source of strength for my brother and our family.

The nurses, doctors, and medical staff have been incredible and we are in constant communication with them. Both my mom and stepfather are receiving heroic care. They continue to remain on ventilators but are making progress.

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Long Beach Boosting Testing Capacity 7/17/2020

Testing is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Long Beach continues to offer free testing for residents during this time, and asks everyone do their part to keep themselves, their families, the community and especially our healthcare workers safe.

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LBUSD to Start School Year Online Only 7/14/2020

A message from the Long Beach Unified School District:

When the new school year resumes on Sept. 1, classes in the Long Beach Unified School District will remain entirely online, at least through Oct. 5, due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases in Southern California. 

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Governor Closes Additional Indoor Operations 7/13/2020

Governor Newsom and the State of California have announced additional closures to indoor operations in many counties, including all Southern California counties.

A Message About My Family 7/13/2020

The COVID-19 health crisis is impacting our country, our city, and my family. Both my mother and my stepfather tested positive recently, and both are now hospitalized and on ventilators.

My mom is a healthcare worker. She’s worked in the same clinic for over 25 years and is incredibly careful and understands the seriousness of this virus. Thankfully, both are in stable condition and we hope for a full recovery. They are both receiving heroic care from amazing doctors and nurses.

Feeding Those In Need 7/10/2020

Many Long Beach residents are struggling with food insecurity right now. With unemployment hitting every community in America, it’s crucial we support our most vulnerable neighbors.

To help those in need, we are hosting a Drive-Thru Food Giveaway on Friday, July 17 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Long Beach City College, Pacific Coast Campus.

We Fought For And Got $53 Million In COVID Relief 7/7/2020

Over the last few weeks, we led a coalition of big city mayors in a tough fight to ensure Long Beach would receive a $40 million relief package funded by the state. The funds are earmarked to assist residents and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. We also received $13 million from LA County to assist with our health response.

I want to thank Governor Gavin Newsom for his support and our local Long Beach delegation including State Senator Lena Gonzalez, Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, and Supervisor Janice Hahn. We are in a critical moment in our city’s history and these resources will go a long way to support our community.

Compassion & Justice 7/4/2020

I’ve always said one of the best days of my life was when I became an American. I’m a citizen by choice, not birth—and it’s a privilege my family had to fight and struggle for. I’ve always loved our country and feel a deep sense of gratitude for all it has provided my family. Patriotism is also about reflection and recognizing we are not a perfect union—but a country and people that struggle and often fail to live up to our founding principles.

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More Help for Renters 7/2/2020

The City today announced that application forms and program materials are available for a newly launched rental assistance program that will help provide relief to qualified tenants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was unanimously approved earlier this month by the City Council.

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Governor Announces More Closures 7/1/2020

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the mandatory closure of indoor dining rooms and indoor museum spaces in Los Angeles County in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants may operate for outdoor dining, pick-up and delivery only.

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More Health Investments 6/30/2020

Yesterday, as part of our efforts to address both the ongoing health crisis and long standing issues of racial equity, I announced two new funds to support people in our community.

Both funds will start with one million dollars each, through funding our city is receiving from the State of California. My thanks to Governor Newsom and the State Legislature for their support for Long Beach.

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Long Beach & LA County Close Beaches This Weekend 6/29/2020

The City announced today that, in alignment with Los Angeles County, Long Beach beaches will be closed to the public this Fourth of July weekend starting Friday, July 3 in the morning through Monday, July 6 in the morning in a proactive effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. This closure also includes piers, beach parking lots (except for permit holders), beach access ways, bathrooms and beach bike and pedestrian paths.

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Governor Closes Bars in LA County 6/28/2020

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the mandatory closure of all bars in Los Angeles County in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. The governor cited the social nature of bars and the challenges of contact tracing among bar-goes, among the reasons for the action.

How to Report Fireworks in Long Beach 6/26/2020

The City is encouraging everyone to safely enjoy the 4th of July holiday, and takes seriously the job of enforcing the Long Beach Fireworks Ordinance. All fireworks, including those labeled Safe and Sane, are prohibited in the City of Long Beach. 

Fireworks cause tens of millions of dollars annually in property damage and result in many injuries, the majority of which are suffered by children. Fireworks set off in residential neighborhoods, particularly those that are unexpected, can trigger flashbacks for veterans and gun violence survivors experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. The noise also creates panic for many animals, and shelters fill with runaway pets every year.

Long Beach Wins Case Against Monsanto 6/24/2020

Long Beach is proud to announce we have decisively won a class action settlement along with 12 partner cities and agencies against the Monsanto Chemical Company, worth $550 million. We entered this lawsuit to take on a corporate giant which has contaminated our waterways and environment.

Leading the nationwide resolution are the cities of Long Beach, Tacoma, Portland, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Spokane, San Diego, Chula Vista and Baltimore, the Port of Portland, and the counties of Los Angeles and Baltimore. The cases were collectively litigated for more than 5 years.

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Safely Reopening Bars and Nail Salons 6/18/2020

Long Beach will begin slowly reopening bars and nail salons with distancing and safety protocols this weekend. All other personal grooming/care services like massages, facials, lashes, and tattoo parlors can open next Friday, June 26th. Hospitalizations have remained generally stable and our hospital occupancy remains around 58%, where it has been for the last few weeks. We understand that many small businesses are choosing to remain closed and we support that.

Summer Park & Youth Camp Programs 6/17/2020

Our Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine (PRM) summer youth and teen programs for 2020 will feature greatly reduced fees, lower staff-to camper ratios and enhanced safety protocols.

The City’s parks programs provide critical opportunities for families and kids to have a healthy, active lifestyle this summer. Staff has worked diligently to modify activities to support safe programs for our youth. 

Public Health
Hotels, Gyms, Museums & More Allowed to Reopen 6/10/2020

Last week, the Governor announced 12 more sectors of our economy will soon be allowed to reopen. We have been carefully working on revising our health orders and reviewing hospital capacity and data.

Long Beach Police Suspend Use of Carotid Restraint 6/10/2020

Today, the Long Beach Police Department issued a special order suspending the use of the carotid restraint outlined in our use of force policy.

The Police Department already prohibits the use of “choke holds,” which restrict air flow, as a neck restraint to overcome resistance under any circumstances and has never allowed neck restraint using knees, legs or feet.

Public Health
COVID-19 Testing for All Expanded 6/9/2020

All Long Beach residents can now receive COVID-19 testing, regardless of symptoms, at three City-operated testing sites. While testing for non-symptomatic residents has been available, we are expanding the number of locations.

Support for Affected Small Businesses 6/8/2020

Today we are proposing a major new fund and initiative to directly support the small businesses that were affected by vandalism and looting on Sunday, May 31. We are committed to ensuring every single business that was impacted receives direct grant assistance from the city.

Public Health
COVID-19 Update 6/7/2020

This weekend, Long Beach is likely to reach our 100th death from COVID-19. The United States recently passed 100 thousand deaths. It’s a stark and sad reminder that even as important issues around racial justice and safety demand our attention, we are still in the middle of the health crisis here in Long Beach and around the country.

No Curfew in Long Beach Tonight 6/4/2020

LA County is not doing a countywide curfew tonight and Long Beach is included in that decision. The last few nights have been peaceful and safe for our community. Please know our public safety team is still fully deployed and thank you to the community for keeping our city safe.

Statement on Racial Justice and Equity 6/4/2020

Black leaders, organizers, and students in our community have begun putting together a series of conversations about racial justice and equity and I’m looking forward to participating and listening. I hope you’ll join us as we continue this important work going forward and please read this statement I released yesterday:

Public Health
COVID-19 Update 6/3/2020

As we continue to see civil unrest across the country, and we work to keep our community safe, we must remember we are still in a health crisis.

Long Beach Curfew Begins At 6pm 6/2/2020

All 88 LA County cities, including Long Beach, will be under curfew tonight from 6 pm to 6 am. We understand it’s a huge challenge for many, but it’s a joint regional decision for the safety of our city and our neighbors across the county.

Tonight's Update 6/1/2020

I want to take a moment to thank our police and fire departments for their amazing work in the last 48 hours. Tonight has been calm so far, thanks to your support, the community coming together, and our public safety officials.

Citywide Curfew Today 6/1/2020

This morning I joined thousands of our residents cleaning up and repairing our city. To the organizers and those responding with compassion and kindness - Thank you.

What began as a peaceful protest yesterday turned violent and dangerous as looters and criminals vandalized and damaged small business in our city. These agitators do not represent the vast majority of community members that were demonstrating peacefully and with purpose.

Citywide Curfew at 8 pm to Ensure Public Safety Inbox 5/31/2020

America with all of our diversity has a dark and long history with race—and Long Beach has not been exempt from this. Over the last several days and after nearly three months of battling COVID-19 as a nation, we are seeing civil unrest and protests.

To ensure public safety a curfew will be in place citywide starting at 8 p.m. tonight and lasting through 5 a.m. Monday morning. Everyone in Long Beach should remain inside this evening, with the exception of first responders, people going to and from work, and anyone seeking or giving emergency care.

Public Health
Restaurants, Barbers and Hair Salons to Open 5/29/2020

The City of Long Beach will issue a new health order today that allows hair salons and barbers as well as restaurants for in-person dining to slowly reopen provided these businesses follow guidelines designed to protect employees and patrons and control the spread of COVID-19.

Public Health
New Meal Program for Older Adults 5/29/2020

Today we are announcing the launch of a free home meal delivery service for older adults, with meals supplied by Long Beach food providers and restaurants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the first-in-the-nation program in April as a partnership with counties, cities, and tribes in an effort to keep the most vulnerable population healthy and at home.

Public Health
All Retailers, Offices, and Houses of Worship May Open 5/27/2020

Today, the City of Long Beach announced that offices, places of worship and in-person retail may reopen, with distancing restrictions.

Remembering Heroes 5/25/2020
This year, as we recognize Memorial Day and all those who gave their lives in service to our great nation, I want to also thank the families and friends who have stepped up and supported those left behind.
Public Health
The Data You Need To Know 5/22/2020

Long Beach began easing into another phase of our "Safer at Home" order two weeks ago. And today, I gave an update on where we are with the data. As I have said many times, the data is what will be driving our decisions and timelines.

Public Health
Open Streets in Long Beach 5/19/2020

Tonight, Long Beach moved forward on an Open Streets Initiative that will make it possible to give our local small businesses more support while giving residents more space to physically distance.  The Open Streets Initiative that was approved this evening will make it possible to temporarily re-purpose some of our public spaces–think sidewalks, off-street parking and large parking lots–into safe spaces for physically distanced retail, dining, and potentially even entertainment.

Public Health
New Meal Program & How To Participate If You Own A Restaurant 5/18/2020

The City of Long Beach has announced it will offer a second free home meal delivery service for older adults in an effort to further assist adults at high risk of COVID-19 and to provide essential economic stimulus to local eateries during the health crisis.

Public Health
Opening Streets to Help Business and Recreation 5/18/2020

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we know they are struggling and need support. We’ve been listening to what residents and business owners want and need and one concern that comes up over and over is space to physically distance.

Public Health
Facts You Need To Know 5/14/2020

I’m grateful today to the community who is working hard to keep our hospitalizations flat and our reopening plan safe.

Public Health
Beaches to Open for Active Recreation 5/12/2020

As we announced yesterday, the City is adjusting our outdoor recreation guidelines and will reopen public beaches in Long Beach for active recreational activities only - beginning Wednesday, May 13. This aligns with the rest of Los Angeles County and follows California State guidance.

Public Health
Some Outdoor Recreation Opens Today 5/11/2020

Starting today, the City of Long Beach is implementing new guidelines for the use of beach bike and pedestrian paths and tennis courts in parks to reopen.

We know our community has been anxious to get back outdoors. While our beaches are still closed, we are looking forward to the beach bike and pedestrian path opening up safely. Please remember to practice physical distancing so that we can continue to make more places available.

For All the Mothers this Weekend 5/9/2020
This weekend begins our gradual reopening in Long Beach. Mother’s Day weekend is a great time to start this new chapter and even if we can’t all be with our mothers, I know Long Beach can have a great Mother’s Day. Let’s make this weekend really special for our moms and for moms all around our community.
Public Health
An Update on Long Beach Schools 5/8/2020

The following is a message from the Long Beach Unified School District:

The Long Beach Unified School District continues to partner with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, and other regional and state agencies to protect the health and safety of students, their families and school employees during the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Robert Garcia Announces Harbor Commission Appointments 5/8/2020
Today, Mayor Robert Garcia announced nominations for the Harbor Commission: Bobby Olvera, Jr. and Sharon Weissman.  The Mayor’s nominations will appear before the Personnel and Civil Service Committee on Monday, May 11, 2020.
“I am proud to nominate two outstanding Long Beach leaders to our Harbor Commission,” says Mayor Robert Garcia. “Both Bobby and Sharon love Long Beach. They both have extensive experience in transportation and logistics and are well respected in our community.”
Public Health
Long Beach's New Health Order 5/8/2020

Effective today, Friday, May 8, 2020, the City of Long Beach will allow retail businesses, with modified operations and proper sanitizing and physical distancing protocols in place, to reopen for curbside pickup and delivery services only.

Public Health
First Step Towards Safely Reopening Starts Friday 5/6/2020

Starting this Friday, Long Beach and cities in our region will begin transitioning into the next phase of our "Safer at Home" order. We will do this slowly, gradually, and closely monitor data along the way.

Public Health
The Data You Need To Know 5/5/2020

Long Beach and most cities will begin easing into the next phase of our "Safer at Home" order in the days and weeks ahead. The Governor announced that as early as this Friday, counties and health departments can begin relaxing our guidelines and has provided regions flexibility on the timeline of openings.

Public Health
Governor’s Reopening Plan and What it Means for Long Beach 5/4/2020

From the start of this health crisis, we promised you we would be guided by the best medical advice and data. We have listened to experts and have forged strong partnerships with the state and neighboring cities. We have not rushed and have worked hard to prepare for any medical emergency.

Join us today for a Virtual Town Hall w/ Congressman Lowenthal 5/1/2020

Congressman Alan Lowenthal and I will be answering your questions about Long Beach, COVID-19, and our federal response to this national health crisis.

Public Health
Testing is Now Available for All Essential Workers in Long Beach 4/29/2020

Are you a frontline worker? Beginning tomorrow, you can get tested for COVID-19 in Long Beach for free. Whether you have coronavirus symptoms or not, frontline workers can now get tested if you are concerned you have potentially been exposed to COVID-19.

Public Health
We Need Your Input To Reopen Long Beach 4/28/2020

Today, the City of Long Beach launched an online survey, ReopenLB, to seek input from residents, workers and business owners about how to safely reopen the local economy once Governor Newsom’s order indicates it is safe to do so.

Public Health
Testing to expand to Long Beach City College Main Campus 4/27/2020

The City of Long Beach is expanding testing options beyond our four current drive-through locations. We are adding two new testing locations, including at Long Beach City College’s Liberal Arts Campus in East Long Beach and a soon to be announced location in North Long Beach. These sites will open in a few days.

Stay Home & Save Lives This Weekend 4/24/2020

I know it's a beautiful weekend, with the warm sun shining down on us. I know we're all tired of being inside. But I need to ask all of you to please continue staying home. You are saving lives. The beaches and parks remain closed, including the beach pedestrian and bike paths, and we will be enforcing that as needed.

Virgin Orbit Ventilators Ready To Ship 4/23/2020

We are excited that the ventilators being manufactured right here in Long Beach by Virgin Orbit, have received FDA approval and are now being produced. These innovative units will begin shipping to hospitals here locally and across the country. Thank you!

Public Health
An Update on COVID-19 in Long Beach 4/22/2020

We are saddened today to report Long Beach has lost a total of 27 residents to COVID-19. Our continued love and prayers go out to their families and friends. These losses bring into focus the importance of our Safer at Home order and that we have to do all we can to stay healthy.

Photo courtesy of Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau.
50 Years of Earth Day 4/22/2020 Today is Earth Day and I know many of us are feeling a little disappointed we won’t be able to celebrate as we normally would. I know we’d like to be outside, with our friends, family and community, and maybe spend some time hiking, or at the beach, enjoying nature, taking in the fresh air and the sunshine.
Public Health
Economic Recovery Advisory Group 4/21/2020 Today, the City of Long Beach announced the formation of an Economic Recovery Advisory Group charged with providing recommendations on the economic impact of the COVID-19 health emergency.
Public Health
Fire Department Activates New COVID-19 Team 4/19/2020 The Long Beach Fire Department has implemented a newly created Mobile Assessment Team (MAT) specifically assigned to transport individuals with confirmed positive results or positive screenings of COVID-19, in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 to other patients, hospital staff and first responders. The team will be staffed 12 hours a day, seven days a week.
Public Health
New Data Dashboard 4/18/2020 We revamped our COVID-19 website with increased functionality and innovative features, including a data dashboard, to offer ease of accessibility, more data transparency and enhance the overall user experience. 
Public Health
We’ve Expanded Drive-Thru Testing 4/17/2020 We are more than tripling our drive-thru testing capacity starting tomorrow and can now do more than 500 tests daily at the following locations...
Public Health
Long Beach Resources for Older Adults 4/16/2020 We are working hard to make sure our seniors have the resources and care they need to get through this health crisis. I’m especially excited about our partnership with World Central Kitchen.
Public Health
City Takes Action for Economic Relief 4/15/2020 Yesterday, the Long Beach City Council unanimously adopted 25 individual actions related to a historic local Economic Relief Package designed to help working families and small business owners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Public Health
New Health Order Further Protects Older Adults 4/15/2020 The City of Long Beach issued a new health order today that requires long-term care facilities to institute a range of protocols to slow the spread of COVID-19, including a tightening of visitation policies, mandating face coverings and requiring daily temperature screenings for staff and residents. The order applies to facilities serving individuals 65 years and older or those with underlying health conditions.
Public Health
Governor Newsom Outlines Framework to Reopen Econom 4/14/2020 Earlier today, Governor Gavin Newsom provided an excellent framework for reopening the economy. We are working in partnership with the Governor and his office. Long Beach will work closely with the state and our decisions will be based on science and data.
Public Health
$1 Million Raised for Coronavirus Relief Fund 4/13/2020 The City of Long Beach, in partnership with the Long Beach Community Foundation, has raised more than $1,000,000 from members of the community, businesses and family foundations to address coronavirus-related issues in Long Beach. Approximately half of the amount raised has already been granted into the community to address the current public health crisis, and the momentum continues this week with updated priority funding announced.
Public Health
Important Updates to Stay at Home Order until May 15 4/10/2020 The City of Long Beach today issued an amendment to the existing “Safer at Home” Order, in an effort to further reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the impact on delivery of critical healthcare services to those in need. The amendment provides additional and clarifying information regarding physical distancing requirements and mandates essential businesses to prepare, post and implement a Social Distancing Protocol at all operating facilities.
Public Health
Long Beach Parks Closed this Sunday 4/10/2020 The Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine will close all parks, including open spaces, on Sunday, April 12, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. City sports facilities and beaches were closed last month in accordance with the “Safer at Home” order.
Public Health
National Guard Humanitarian Assistance in Long Beach 4/9/2020 Earlier today, the California National Guard approved the City of Long Beach’s request to provide logistical support for humanitarian assistance related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fifty members of the National Guard 315th Company are expected to arrive in the city on April 10, 2020 and will remain available in this initial deployment thru June 30, 2020.
Public Health
PPE’s, Face Coverings & Masks 4/9/2020 The City of Long Beach has developed a system to connect providers with personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as a way for people to donate goods and services and access to facial coverings through an online exchange platform.
New Long Beach Schools Superintendent selected 4/9/2020

I want to congratulate Dr. Jill Baker on being selected as the next Superintendent of Long Beach Schools. The Long Beach Unified School District Board could not have picked a stronger advocate for students and families. Dr. Baker knows our school system and knows Long Beach. She will value and uplift our teachers, educators, and the Long Beach College Promise. We look forward to the continued partnership.

Public Health
Update on Hospital Capacity and Supplies 4/8/2020

We want to provide an update on current hospital capacity as we enter these critical weeks ahead. We are closely monitoring our hospital bed capacity and doing everything we can to expand it. We are fortunate to have robust partnerships with several Long Beach area hospitals that have quickly adapted to this public health emergency.

Public Health
COVID-19 Community Update 4/7/2020

We are saddened today to report Long Beach had three additional deaths related to COVID-19, bringing our total to six. All three were in their 80s with underlying health conditions. Our love and prayers go out to their families and friends. These losses bring into focus the importance of our Safer at Home order and that we have to do all we can to stay healthy.

Public Health
Rapid Assessment Clinic and New Drive-Through Testing Site 4/6/2020

Today, the City of Long Beach launched a Rapid Assessment Clinic to provide medical assistance to people who might otherwise feel compelled to visit an emergency room for their medical conditions.

Public Health
Shelter Cats and Dogs Find Homes During COVID-19 Pandemic 4/5/2020

Rufus is a happy, handsome 8-year-old Pit Bull-Shar Pei mix who loves to give high fives with his paws. After over eight months at Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS), Rufus is now one of 69 other dogs and 103 cats recently adopted or fostered into homes from ACS since March 13, during an unprecedented show of support from the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Public Health
Wearing masks in public 4/4/2020

The City of Long Beach has released guidance and information on the CDC recommendation for wearing face coverings to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Public Health
How You Can Help 4/4/2020

I’m so inspired by the many individuals and businesses who have reached out and offered their help and support during these challenging times. One of the most important things we can do right now is to support and take care of each other.

Public Health
Expanding Hospital Beds Across Long Beach 4/3/2020

We are doing everything we can to prepare for the patient surge in our hospitals in the weeks ahead. Below is a snapshot of the work and the details of our plan:

Public Health
Update on Response to COVID-19 4/3/2020

As promised, I'm sharing the latest data on the coronavirus in Long Beach. Please remember how important it is to physically distance. That's the only way we can slow these new cases.

Public Health
Long Beach Opens 4th Shelter 4/2/2020

Today, the City of Long Beach opened our 4th shelter for people experiencing homelessness at Martin Luther King Jr. Park (King Park), located at 1950 Lemon Ave., as part of our ongoing efforts to provide additional shelter to those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Public Health
More Data on COVID-19 in Long Beach 4/2/2020

Throughout this crisis it’s been important to be transparent and honest about the facts on the ground as they relate to COVID-19. Access to solid up-to-date information is crucial right now and we will continue to share what we know with all of you as soon as we can.

Public Health
Long Beach Schools closed through academic year 4/1/2020

A message from Long Beach Unified School District:

The closure of all schools in the Long Beach Unified School District will extend through the end of the academic year, or June 11, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. School had been tentatively scheduled to resume on Monday, May 4.

Public Health
Be Counted During this Crisis 4/1/2020

I know we are experiencing an enormous health crisis, but I want to ask you to focus on another important issue today - The 2020 Census.

I want to encourage everyone to complete the census for your household if you haven’t already.

Public Health
Launching Work Long Beach 3/31/2020

The City of Long Beach has launched a program that matches people who are unemployed or underemployed with potential employers. The online platform, hosted by Pacific Gateway and called “Work Long Beach,” allows individuals to offer a full range of skills for the hours that they choose to work. This virtual labor market is built around control for work-seekers, and for businesses, it delivers a flexible, quality workforce aligned with ever-changing local needs.

Public Health
COVID-19 Testing in Long Beach 3/31/2020

The City of Long Beach is providing an overview of COVID-19 testing protocols as part of its ongoing commitment to keep our community well-informed and safe.

Public Health
Virgin Orbit to build ventilators in Long Beach 3/30/2020

A message from Virgin Orbit:

Virgin Orbit has developed a new mass-producible bridge ventilator to help in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Virgin Orbit team has been consulting with the Bridge Ventilator Consortium (BVC), led by the University of California Irvine (UCI) and the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), a group formed to spawn and nurture efforts to build producible, simple ventilators to aid in the current COVID-19 crisis.

Public Health
Beaches Closed Through May 1 3/27/2020

In continuing efforts to mitigate parking impacts caused by COVID-19, the City of Long Beach is adding more free alternative off-street parking options for residents. Residents can apply online for free parking and passes will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Public Health
3 City Shelters for People Experiencing Homelessness 3/27/2020

We have opened a new temporary housing shelter at Silverado Park, located at 1545 W. 31st St., to provide additional temporary housing to persons experiencing homelessness in the City during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Public Health
We're suspending street sweeping citations till May 1st, and more free parking lots 3/27/2020

In continuing efforts to mitigate parking impacts caused by COVID-19, the City of Long Beach is adding more free alternative off-street parking options for residents. Residents can apply online for free parking and passes will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Public Health
Long Beach Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19 3/27/2020

Yesterday the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) was notified that a police officer has tested positive for COVID-19. The total number of confirmed Long Beach cases is 70. The officer involved is a Long Beach resident and his case is included in the updated Long Beach totals.

Public Health
USNS Mercy Hospital Ship Arrives 3/27/2020

Today the USNS Mercy, the 1000 bed Navy Hospital Ship pictured below, docks in our neighboring Port of Los Angeles. The ship will be a lifeline for local hospitals, including here in Long Beach, freeing up space by serving patients who do not have COVID-19.

Public Health
Eviction Relief for Renters 3/26/2020

A new emergency ordinance, effective now, temporarily halts evictions for residential and commercial tenants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of a comprehensive rental relief package unanimously approved Tuesday night by the City Council.

Public Health
Eight Long Beach Firefighters Test Positive for COVID-19 3/25/2020

Late last night, eight Long Beach Fire Department firefighters tested positive for COVID-19.

Our love, support, and prayers are with them, their families, friends and the entire Long Beach Fire Department.

Public Health
Closing Parking Lots for Beaches and Parks 3/24/2020

Access is now closed to Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, the El Dorado Nature Center and parking lots at City-owned parks and beaches through April 19 to prevent large groups of people from congregating in public spaces, in accordance with the latest clarification to the state’s “Stay at Home” order and the City of Long Beach’s “Safer at Home” order.

Public Health
First Passing due to COVID-19 3/22/2020

Unfortunately we have had our first death related to COVID-19. She was in her 50s and had pre-existing medical conditions. Our love, support, and prayers go out to her family and her loved ones.

Public Health
Closing Sports Facilities at Parks and Beaches 3/22/2020

In accordance with the state’s “Stay at Home” order and the City’s local “Safer at Home”order, the City of Long Beach is confirming the closure of sports facilities in Long Beach parks and beaches and asking the community to not gather in open spaces throughout the City.

Public Health
Street Parking Relief & Citation Plan 3/21/2020

In an effort to mitigate parking impacts to residents caused by COVID-19 in the most parking-impacted areas of Long Beach, the City of Long Beach will be providing free alternative off-street parking options and increasing on-street parking meter courtesy times.

Public Health
Long Beach Job Center here to help 3/21/2020

The WorkPlace job center (4811 Airport Plaza Dr., Ste. 120) will remain open to assist Long Beach families, workers and small businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our job center is here to assist Long Beach residents file for unemployment, and other protections and services.

Public Health
More Info on Safer at Home Order 3/20/2020

We are working with the State to provide additional clarity and guidance to their “Safer at Home” order and to align our local Long Beach order. Among other things, this update clarifies that barber shops, hair and nail salons are non-essential businesses in our “Safer at Home” order. We ask that you follow the City’s amended Health Order and we will provide any additional information if we find that the State’s order has additional restrictions.

Public Health
Long Beach Unified to remain closed through May 3rd 3/20/2020

A message from LBUSD:

The closure of all Long Beach Unified School District Schools will extend through at least May 3 due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. Schools had originally been scheduled to reopen as soon as April 20. Schools may reopen on Monday, May 4, but an additional extension of the closure beyond that date is possible.

Public Health
Long Beach and State Issue New Safer at Home Orders 3/19/2020 Beginning at midnight tonight, Long Beach is implementing our Safer at Home health order that further restricts and limits gathering among people to slow the spread of COVID-19. This new order will continue until Tuesday, April 19, unless otherwise specified.
Public Health
Long Beach Launches Coronavirus Relief Fund 3/18/2020 The City of Long Beach, in partnership with the Long Beach Community Foundation, proudly announces the activation of the Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund. Financial contributions can be made to assist members of the local community who have been critically impacted as a result of the current public health crisis.
Public Health
Eviction Moratorium and Economic Assistance 3/18/2020 Yesterday, the Long Beach City Council unanimously voted to direct City staff to develop an economic resiliency program which would assist Long Beach families, workers and small businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Public Health
Closure Guidance for Bars, Restaurants, Gyms and more 3/17/2020 Yesterday evening, the City of Long Beach took steps to close more businesses to the public as measures to mitigate community spread of COVID-19.
Public Health
No Street Sweeping Tickets This Week 3/17/2020 Starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the City of Long Beach will temporarily suspend issuing street sweeping parking citations this week through Friday, March 20, 2020. All other parking enforcement, including enforcement for metered parking and red, white and blue curbs, will continue as usual.sease.
Public Health
Protecting People Experiencing Homelessness from COVID-19 3/16/2020 The City of Long Beach is taking new measures to protect people experiencing homelessness, and those who provide services to them, from the ongoing spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus disease.
Public Health
A Major Shift for City Hall, Libraries, and Community Centers 3/14/2020 Tonight we are announcing a major shift in our city's operations as we continue to address the COVID-19 health crisis. Starting Monday, many city facilities, including City Hall, libraries, and community centers, will begin closing to the public. I will remain working at city hall with our city leadership team but much of our staff will be working from home to practice responsible social distancing.
Public Health
Free Meals for Children During School Closure 3/14/2020

This is an important update from Long Beach Unified School District ----

As previously reported, the Long Beach Unified School District will close schools beginning Monday, March 16. School will resume Monday, April 20. This closure is an extra precaution to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Public Health
All LBUSD schools to close March 16 3/13/2020

This is an important message from Long Beach Unified School District. ----

All LBUSD schools to close March 16 and resume April 20

Public Health
Long Beach Water Temporarily Suspends Shutoffs 3/12/2020

Our Long Beach Water Department has announced a suspension of water shutoffs to continue supporting public health and cleanliness. No one should fear losing their water service because they can’t pay a bill during this public health crisis.

Public Health
Long Beach Cancels All Large Scale Events Through April 2020 3/12/2020

Long Beach is canceling all large events and gatherings of more than 250 people through April. This will affect events like the Grand Prix of Long Beach and Beach Streets. We are releasing guidelines to follow for all organizations and citywide facilities.

Public Health
COVID-19 Update from Long Beach City College 3/11/2020

This is an important message from Long Beach City College.

Public Health
COVID-19 Update from Cal State Long Beach 3/11/2020

This is an important message from CSULB President Jane Close Conoley. These alternative instruction procedures only apply to California State University, Long Beach.

Public Health
Long Beach Announces First Three Cases of COVID-19 3/9/2020
Preliminary test results indicate that two men and one woman have tested positive for COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus disease 2019. Cases are considered presumptive until Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the results. Two had traveled to an international area of community transmission and one traveled domestically to an area of community transmission.
Public Health
Coronavirus Update #2 3/5/2020 Earlier this week, the City of Long Beach declared a State of Emergency to further strengthen our ability to prepare and respond to the coronavirus. Please know that at this time, there are no cases of coronavirus reported in Long Beach.
Public Health
Coronavirus Update 2/28/2020 I'm sure you're all aware by now that we are in the middle of a global health crisis in a new form of Coronavirus (2019-nCov), a serious respiratory illness that is especially dangerous for anyone with reduced immunity.
LGB Phase II 2/12/2020

The Long Beach Airport is one of the best in the world, with its award-winning concourse, historic terminal, and ease of travel. Now we're modernizing the airport to make the travel experience even better.

Protecting our Environment from Plastics 2/6/2020

This week the City took another huge step forward to protect the environment, especially our beaches and ocean. As a coastal city we have to lead on issues concerning climate change and conservation and over the last few years we have been transitioning away from plastic bags in supermarkets and polysterene food containers at restaurants. Now we've expanded this program to include plastic straws, as well as polystyrene food containers at retail locations.

Helping Get Everyone Home 1/22/2020

This week hundreds of volunteers, public safety teams, and city staff will be out in the streets, parks and alleys of Long Beach at dawn to take a count of people experiencing homelessness. This "Point in Time Count" is required in order for the city to be eligible for millions of dollars in funding to help us combat homelessness and bring "Everyone Home."

Watch The State of the City 1/15/2020

Last night, I delivered my sixth annual State of the City to the City Council and the community at the Terrace Theater. As I reported then: The state of this city is strong. We are experiencing unprecedented growth in Long Beach, with tremendous opportunity still ahead. Crime is at or near historic lows, we are in the middle of an economic development boom, and our cultural life is thriving.

Another Decade of Progress 1/8/2020

I hope you'll read this Op-Ed that has been published in this week's Gazette newspapers.

As we enter this new year, and the new decade, I’m reflecting on all the incredible changes Long Beach has experienced over the past year and the past ten years, and looking forward to many opportunities for continued growth and progress in our community.

Long Beach Edition: 2019 Year in Review 12/27/2019

2019 was a great year for Long Beach, with lots of growth and many accomplishments for the city, from more than $3.5 billion in private and public development and hundreds of new residential homes to new playgrounds, park improvements, and beach amenities. We kept our promise to continue the largest investment in our city’s infrastructure in more than 40 years.

PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Robert Garcia to Honor Jewels with a Key to the City 12/10/2019

On December 17, 2019, Mayor Robert Garcia will honor Jewels with a Key to the City. 

“We have been proud to honor sports icons, civil rights activists, and other exemplary leaders from across our city, and it’s time to recognize an incredible philanthropist and artist within the LGBTQ community,” said Mayor Garcia.

Social Workers at our Libraries 12/5/2019 Addressing the statewide and local housing and homelessness crisis continues to be our number one priority and to do that we’ve got to continue being innovative. That’s why we’ve launched a social work intern pilot program at Long Beach Public Libraries. 
Long Beach Remembers 11/8/2019

Last night was a moving and powerful tribute to a Long Beach family who lived their lives being kind to others and giving back to their community. On October 31, Joseph, Raihan, and Omar Awaida lost their lives after being hit by a driver in the Los Cerritos Park neighborhood. The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Robert Garcia to Honor Congressman Alan Lowenthal with a Key to the City 10/29/2019

On November 5, 2019, Mayor Robert Garcia will honor Congressman Alan Lowenthal with a Key to the City. 

“Congressman Lowenthal has served our city with distinction for 27 years, beginning in 1992 when he served as a Long Beach City Councilmember for six years, then as State Assembly member for three terms, followed by two terms as a State Senator, and now as our Congressmember in in the United States House of Representatives,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. 

Fire 17
We've Restored Fire Engine 17 10/22/2019

Yesterday I was proud to stand with Councilman Daryl Supernaw and our Long Beach Firefighters as we returned Fire Engine 17 to its home at Fire Station 17 in the Artcraft Manor neighborhood, just a few blocks from the traffic circle, next to Stearns Park.

Mayors logo Email
A Labor Agreement with our Firefighters 10/14/2019 This Tuesday, the City Council will vote on the City’s recent, tentative three-year agreement with the Long Beach Firefighters Association (LBFFA). This agreement is fiscally sound, fair to our firefighters, and promises to improve productivity and enhance skill levels, and it deserves Council’s approval.
BJK Open
New Billie Jean King Library Now Open 9/23/2019

On Saturday we held the grand opening of Long Beach's new Billie Jean King Library.

My thanks to the hundreds of people and families who attended this event with excitement and enthusiasm to match the excitement of everything this new main library has to offer Long Beach.

LBPD Badge
A Labor Agreement - and Pension Reform - with our Police Officers 9/9/2019

I'm proud to announce we've just reached a tentative three-year agreement with the Police Officers Association (POA), which includes pension reform.

This new agreement provides modest pay increases for our hardworking police officers, will reduce costs to the taxpayer with police employees picking up the maximum share of pension costs, and modernizes our benefit package for public safety employees.

We're providing a new paid parental leave program, with up to 160 hours of paid leave for eligible employees for the birth or adoption of a child, or for placement of a foster child in their home. This new leave benefit, as well as an additional holiday and other changes to holiday pay accrual, will improve work-life balance for our public safety staff. 


PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Robert Garcia Appoints Diana Tang Chief of Staff 9/5/2019

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia has selected Diana Tang as his next Chief of Staff. Diana is currently the Manager of Government Affairs and Communications for the City of Long Beach and in her role helps manage a team of professionals in the City Communications Office, the Government Affairs Team and city lobbyists in Sacramento and Washington D.C. Her appointment as Chief of Staff is effective September 30, 2019.

“Diana has done a phenomenal job managing our city’s lobbying efforts and our communications office,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “She knows Long Beach and is ready on day one to lead our team.”

A Balanced and Responsible Budget 9/4/2019

Last night the City Council adopted our $2.8 billion 2020 budget. Like every budget I’ve signed as Mayor, it is balanced and responsible. It will continue the improvements happening around Long Beach, with key investments in public safety, infrastructure repair and other critical services.

Stat 17
Restoring Fire Engine 17 & Meet the Mayor in East Long Beach 8/23/2019 One of my top priorities is to ensure outstanding public safety services and that includes restoring resources lost in the recession of 2008. This week we learned that, thanks to Measure A, we are on track to restore Fire Engine 17 in east Long Beach by this October.
Long Beach Saves Sunnyside Cemetery 8/21/2019

Last night the City Council unanimously approved making Sunnyside Cemetery a permanent part of our City’s public parks. The cemetery, where so many Long Beach residents have their final resting place, was unable to continue operation in private hands. It was my commitment that Sunnyside be preserved and cared for properly and now the City will be able to ensure that happens.

Preserving Sunnyside Cemetery 8/15/2019

I’ve said from the start we would never let Sunnyside Cemetery close or fall into disrepair. On Tuesday, the City Council will look at final steps to take ownership of the cemetery and make it a permanent part of our City's park system.

Mayors PR logo
PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Robert Garcia and City Auditor Laura Doud Announce nominations for Ethics Commission 8/9/2019

On November 5, 2019, Mayor Robert Garcia will honor Congressman Alan Lowenthal with a Key to the City. 

“Congressman Lowenthal has served our city with distinction for 27 years, beginning in 1992 when he served as a Long Beach City Councilmember for six years, then as State Assembly member for three terms, followed by two terms as a State Senator, and now as our Congressmember in in the United States House of Representatives,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. 

Welcome Home
Welcome Home, Long Beach 8/1/2019

This week was historic for Long Beach as we celebrated the grand opening of our new Civic Center. This new home for our democracy reflects our city's future - it's open, transparent, and sustainable.

And that's a wrap... 7/26/2019

Today at noon, the final two city employees - City Manager Pat West and I - left the Long Beach City Hall that’s been the center of civic life in this community for 43 years. We’re all moving into our new home, just across the street, in the brand new Civic Center.

New Civic
You are invited: Civic Center Grand Opening 7/19/2019 I want to personally invite all of you to join me, the City Council, community leaders, and residents at the Grand Opening of the new Long Beach Civic Center, on Monday, July 29, at 6 PM.
Mayors PR logo
PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Robert Garcia Announces Charter Commission Appointments 7/19/2019

Mayor Garcia announced his nominations for the following Charter Commissions: Steven Neal, The Harbor Commission; James Ahumada, Citizens Police Complaint Commission; Bandon Downling, Civil Service Commission and Robert Shannon, Water Commission.

Colo Lag
What's next at the Colorado Lagoon 7/10/2019 I’m excited to share some great news for our city, our environment, and our marine recreation opportunities. Monday night the Long Beach Harbor Commission gave its unanimous approval to provide more than $26 million in funding for the city’s Colorado Lagoon Restoration, which will allow the city to create an open channel from the Lagoon to Marine Stadium.
Sign up for Long Beach EMERGENCY notification system 7/6/2019

The major Ridgecrest earthquakes we’ve been feeling in Long Beach since July 4th are a strong reminder we all need to be prepared for public emergencies. That’s why in 2015 we launched Alert Long Beach, our public emergency notification system.

Capt. Rosa Training Center 6/26/2019

The City of Long Beach commemorated one of our community’s bravest, Fire Captain David Rosa, by naming our Fire Department’s Regional Training Center in his honor.  We did this today, the one-year anniversary of the day Captain Rosa, a 17 year LBFD veteran, was shot and killed while responding to an explosion and fire downtown.

Long Beach Parks Rise to #18 in the Country 6/6/2019 Long Beach is winning national recognition for our investment in parks. Over just the past year, we’ve moved from 21 to number 18 in the Trust for Public Land’s (TPL) Parkscore ranking. Long Beach residents and visitors enjoy exceptional parks and open space areas, and this ranking is a testament to the efforts of Parks, Recreation, and Marine (PRM) Department staff who provide leisure programs, maintain parks, beaches and marinas, and work to add and improve recreational open spaces.
Our Homelessness Count 6/4/2019

Today, the City of Long Beach released the results of our homeless count and the numbers are encouraging. While homelessness is on the rise throughout LA County and the region, in Long Beach our count remained basically flat.

Pacifc Visions
Aquarium Expansion Grand Opening 5/16/2019 Next week one of the most exciting grand openings in recent Long Beach history will take place - the opening of the new Pacific Visions wing at the Aquarium of the Pacific.
HIV and STDs in Long Beach 5/8/2019 Long Beach continues to make incredible progress in so many quality of life areas, including public safety, housing, infrastructure, and early childhood initiatives. Earlier this week at St. Mary Medical Center, we launched our 3 year strategic plan to lower HIV and STD rates in our city. 
Econ Forum
A Booming Economy 4/19/2019

Yesterday I joined hundreds of community leaders at the 2019 California State University, Long Beach Regional Economic Forum. The forum discussed the historic strength of the economy:

Beach Streets: Pacific Ave 4/18/2019

It’s time for Beach Streets again!

Since 2014, Beach Streets has become one of the premiere events in our city. An exciting and free event for the whole family, Beach Streets turns our roads into an outdoor festival, complete with music, art, and lots of great food, and the chance to walk, bike, skate or scoot around our community, meeting new people and taking in all our city has to offer.

Motels ➡️ Housing 4/16/2019 One of my top priorities as Mayor is to reduce homelessness and make sure all Long Beach residents have a home. To do that, we’ve got to create more transitional and permanent supportive housing, and some of the older motels in our city could be a good source of future transitional housing.
Breaking New Ground for Affordable Housing 3/21/2019 At the end of last year, we released the Everyone Home Long Beach Report which created a plan to address homelessness and housing affordability across our city. The plan, the creation of which was led by CSULB President Jane Close Conoley, called for the creation of 2,000 new units of affordable housing by 2023.
CSULB in DTLB 3/20/2019 As an educator and mayor, I strongly believe California State University, Long Beach is one of the best assets we have as a city. In 2017, President Jane Close Conoley and I announced a joint initiative to bring the university to downtown Long Beach. We announced plans to create a University Village, including classrooms, residences, labs and art gallery space.
An Agreement to Save Community Hospital 3/13/2019

Last night we took a big step forward by approving an interim agreement that could re-open Community Hospital this year. Long Beach and MWN, our operating partner, are now in the position to work directly with the California Department of Public Health and Office of Statewide Hospital Planning and Development for the State approvals needed to reopen the hospital. MWN will now complete the application for a new hospital license and the City will continue to work with the State on seismic compliance.

RG and GN
Working Together with the Governor 2/12/2019 Earlier today I was in Sacramento for Governor Newsom’s first State of the State address. The Governor presented a bold, progressive plan for California and I’m looking forward to working with him on issues important to our city and our state. 
New Approaches to Homelessness 2/8/2019

This week, in a major step forward for our Everyone Home Long Beach initiative, the City Council approved the purchase of land for Long Beach’s first city-run homeless shelter and bridge housing campus. More than just a shelter, the 3-acre site in North Long Beach will provide a bridge of services and support that people need to get off the street and into permanent housing.

Year-Round Shelter 1/28/2019

A year ago at the State of the City I called for the creation of a year-round municipal shelter to support those in Long Beach experiencing homelessness. While we have actively partnered with LA County to open a winter shelter every year, the city needs a year round facility.

Mayors logo Email
We're Helping Federal Workers 1/18/2019 As our nation's longest federal shutdown ever continues, here at home we are trying to find ways to make it easier for those furloughed workers that live in Long Beach.
Mayor Garcia's 2019 State of the City Address 1/16/2019

Last night I gave my 5th State of the City address and my first one in my second term as Mayor. I discussed our historic low unemployment rate, crime rates dropping, and investments in infrastructure.

2018 Review
2018 Year in Review 12/26/2018

As we bring 2018 to a close, it's an opportunity to look back at the great year here in the City of Long Beach. It was another banner year of progress and growth for our city, and we were recognized for our efforts in sound financial reporting, public safety, economic inclusion, technology, addressing mental health and homelessness, housing, city planning, community preparedness, sustainability and LGBTQ inclusion and civil rights.

Mayors logo Email
A Plan to Address Homelessness 12/6/2018 In May the City of Long Beach launched a major initiative to address the statewide homelessness crisis and its impacts on Long Beach. The Everyone Home Long Beach Task Force was led by CSULB President Jane Close Conoley and was comprised of 30 leaders from across the City and those who have experienced homelessness. 
Espino, Xavier AC
Congratulations to New Fire Chief Xavier Espino 10/2/2018

We are happy to announce the appointment of Xavier Espino to Fire Chief. Espino is a Southern California native who has served Long Beach in the Fire Department since 1986, where he has most recently served as assistant chief. He is a second-generation firefighter; his father retired as a Los Angeles County Fire Department captain. 

Breakwater Study Moves Forward 9/25/2018 Yesterday, we presented the six draft project alternatives from the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem/Breakwater Study to our community. I am encouraged to see a range of alternatives that will achieve ecosystem restoration including two that include breakwater reconfiguration. Science will drive the outcome of the study, but we are committed to the protection of property and infrastructure.
A Sustainable Long Beach Airport 8/15/2018 Last night the City Council unanimously approved a proposal I put forward with support from Councilwoman Stacy Mungo Flanigan to direct Long Beach Airport staff to develop a plan to lead the nation on sustainability for airports. The initiative asks the Long Beach Airport to work with LGB airlines and other partners to become an incubator of clean tech in aviation, with the goal of becoming a carbon neutral facility.
Mayors logo Email
A Balanced & Responsible Budget 7/31/2018 For the fifth consecutive year, I am presenting a balanced and responsible budget in partnership with our City Manager, Patrick West. I am particularly proud of this budget because it makes substantial investments to address homelessness and continues key investments in public safety, infrastructure repair, and other critical services to move Long Beach forward.
The Next Term 7/24/2018

Thank you, Long Beach. I want to thank so many of you who were able to join us last week for our inaugural swearing in. I’m very grateful to our California Attorney General Xavier Becerra who administered the oath of office to me. I wanted to share my remarks after being sworn in and what to expect during this next term.

Memorial Service for Captain Rosa 6/29/2018 As we continue to mourn the loss of Captain David Rosa from Monday's tragic event, I wanted to inform you about the public service being held this coming Tuesday. The Memorial Services for Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa have been set for Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. in the arena located at the Long Beach Convention Center. The memorial services will be open to the public and will be followed immediately by a public reception also at the arena. Free parking will be provided.
Remembering Capt. David Rosa 6/26/2018

Long Beach lost a hero yesterday. The entire City and Fire Department family continues to mourn the loss of Captain David Rosa, a 17 year veteran of the Long Beach Fire Department who was killed in the line of duty. Captain Rosa’s body was escorted to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office with full honors. Firefighters and community members from our city and throughout the region turned out to show their support.

Breakwater Update 6/23/2018 As many of you know the Long Beach Breakwater is in the news as the Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Long Beach prepare project recommendations for ecosystem restoration.
2018 Unemploymnet Chart
Long Beach Hits Record Low Unemployment 6/19/2018 I’m proud to report Long Beach has hit a record low unemployment rate of 4.1%. This is the lowest unemployment rate we have had since Long Beach began keeping track of this data in 1990.
Community Hospital Update 6/15/2018

I want to take this opportunity to bring you the latest news on Community Hospital. As you know, maintaining a hospital with emergency services has been a priority for us. 

Bayshore Leeway.jpg
New Bayshore and Leeway Sailing Center Improvements 6/13/2018 Just in time for summer, we are excited to unveil the new Bayshore and Leeway Sailing Center improvements. You are invited to join us this Saturday at 11 am to see the new pier, swim dock, water play structure, and Sailing Center upgrades. 
Mayors logo Email
Port Recognized as Greenest Seaport 6/8/2018

I'm really proud the Port of Long Beach was recognized recently as the “Best Green Seaport” in the world at the 32nd annual Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards in Shanghai hosted by the Asia Cargo News shipping trade publication.

Styrofoam Ban
Long Beach Bans Styrofoam 5/4/2018

Today I signed into law an ordinance that bans Styrofoam food containers. This law will phase out the distribution of these single-use plastic products that find their way into our rivers and the oceans. These products are causing major damage to marine life and our ecosystem.

#GoLongBeachTour Kick-off 5/3/2018

In the two months leading up to my second inaugural in July, I will not be going to City Hall. Next week, I'm kicking off the #GoLongBeachTour, a nine week tour of our community.

Leaving City Hall...And Coming To Your Home 4/12/2018 I’m really looking forward to this next term as your Mayor. And to kick things off I’m leaving City Hall to visit your neighborhood.

In the two months leading up to my second inaugural in July I won't be going to City Hall.

Save Animals small
Saving Animals 4/5/2018

In 2013, the year before I was elected, we were euthanizing more than 4,000 animals a year at our animal shelter. Since then, we have made progress every single year, and last year we euthanized 1,065 animals at the shelter. We are making progress thanks to our amazing animal rescue & spay/neuter organizations, our animal advocates, the team and volunteers at Animal Care Services, and our City Council.

Mayors logo Email
Women Leading the Way 3/28/2018

Over the last few years, I am proud we have appointed more women and diversified our commissions to ensure representation from across the city. I am committed to appointing even more women to close the gap and ensure women are leading at all levels of government.

We Opened Another New Park 3/26/2018

This weekend we had the grand opening celebration for the Red Car Greenbelt, our newest park space that will enhance Long Beach’s walkability and bikeability with a newly paved path that adds routes for walkers and links to the to the Colorado Lagoon and bike path on 6th Street.

Go Long Beach Awards 3/21/2018

Last week, I held the annual Go Long Beach Awards, where I get a chance to honor some bright stars in Long Beach who are doing incredible things in our community.  It’s such an honor to spend time with them and recognize their efforts that make Long Beach a better place to live and work.  I’m sure you’ll agree that these honorees are well deserving.

Alamitos Bay Improvements at Bayshore 3/12/2018

We are investing historic amounts of resources to fix our city’s aging infrastructure. One of these exciting improvements is happening in Alamitos Bay in the Bayshore area.

Record Breaking Year for Tourism and Conventions 2/5/2018 2017 was a record-breaking year for Long Beach tourism and our Convention Center.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau took home the “Best CVB in the West” Stella Award from Northstar Media.  Runners up for this award were San Diego and Las Vegas.  Our strategic investments in new spaces and venues is making Long Beach a leader and trend setter in the tourism industry. The Terrace Theater Plaza was named “Top New Outdoor Special Event Venue 2017" and helped the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center have its best year ever with total attendance last year of 1.3 million visitors.
Pacifc Visions
We're Expanding the Aquarium 1/31/2018 Yesterday I got to sign the final beam to top off the expansion of the Aquarium of the Pacific. Pacific Visions will be a 29,000-square-foot addition to our extremely popular Aquarium.  The new state-of-the-art exhibits and theatre will feature the impacts of climate change and provide opportunities for kids and families to learn even more about our oceans and ocean life. Millions already visit our Aquarium each year and this expansion will also boost our local economy.
The Best and Busiest Year at our Port 1/24/2018 Today at the annual State of the Port address, we announced an 11 percent increase in cargo, making 2017 the busiest year for trade ever. The Port of Long Beach set a record of moving 7.54 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) last year. We did this while decreasing emissions across the board, including a drop of 88% in diesel particulate matter and an overall 22% decrease in greenhouse gases compared to 2005 levels.
8 By 28 1/16/2018

Today I'm announcing a new initiative, 8 by 28, focused on completing 8 critical projects in Long Beach for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics and Paralympics. We are taking a cue from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 28 by 2028 initiative for LA County Metro.

LBPD Badge
Lowest Number of Murders in the City's History 1/3/2018

Today I joined our Long Beach Chief of Police to announce Long Beach ended 2017 with the lowest number of murders recorded in our city’s history.

We saw a 33% reduction in murders from 2016 to 2017. There were 22 murders in 2017, down from 33 recorded in 2016. We know every victim had a family and each incident is tragic. As always, our Long Beach Police Department is committed to bringing justice to each family.

Mayors logo Email
Our 2017 Year in Review 12/27/2017

It was another great year in Long Beach!

2017 was a record-breaking year for Long Beach, from record lows in unemployment, to record highs in economic development and growth in wages.

Long Beach Police Academy Graduation 12/6/2017

I was happy to participate last week in the Long Beach Police Department's latest Academy Graduation, for Academy Class #91. The graduation at the Long Beach Performing Arts Terrace Theater was another example of our ability, thanks in large part to Measure A funding passed by Long Beach voters in 2016, to improve safety in our city.

You Can Now Text to 9-1-1 12/1/2017

Modernizing our city's infrastructure has been a priority of ours since I became Mayor. And one of a city's most important responsibilities is emergency response. That's why beginning today, hearing and speech-impaired residents of Long Beach and those in situations where it is too dangerous to dial 911 for help in an emergency can text to 911.

More Than $135K Raised for The Guidance Center During Annual Sunset Sip 11/21/2017 Over 200 people attended the 7th Annual Sunset Sip at Hotel Maya to raise awareness and funds for The Guidance Center, a nonprofit child and family mental health service provider based in Long Beach, with clinics in San Pedro and Compton
christmas lighting 2017
2017 Long Beach Christmas Tree Lighting 11/16/2017

On Tuesday, November 28th, in partnership with the Long Beach Convention and Visitor's Bureau, we will be lighting up the tallest Christmas Tree in Long Beach!

Blue Line to Airline
Free shuttle between Blue Line station and Long Beach Airport over holidays 11/16/2017 Long Beach will offer free shuttle service between the Long Beach Airport and the Wardlow Blue Line Station over the holiday season, officials announced on Wednesday.
Salvation Army in Long Beach Receives Large Private Gift to Help Create Community Center 11/15/2017 LONG BEACH POST: The Salvation Army in Long Beach announced earlier this month that it has been given one of the largest private gifts in the history of Long Beach—$5 million for a new community center.
Anchor Place Cover
Anchor Place Creates Affordable, Safe Living Space For Veterans 11/15/2017 Long Beach is helping to house the homeless, one apartment complex at a time.
Latino Comics Expo
Latino Comics Expo Celebrates Artists, Writers and Culture 11/13/2017 WHAM! BANG! POW! Chingao!

The Latino Comics Expo returned with thunderous aplomb this past weekend in Long Beach, bringing with it more comics, creators, and fan attendance than the little-convention-that-could has seen in it’s relatively brief existence.
Valor Plaza 2017
Redesigned Valor Plaza at Houghton Park Honors Fallen Veterans 11/13/2017 The fences have been removed from Valor Plaza at Houghton Park, where an Army helicopter known as the Huey is perched high and a memorial lists the names of the 108 local area men killed in the Vietnam War.
East Village
East Village getting new, 7-story apartment building next to historic hotels 11/7/2017 PRESS-TELEGRAM: Another apartment complex, this one an 82-unit building, has a green light for construction in downtown Long Beach.
Port plan offers healthier future for our children and grandchildren 11/7/2017 If you need evidence that we do not have to make the false choice between prosperity and environmental health, look no further than the twin ports of the San Pedro Bay.
Newly Opened Anchor Place Provides Supportive Housing for Homeless Families and Veterans 11/6/2017

This morning the City of Long Beach in partnership with the The Long Beach Community Investment Company (LBCIC) and Century Housing Corp. celebrated the grand opening of Anchor Place, a new affordable housing development at the Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC).

Email Header
Join us for the grand opening of Bixby Dog Park 11/2/2017 Join community members and neighbors in this celebration of our newest dog-friendly space at one of Long Beach's most cherished parks.  
Long Beach Mayor Garcia On Measure M, General Plan Update & L.A. River Revitalization 10/25/2017 Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia is currently guiding the city through an update of its Land Use Element, pursuing an aggressive lineup of sustainable energy and water initiatives, and promoting the construction of housing so badly needed throughout the state.
Major new affordable housing complex on the way to Long Beach 10/25/2017 A major new affordable development planned right alongside the Blue Line in Long Beach’s Wrigley neighborhood is now well on its way to construction after the city’s planning commission approved the project last week.
Long Beach and Huntington Beach to enter fray for Amazon’s second headquarters 10/17/2017 Two of Southern California’s beach cities are jumping into the pool as co-suitors for Amazon’s proposed massive new headquarters.
Despite Federal Cuts to Art Funding, City Leaders Vow Commitment Locally During State of the Arts 10/6/2017 Long Beach’s arts community gathered Thursday night at The Packard to celebrate the power and importance of all contributors to the city’s creative and cultural fabric, looking positively toward the coming year.
ANOTHER VIEW: A Clear View For Students 10/4/2017 Vision To Learn has helped almost 4,000 kids in Long Beach get eye exams and glasses, and plans to help more than 3,000 additional kids in the coming year.
1920s Long Beach Church Converted to Senior Affordable Housing 9/29/2017

Today, developer Thomas Safran & Associates, Clifford Beers Housing and Long Beach city officials will celebrate the opening of Immanuel Place, a new senior affordable housing complex built into a former church.

Annual State of the Arts to Honor Contributors to the Cultural Spirit of Long Beach 9/29/2017 On Thursday, October 5 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM, all are invited to the Arts Council for Long Beach’s annual State of the Arts event in partnership with the Office of Mayor Robert Garcia at The Packard. This year’s theme is Arts Rising, celebrating the work that Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach do for arts education.
Original Blue Line Train Officially City of Long Beach Property with Hopes to Turn It Into a 'New Kind of Public Space' 9/28/2017 It’s official: the first train to ever be part of Metro Los Angeles (Metro)’s transit system—the precise one pictured above that went from DTLA to DTLB in 1990— is now officially the property of the City of Long Beach after Mayor Robert Garcia proposed the train being returned to Long Beach.
Original Blue Line train car will be preserved in Downtown Long Beach 9/28/2017

The longest tenured train car on Los Angeles’s oldest light rail line will soon retire to Long Beach.

Metro’s board of directors approved a framework on Thursday for preserving train cars now being decommissioned and replaced by the transit agency after nearly 30 years of service on the Blue Line, which opened in 1990.

Pike Ferris Wheel Reopens With ‘Light the Night’ Celebration 9/25/2017 Date nights and night owl shopping at the Pike Outlets are about to get a lot brighter now that construction on the Ferris wheel is complete. Celebrate the reveal of the colorful new wheel at the “Light the Night” event when it reopens Thursday evening, September 28.
New Wellness Center to Offer Mental Health Rehabilitation Services for Community 9/22/2017 Mayor Robert Garcia, mental health advocate Metta World Peace and members of Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHA) celebrated the start of construction of the new Integrated Wellness Center during a groundbreaking ceremony Friday morning.
After a decade of struggles, Mental Health America breaks ground on new Long Beach center 9/22/2017 After a decade of often acrimonious debate, money issues and political maneuvering, Mental Health America broke ground Friday on a new comprehensive health and service center for the homeless in Long Beach.
Are you ready for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics in Long Beach? 9/20/2017 It's official! The 2028 Olympics are coming to Los Angeles and Long Beach. Long Beach will play host to six events taking place on the waterfront. Those events include Men’s and Women’s water polo, the triathlon, BMX biking, handball, open water swimming and sailing.
City’s Online Business Portal Receives National Government Award 9/20/2017 After having launched in October 2016, BizPort has come a long way and now officially can claim national recognition nearly a year later. The city’s online business portal, BizPort, was awarded a national Government Award in the Government-to-Business category by the Center for Digital Government on September 15 in Austin, Texas.
Long Beach Civic Center Development Hits Milestone 9/19/2017 The $520-million revamp of the Long Beach Civic Center has reached a key milestone today, with the start of steel construction at its new Main Library.

An official ceremony will commemorate the start of work today at the corner of 1st Street and Pacific Avenue, approximately one year after the ambitious project broke ground. The 93,000-square-foot facility, located north of Lincoln Park, will feature wood-beam ceilings and a glass exterior. At completion, the library will feature free public WiFi, study rooms, multimedia work stations and lounge seating.
Cal State Long Beach Adds Solar Panels on Campus, Advancing Sustainability Plan 9/15/2017 To advance toward a goal of carbon neutrality on campus by 2030, Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) recently completed construction on the largest solar panel installations in the city and of all 23 CSU campuses, a fact that was officially announced this morning during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Long Beach Named a Finalist for Most Business Friendly City 9/15/2017 The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) today announced the finalists for its 2017 Most Business-Friendly City in Los Angeles County Award. The cities of Compton, Downey, Inglewood, Lakewood and Long Beach are finalists for the population 68,000 and over category, and the cities of Arcadia, Azusa, Monrovia, Rosemead and Santa Fe Springs are finalists in the population under 68,000 category.
Official Olympic Bid 9/13/2017 I write today from Lima, Peru, where the International Olympic Committee (IOC) just made it official and awarded Los Angeles the 2028 Olympic Games. I am here with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA 2028 President Casey Wasserman as part of the Olympic delegation. We have been meeting with IOC officials and gearing up for what will be historic games back in the United States.
IOC Officially Announces Los Angeles as Host of the 2028 Summer Olympics 9/13/2017 The LA 2028 campaign tweeted this morning that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially confirmed that Los Angeles will be the host city of the 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games.
Visionaries: Robert Garcia, Envisioning The Future 9/11/2017 Twenty years from now, Mayor Robert Garcia envisions a climate resilient Long Beach with an active coastline, a still-bustling port, multimodal streets and healthier communities. Garcia and the city government are planting the seeds now to ensure that this vision becomes a reality.
New Westin owner recognizes hotel employee union, report says 9/7/2017 The new owner of the iconic Westin Long Beach Hotel, scene of multiple labor protests and picket lines, has extended union recognition to the hotel’s workers, according to a news release issued Thursday.
Adoption of Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2018 9/6/2017 Last night, the City Council unanimously adopted our budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018. This budget is not only responsible and balanced, it also ensures we provide improved services and better infrastructure across the city.
Long Beach Council Approves 2018 Budget, Calls for Savings 9/6/2017 Long Beach’s City Council passed the city budget Tuesday night — and told staff to find ways to cut the spending listed in the budget.
Red Car Greenway 8/17/2017 Long Beach is dedicated to adding more open space and new parks, so it's exciting to announce a groundbreaking ceremony for the Red Car Greenway. The Red Car Greenway will be a great new open space for local residents. It will connect many neighborhoods in East Long Beach and provide much needed green space and recreational opportunities.
To Save Money on Flights, Look to Smaller Airports 8/17/2017 Ever feel hemmed in by your airport choices? Especially for those living in major metropolitan areas, it often seems that you’re forced to fly to and from a limited list of places. But there are options for the seasoned budget traveler: smaller and sometimes more out-of-the-way airports that can save you a decent chunk of change and a fair amount of grief.
Officials Celebrate Groundbreaking for DTLB Development to Provide Housing for Low-Income Seniors, Veterans 8/16/2017 The City of Long Beach, in partnership with the Long Beach Community Investment Company (LBCIC) and Century Housing Corporation, celebrated the groundbreaking of The Beacon, which will include two buildings with 160 units of affordable housing
The Beacon Place groundbreaking 8/16/2017 Officials Celebrate Groundbreaking for DTLB Development to Provide Housing for Low-Income Seniors, Veterans
Long Beach’s Tallest Building Set to Break Ground 8/16/2017 35-story tower would rise at Ocean Boulevard and Alamitos Avenue.
Third Annual Kitty Hall 8/14/2017 Hey, Long Beach! Check out all the cute kittens that were at this years "Kitty Hall" event with Mayor Robert Garcia.
Long Beach entertainment complex next to Queen Mary detailed in new renderings 8/14/2017 An enormous recreational center will have ice climbing and a “zip line roller coaster”
A special screening of an Inconvenient Sequel 8/14/2017 Special Screening of An Inconvenient Sequel Aims to Inspire Better Environmental Policy.
Long Beach mayor on mission to raise ridership, reduce crime on long-neglected Blue Line 8/11/2017 The 22-mile line has been losing riders in recent years and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia wants to figure out why. The charismatic young mayor joined the Metro board earlier this year with a mission to bring renewed attention to his city’s signature line.
Long Beach City Hall becomes Long Beach Kitty Hall for the Day 8/11/2017 411 W Ocean Blvd. turned into kitty city when Long Beach Animal Care Services took over for an annual adoption event.
Port of Long Beach Breaks Cargo Record 8/11/2017 Our Port is having another great year! Surging cargo volume in July set a record for the best month in the Port of Long Beach’s 106-year history, surpassing the previous high mark set in August 2015 for the number of containers moved across its docks.
Kitty Hall 8/10/2017 One of my favorite events of the year, Kitty Hall, is tomorrow at City Hall. Last year we set a record for adoption events, with 39 kittens and cats adopted. Join us at Kitty (City) Hall, 411 W. Ocean Blvd., from 11 am to 3 pm tomorrow and help us break our record and take home a new best feline friend.
Long Beach Wants Fewer Commuters, More Entrepreneurs 8/8/2017 Tasha Hunter was driving across North Long Beach a few months ago when she came across a new flower store in a retail space that had been empty for most of 2017. She went inside and congratulated the small family running the operation. She also asked if they had a business permit.
Long Beach eyes replacing Belmont Pier for Olympic sailing events 8/5/2017 One of Los Angeles’ key selling points to win the bid for the 2028 Olympic Games was the array of existing, or soon to be existing, venues throughout the area.
Mayors logo Email
FEMA Awards Over $1 Million Counter-Terrorism Grant to Long Beach, Region 8/4/2017 An over $1 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been awarded to a regional task force meant to help it respond to terrorist attacks, the City of Long Beach announced Thursday.
Long Beach, Los Angeles win terrorism response grant 8/3/2017 The Long Beach and Los Angeles areas recently won $1.2 million in federal grant money to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks, according to an announcement from the city of Long Beach released Thursday.
Long Beach Airport Awarded $15 Million Grant for Runway Improvements 8/2/2017 Long Beach Airport has been awarded a $15.3 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to make improvements to its busiest runway, airport officials announced Wednesday.
$15.3 Million FAA Grant to Fund Runway Infrastructure Upgrades at Long Beach Airport 8/2/2017 The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded Long Beach Airport (LGB) a $15.3 million grant as part of the Airport Improvement Program, the City of Long Beach announced today.
Mayor Presents Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, Focusing on Infrastructure and Public Safety 8/1/2017 Mayor Robert Garcia and City Manager Patrick H. West revealed the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget during a news conference Monday, emphasizing investment in infrastructure and public safety.
2018 Budget Release 7/31/2017 For the fourth consecutive year, I am presenting a balanced budget in partnership with our City Manager, Patrick West. Long Beach continues to live within our means by facing challenges in a responsible and fiscally prudent manner.
The 2028 Summer Olympics Will Reportedly Land in Los Angeles, Long Beach 7/31/2017 It looks like Long Beach will get to host seven Olympic events in 2028, when the Summer Games will land in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times which reported today that the city “has reached an agreement with Olympic leaders on terms that will pave the way for hosting the Summer Games in 2028 instead of 2024, according to a source close to the negotiation.”
Long Beach Budget Promises More Public Safety, Infrastructure Projects 7/31/2017 Mayor Robert Garcia and City Manager Pat West unveiled a proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget Monday that increases spending on police and firefighters, promises almost $60 million in street and infrastructure projects and does it all without any service cuts.
Long Beach Organizations, Neighbors, Police To Fight Crime With National Night Out 7/31/2017 West Long Beach's Third Annual National Night Out (NNO) — also taking place nationwide as the 34th — will be among Long Beach organizations and neighborhoods trying to send a message to criminals they're working with police to keep crime at bay.
Metro is having a Complete Streets Training Workshop 7/25/2017 Metro is having a Complete Streets Training Workshop in our area. The Workshop is a Two-Day, In-Depth Curriculum, consisting of Complete Streets Policy Development Process and Implementation from interdepartmental perspectives.
Long Beach's Garcia In National Mayors' Program 7/19/2017 Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia was in New York City this week as one of 40 mayors from around the world in an elite training and education program.
LA, Long Beach ports' plan to clean up air pollution will cost as much as $14 billion 7/19/2017 Declaring it the largest environmental investment ever undertaken by a cargo complex to wean itself off diesel dependency, Los Angeles and Long Beach port officials Wednesday unveiled their Clean Air Action Plan update, with a price tag that could reach $14 billion.
Mayor’s “Clean Long Beach Initiative” Begins With Report On How the City Can Improve 7/12/2017 In an effort to improve the overall cleanliness of the city, Mayor Robert Garcia requested the city manager to report back on the mayor’s new Clean Long Beach Initiative, a program Garcia launched this month to modernize the city’s abilities to cut down on litter and blight.
With Future Uncertain, City Approves Business Support Team for Molina Healthcare 7/12/2017 With questions surrounding the future of one of the city’s largest employers, the Long Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to assemble a business support team in an effort to ensure that Molina Healthcare remains in Long Beach.
Three Years In, Mayor Highlights Accomplishments, Challenges Facing Long Beach 7/12/2017 Officially marking his third year in office Saturday, Mayor Robert Garcia took time this morning to meet with members of the media where he highlighted achievements made in the city, focusing on education, civic innovation, economic development and livability.
Long Beach Moves To Make Paying Bills More Convenient By Eliminating Fees 7/12/2017 The inconvenience of the fees attached to paying your Long Beach utility bills online may be on their way out as the city council voted Tuesday night to eliminate the convenience fee for using debit or credit cards and entered into a new contract for the city’s payment processing system.
2024 or 2028? Either way, Long Beach to host 3rd Olympics 7/11/2017 Olympic events will return to Long Beach for the third time after the International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that either the 2024 or 2028 Olympic Games will be awarded to Los Angeles or Paris later this year.

Although the IOC is not scheduled to select the 2024 host city until Sept. 13 in Lima, Peru, it is guaranteed that the runner-up will receive the consolation of the 2028 Olympic Games, which include the Paralympic Games.
Queen Mary Will Get New Coat Of A Few Historic Colors 7/11/2017 Mayor Robert Garcia and Urban Commons VP of asset management John Jenkins slapped some paint on a Queen Mary bulkhead Monday morning, signaling the beginning of an ambitious paint job for the iconic ship.
Mayor Robert Garcia and Fiance Matt Mendez Talk Relationship, Being in the Public Eye and Future Plans 7/11/2017 The Long Beach Post sat down with Mayor Robert Garcia and Dr. Matthew Mendez on Monday at The Breakfast Bar in downtown Long Beach to talk about their recent engagement, their relationship over the years, what it’s like being role models for the LGBTQ community and plans for the future.
Cleaner Streets and Cleaner Neighborhoods 7/10/2017 As Mayor, I've always believed an important part of civic pride is the cleanliness of a city. Long Beach has made great progress in cleaning up our city over the last 10 years.
Climate Protection Award 7/10/2017 I am excited to share with you that Long Beach has won 1st place at the Climate Protection Awards at the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
Queen Mary's first paint job in 15 years to restore ship to original colors 7/10/2017 The Queen Mary is about to receive a multi-million dollar facelift as workers embark on an effort to restore and repaint the ship’s exterior facade to its original color scheme.
Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia Engaged To Longtime Partner On 4th Of July 7/5/2017 As fireworks lit up the Southern California skies on Tuesday, Mayor Robert Garcia and his longtime partner Matthew Mendez got engaged to be married aboard the Queen Mary.
To Fight Homelessness, Long Beach Turned Meetings Into Action 6/29/2017 With a vacancy rate of 2 percent, Long Beach's housing market is struggling. "At some point six months ago, there were 600 vouchers out there, [but] people were not able to lease up because there was no available housing," explains Teresa Chandler, bureau manager of Human Services for the City of Long Beach.
Three Arrested, Over 5,000 Pounds of Illegal Fireworks Confiscated in North Long Beach 6/28/2017 More than 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were confiscated and three people were arrested Monday night after an anonymous tip led authorities to a makeshift storefront set up in a garage at a North Long Beach home.
Long Beach Planners Earn Four Awards At Annual Ceremony 6/23/2017 Long Beach earned four awards from the American Planning Association for a series of innovative initiatives and projects, officials announced this week.
Mayor Robert Garcia Is Fighting For Diversity In Politics 6/21/2017 Long Beach, Calif., can feel like a small town, but its population is bigger than Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis and New Orleans.
Metro Says Goodbye to Old Blue Line Rail Cars After 27 Years of Service 6/21/2017 After 27 years of service on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (Metro) Blue Line, the original Nippon Sharyo P865 rail cars are being replaced with new Kinkisharyo P3010 cars in a major effort to enhance service for existing passengers as well as attract new ones.
Mayor Robert Garcia Is Fighting for Diversity in Politics 6/21/2017 Long Beach, Calif., can feel like a small town, but its population is bigger than Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis and New Orleans.
Unemployment Rate in Long Beach Declines to 4.4 Percent in May, an All-Time Low 6/20/2017 The unemployment rate in Long Beach declined in May to a new all-time low of 4.4 percent, compared to 4.7 percent reported in March, city officials announced today.
The city is getting more pedestrian-friendly, according to one report 6/19/2017 Overall, six Southern California cities made the top 50 list this year. The most walkable, according to the report, is Long Beach, which beat out Baltimore in the latest rankings for a place in the top 10.
Construction Begins On Affordable Housing Complex In Downtown Long Beach 6/14/2017 Construction workers have commenced their work to build a new housing complex for homeless veterans and low-income seniors in the St. Mary’s neighborhood north of downtown Long Beach.
In The Face Of Trumps Anti-Climate Change Policies LA And Long Beach Push For Greener Ports 6/14/2017 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia pledged this week to wean their ports off dirty diesel and other fossil fuels and switch to zero-emission equipment by 2035. This is the most aggressive plan yet to cut air pollution at the ports, by far.
Long Beach Adding To Its Affordable Housing Stock 6/14/2017 While affordable housing units may not be springing up at the same rate as market-rate rentals in Long Beach, the city is making progress toward its pledge to close the gap that has engulfed much of the state, leading to rising rents and displacement.

This week, The Beacon Apartments broke ground in downtown, a project that will provide 160 new affordable units to lower-income seniors and veterans.
Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles roll out zero-emission goal for ports 6/13/2017 Yesterday I was proud to stand with Mayor Eric Garcetti to pledge to make the twin ports of the San Pedro Bay global models for cleaner air, sustainability and innovation. We also reaffirmed our commitment to adopting the Paris Climate Agreement goals and highlighted our two ports' critical role in achieving them.
L.A. and Long Beach mayors sign pact setting zero-emissions goals for ports 6/12/2017 The mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach signed an agreement Monday directing the nation’s largest port complex to reduce air pollution by moving toward zero-emission trucks and yard equipment.
These are the affordable housing projects coming online in Long Beach 6/12/2017 As I noted before, we have to be frank, Long Beach: the Unaffordability Beast is rearing its ugly head throughout California, including right here in Long Beach. Rents are skyrocketing in Long Beach. Houses are now commonly reaching $1M. And while it is certainly still cheaper than LA–much cheaper—Long Beach cannot single-handedly solve the region's (or state’s or nation's) housing crisis.
Building A Better Long Beach 6/7/2017 Yesterday I had the opportunity to address community leaders and our city staff about the progress we are making in development, housing, and economic growth. Our "Building A Better Long Beach" event was sponsored by the Long Beach Business Journal and highlighted all of the positive developments and projects happening across the city.
Conceptual Plans For A CSULB Village In Downtown Long Beach Revealed 6/6/2017 Plans to house over 1,000 Cal State Long Beach art students and faculty in the city’s downtown area through a proposed mixed-use complex, that will also include classrooms, labs and a museum, were announced today by Mayor Robert Garcia during a presentation on new developments taking place throughout the city.
CSULB Plans Student Village In Downtown Long Beach 6/6/2017 Earlier today, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia presented conceptual plans for a new Cal State Long Beach student village in the heart of the city's downtown.
Huge Student Housing Complex Coming To Downtown Long Beach 6/6/2017 Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced Tuesday that a major new development planned for the city’s booming downtown area will serve as an off-campus “student village” for students at California State University Long Beach.
Here’s what’s planned near the former Walmart store in Downtown Long Beach 6/6/2017 A new housing tower for Cal State Long Beach students is planned near the long-shuttered Walmart building in the former City Place shopping center downtown, Mayor Robert Garcia announced Tuesday.
Wrigley Neighborhood Starbucks Brews Up More Than Coffee 6/3/2017 As part of a company initiative to support economic development and provide employment and job training to those in underserved communities, Starbucks has opened a distinctive store model at the corner of Long Beach Boulevard and Willow Street.
Long Beach Joins Paris Agreement 6/2/2017 Yesterday's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement by President Trump is a huge step backwards for America. This global agreement is a true testament to the importance of this issue to our planet and our future. As a coastal city, we will be greatly impacted by climate change over the next 50 years and we must aggressively prepare for sea level rise and rising temperatures.
Want to support the Paris agreement? Stop driving so much, LA 6/2/2017 The decision to back the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord sparked an overwhelming wave of support from city governments to honor the global agreement. But what can you do? The most important thing you can do to support climate action is a lot more simple than you think—and it’s something you can do every day.
Mayor Says Long Beach Committed To Fighting Climate Change With Or Without Paris Agreement 5/31/2017 With President Donald Trump expected to pull the United States out of the landmark Paris climate agreement this week, a move that could seriously imperil global efforts to combat further warming of the planet and the disastrous consequences that are projected to accompany it, Long Beach leaders are standing firm on their green agendas.
Memorial before Long Beach Pride Parade pays tribute to Pulse nightclub victims 5/21/2017 Before a throng of spectators danced in the sidewalk, waved rainbow flags and cheered the hundreds of people who proceeded along Ocean Boulevard during the annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade, festival organizers gathered for a Sunday morning memorial to the 49 victims who lost their lives during last year’s terror attack at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.
Belmont Pool 5/18/2017 On Tuesday night, the City Council voted to move forward with initial plans for the Belmont Pool replacement project. This important step to approve the Environmental Impact Report helps move pool planning documents to the Coastal Commission, the state agency that approves coastal projects.
Long Beach Se Prepara Para El Festival De Orgullo Gay 5/18/2017 Como parte de la conmemoración, se realizará un desfile el próximo domingo 21 de mayo donde también se reclamarán por los derechos de los inmigrantes y de la comunidad que necesita apoyo.
What Could a Blue Line Express Look Like? 5/16/2017 As Metro embarks on the next phase of its rail expansion program, it faces calls from riders and members of its Board to make improvements to older pieces of infrastructure. The Blue Line, Metro’s oldest line, has seen increasing interest amid declining rider satisfaction and increasing trip times. The latest news on this subject came when Director Robert Garcia’s announced via Twitter that signal synchronization for the Downtown Long Beach segment of the route would be up and running by Fall 2017.
Long Beach To Induct Four To Equality Plaza 5/12/2017 Mayor Robert Garcia, First District Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez and the Harvey Milk Promenade Park/Equality Plaza Selection Committee will induct Pat Crosby, Denise Penn, Paul Self (posthumously) and Ron Sylvester to the Equality Plaza Memorial Wall at 11 a.m. Friday, May 19, at the park (185 E. Third St.).
Award-Winning Midtown Specific Plan Sets Path To Redefine Long Beach Boulevard 5/11/2017 The California Association of Environmental Planners will reward its Outstanding Planning Document award on May 19 to Long Beach’s Midtown Specific Plan, developed by Long Beach Development Services to redefine the Long Beach Boulevard corridor through enhanced walkability, improved mobility options for bicycle and transit riders and increased development and housing opportunities.
Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia Pleased With IOC Visit 5/11/2017 Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia is a young, progressive, data-driven politician, which is why it’s strange to see him walking around with his fingers crossed for the last week or so, superstitiously eying the overcast skies in Southern California.

Garcia hosted the International Olympic Committee on Wednesday and Thursday, giving them a tour of the proposed Olympic sites in Long Beach as part of the LA 2024 bid.
IOC In LA Visits Long Beach 5/10/2017 An International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission is in Los Angeles Wednesday for three days of talks and visits to sport venues as part of the process of selecting between the City of Angels and the City of Lights as host of the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Los Angeles is competing with Paris to host the games, and the commission plans to spend three days in the French capital beginning Sunday.
Metro Blue Line trips could shorten by 10 minutes this fall 5/9/2017 Transit riders in Long Beach received some welcome news yesterday: Metro will finally synchronize dozens of traffic signals to give trains priority.

Long Beach Mayor and new Metro Boardmember Robert Garcia took to Twitter to announce that the long-awaited signal preemption system would arrive by this fall, shaving about 10 minutes off the train’s journey between Downtown LA and Downtown Long Beach.
Broadway And Magnolia Apartments Development Approved For Downtown Long Beach 5/5/2017 A new seven-story, 142-unit mixed-use development, the Broadway and Magnolia Apartments, was approved yesterday by the Long Beach Planning Commission, it was announced. The development will add “greater livability and economic energy in the downtown,” stated the release.
Long Beach Adopts Proposals Aimed At Increasing Affordable Housing 5/3/2017 The City Council on Tuesday adopted all but one of 29 affordable housing recommendations aimed at preserving and producing more units for low- and moderate-income families in Long Beach.

The policy recommendations were laid out in an 88-page report, born out of months of meetings with tenants, landlords, developers and housing advocates, among others.
New Light Rail Cars Roll Out on Metro Blue Line 5/2/2017 Metro began rolling out new rail cars on the Blue Line Monday morning as part of efforts to modernize the transportation system’s oldest rail line.

The P3010 light rail cars, made by Japanese manufacturer Kinkisharyo, will replace rail cars that have been used on the Blue Line since the line opened in the mid 1990s, according to Metro officials. Most have over one million miles on them and in the next few years they will be retired from service.
F1 Return In 2019 4/27/2017 A second Formula 1 race in the United States could happen as soon as 2019, with a potential return to Long Beach for the first time since 1983 currently under consideration.
Long Beach Cuts Homeless Population 4/27/2017 While L.A. County's homeless population as whole is growing, the opposite is true in Long Beach.

The city released numbers from its bi-annual homeless count this week, claiming the number of homeless people living in the city has fallen by nearly 500 since 2015 — from 2,345 to 1,843.
Beach Streets University 4/26/2017 I am excited to invite you to join me this Saturday, April 29th at one of my favorite events in Long Beach: Beach Streets! Long Beach’s Beach Streets open streets event is a time for residents to enjoy the open roads free of cars by walking, biking, running, or skating.
Unemployment News 4/24/2017 When I took office almost three years ago, economic development and growing local jobs were my top priorities. Today, we are happy to announce that Long Beach has a 4.7% unemployment rate - the lowest level it's been in more than a decade. That’s better than the California rate at 4.9%.
Inconvenient Convenience Fee Email 4/21/2017 One of the issues that has frustrated me most since becoming Mayor is the inconvenient "convenience fee" the city charges customers to pay utilities online. If we want to be green and encourage residents to pay online, we shouldn't charge you more. It's been a complex system to fix due to prior vendor agreements and cost. The good news is we are finally working to eliminate the fee.
Carnival Cruise Line And City Of Long Beach Start Renovations At The Long Beach Cruise Terminal 4/12/2017 Carnival Cruise Line marked the beginning of a multimillion-dollar renovation of its Long Beach Cruise Terminal facility to accommodate larger ships and enhance terminal operations.
Long Beach Now Busiest Cruise Terminal in America 4/12/2017 Every year our Long Beach Cruise Terminal welcomes passengers arriving from and departing to a host of locations including Baja California and Alaska. I am excited to share with you that we officially celebrated the start of the multi-million dollar renovation of the Spruce Goose Dome. This project will more than double the cruise terminal facility from approximately 66,000 square feet to 142,000 square feet.
New City Economic Draft Blueprint Lays Out 10 Year Plan for Growth, Development 4/7/2017 In a unanimous vote, the Long Beach City Council approved the City’s Draft Blueprint for Economic Development, an economic development guide for the next 10 years, during Tuesday’s weekly city council meeting.
Despite Federal Action, Long Beach Revs Up Fight Against Global Warming 3/30/2017 Some environmentalists are shifting their focus closer to home amid changing priorities at the federal level, proposed funding cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.
Habitat LA Breaks Ground with Incoming Families on New Homes in Washington Neighborhood 3/24/2017 Four families will be moving into affordable, safe housing in Long Beach thanks to a development project sponsored by Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Los Angeles Area (Habitat LA).
Long Beach’s Robert Garcia joins sea of mayors buoying immigrants 3/21/2017 Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, who emigrated from Peru at age 5, joined dozens of his mayoral counterparts Tuesday to call on Congress and President Donald Trump to fix a “broken” immigration system and pass a comprehensive overhaul of how people are granted entry into the country.
City and State Leaders Must Work Together to Solve LA County’s Child Care Shortage 3/20/2017 As mayor, I’ve worked to expand quality childcare and preschool in Long Beach for our most vulnerable families. In January, I supported the launch of the Mayor’s Fund for Education, a nonprofit that will help raise funds to supplement education programs in Long Beach.
The Future of Growing Cities Rests in Smart Transit 3/11/2017 As pressure mounts on municipal governments and transit agencies to persuade residents to trade their cars for alternative modes of transportation, smart transit offers the best solution to the growing pains in metropolitan areas.
Blue Line Police In Long Beach A Start On Improvements 3/3/2017 For almost a decade, Long Beach, the second largest city in LA County, has had no seat on the Metro Board of Directors. When I was elected to join the Metro Board a couple of months ago by local mayors, I made fixing the Blue Line a top priority.
Measure A Kickoff 3/3/2017 Today we launched the biggest infrastructure investment in our city in a generation. Thanks to last year’s passage of Measure A, we stood today at the intersection of East Jackson Street and Walnut Avenue where we jump started the repairs. This is part of our $150 million multi-year infrastructure plan.
Long Beach kicks off work on roads, other projects, thanks to new sales tax 3/2/2017 Long Beach officials gathered around Jackson Park on Thursday to kick off some of the first street and sidewalk repairs in infrastructure projects planned over the next several years under Measure A, a 10-year sales tax increase approved by voters in June.
A Huge Win for Long Beach - A Safer Blue Line 2/23/2017 Today, the Metro Board of Directors unanimously voted to contract with the Long Beach Police Department (LPBD) to patrol the Blue Line and the 8 stops through the City of Long Beach. Over the next year, we will make the Blue Line safer and improve the quality of life for Blue Line riders.
Meet Your New Commissioners 2/21/2017 I am proud to announce nine recent appointments to City commissions. These community leaders are committed to ensuring our city prospers and grows. I also want to congratulate the five new members of the Port of Long Beach's Grants Advisory Committee.
Help us reimagine the Beach 2/8/2017 You are invited to meet the architect and review the proposed designs for the renovations of the Alamitos, Junipero, and Granada Beach Concession Buildings, during public meetings on Wednesday, February 15, and Thursday, February 16.
Aquarium Of The Pacific Breaks
Long Beach's Aquarium Of The Pacific Breaks Ground On Pacific Visions Wing 2/2/2017 With hard hats shining and shovels digging, construction crews broke ground this morning (Thursday, Feb. 2) on the Aquarium of the Pacific’s new Pacific Visions wing, a $53 million addition that could be complete as soon as late 2018.
LGB Terminal
Long Beach Airport to allow Uber, Lyft to pick up passengers - for a fee 2/2/2017 Long Beach Airport is preparing to roll out a pilot program that will allow smartphone-based ride-share services like Uber or Lyft to pick passengers up curbside.
Bixby Knolls’ Shipping Container Food Court, SteelCraft, Celebrates Anticipated Grand Opening to Much Fanfare 2/2/2017 The announcement came in November 2015 that the first food court made of shipping containers in Los Angeles County would be dropping in Bixby Knolls with a projected opening date of early 2016. That ambitious date ended up being today, when SteelCraft officially celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday morning.
ACS Open House Message from the Community: Be the Change that You Want to See 2/2/2017 “Be part of the change!” was the spirit of this year’s Long Beach Animal Care Services’ (ACS) Open House on Saturday, January 28 at the P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village and Education Center.
city seal
Tyler Technologies to Provide City of Long Beach, California, with Enterprise Resource Planning Solution 2/2/2017 Tyler Technologies, Inc. (TYL) today announced an agreement with Long Beach, California, for Tyler’s Munis® enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The deal, which includes human resources (HR) and financial management applications, is valued at $8.5 million and makes Long Beach the largest Munis client in California.
Long Beach unemployment rate drops to 5.2%, latest figures show 2/1/2017 The unemployment rate in Long Beach declined by nearly a full percentage point over last year, dropping from 6.2 percent in 2015 to 5.2 percent in 2016, the city reported this week.
Open For Business 2/1/2017 You've probably noticed more businesses have popped up as you drive, walk, or bike around Long Beach. What you're seeing are overall positive trends for the local economy.
Long Beach continues as beacon of progress, Route 50 1/31/2017 Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia discusses how a new White House administration won’t stop the momentum that’s pushed his city and others like it forward.
LBPD Patch
Long Beach residents can now file police reports for some crimes online 1/31/2017 The public can file a police report for certain crimes online, according to an announcement from the city of Long Beach. The Long Beach Police Department has adopted a system called Coplogic, a web-based program that allows residents to file reports for harassing or annoying phone calls, thefts or attempted thefts, non-injury hit-and-run accidents, lost property and vandalism and graffiti.
Long Beach residents’ opinions influenced airport decision: Guest commentary 1/31/2017 Two years ago, Long Beach began to consider the costs, consequences and benefits of constructing a Federal Inspection Service (FIS) facility at Long Beach Airport, a necessary step toward allowing international flights to depart and land in our own backyard. That process was long and even arduous at times, and sparked a passionate debate that concluded just days ago.
Long Beach police would get 9 percent raise under new contract 1/30/2017 Long Beach police officers will receive a raise of about 9 percent spread over the next three years under a tentative contract expected to come before the City Council for final approval next week.
The New Blue Line: $1.2B Overhaul Over Next Six Years 1/29/2017 After nearly a quarter of a century in operation, Los Angeles County’s oldest and most popular light-rail line—Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)’s Blue Line—will see a six-year, $1.2B overhaul.
Irvine-based go-kart company K1 Speed joins list of Long Beach Grand Prix sponsors 1/29/2017 K1 Speed, an Irvine-based operator of go-kart tracks, has inked a deal to join the list of sponsors supporting this year’s Grand Prix of Long Beach.
civic pic
P3... build baby build! 1/27/2017 CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the growing popularity of public-private partnerships in the U.S.
New Bixby Knolls park named in honor of Dr. David Molina 1/26/2017 Officials are naming the newest city park in honor of the late Dr. David Molina, an emergency room physician who grew a single clinic in Long Beach into a national health care company. The 3.3-acre public park, located at 4951 Oregon Ave., was a condition in the city’s approval of the Riverwalk housing project, which is being constructed on the former Will J. Reid Boy Scout Camp in Bixby Knolls.
City Of Long Beach Announces 2017 Mobility Challenge – #CountMeInLB 1/26/2017 The City is launching a Mobility Challenge, and encouraging residents to get out and be counted by the new Eco-Counter, located on the Shoreline Pedestrian/Bicycle Path just west of the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier. The challenge is to reach a total count of 1,000,000 cyclists and/or pedestrians by the end of 2017.
city seal
Add Long Beach To Cities Vowing To Fight Trump On Immigration Policy 1/26/2017 CBS2's Dave Lopez heard frank talk from Long Beach's mayor, Robert Garcia.
Volunteers fan out across Long Beach to find, count and help homeless 1/26/2017 Hundreds of volunteers set out before dawn Thursday to tally the number of homeless people that live in Long Beach. Organizers expected about 400 people to participate in this year’s biennial homeless count.
A Safer Long Beach 1/24/2017 The City of Long Beach’s 2016 year-end report shows that while many California cities have seen a spike in crime and murders, our city has seen an 8.3 percent decrease in homicides and overall crime in our city has remained essentially flat when comparing 2016 to 2015.
Long Beach 2015 crime stats released: Double-digit spikes in violent and property crimes 1/22/2017 Long Beach saw a nearly 20 percent rise in violent crime and a 15.4 percent spike in property crime last year, according to statistics released late Friday from the city.
Long Beach sets all-time rainfall record; widespread flooding across Southern California 1/22/2017 A powerful storm dumped record-breaking rainfall in parts of Southern California, flooding freeways and numerous surface streets.
Long Beach, Calif., Embraces Next Stage in Open Data Evolution 1/10/2017 Providing context to open data sets through GIS mapping aims to make the city’s information beneficial for everyone.
blue line
Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia elected to Metro board 1/8/2017 On Thursday, the board unanimously elected Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, who endorsed Measure M the day after a judge rejected a petition against the ballot language filed by a group of seven nearby cities, including neighboring Carson and Signal Hill.
Douglas Park is Booming 10/31/2016 Douglas Park is a huge economic success, and is creating thousands of good paying jobs and activating new manufacturing space.

And now, there's more good news. Friday, we broke ground on "The Terminal at Douglas Park," a creative office environment focused on collaboration and open spaces. The project includes 20 individual office condominiums and construction will complete in the spring of 2017.

Meanwhile, the planning commission recently unanimously approved the Long Beach Exchange, or "LBX", a destination development that will include two additional hotels with hundreds of new rooms, business spaces for tech companies, quality restaurants, and retail shopping.
Opening a Business Just Got Easier 10/5/2016 The City of Long Beach is working hard to make it easier for small businesses to start up, succeed, and grow. That’s why today we launched BizPort, our new business portal that provides important resources for entrepreneurs and streamlines business licensing, permitting, and financing.

BizPort can match a business with financing and other resources. It can speed up the license renewal process and offers a live chat feature to connect business owners with the appropriate city staff. BizPort provides a checklist to ensure owners know what they need to do to get their business started. It also ties together in one place the online services business owners need and use. And BizPort includes a translation feature to make sure language isn’t a barrier for business owners.
queen m
The Future of the Queen Mary 9/22/2016 Developing the land around the Queen Mary and restoring the ship is a top priority for me and the City and extremely important to our community. That's why, last year, we initiated the Queen Mary Land Development Task Force to make sure the community has a voice in the process.

Last night, the Task Force presented its recommendations to the City Council. The Queen Mary’s new operator, Urban Commons, is beginning to plan a design for the 43 acres that surround our City’s greatest icon. That land is one of the most important undeveloped areas in the entire City, with the potential to bring great arts, entertainment, and economic opportunities to Long Beach.
The Olympics in Long Beach 9/22/2016 It's official: Los Angeles has included Long Beach as an event venue in its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. If the Games come to LA, Long Beach will host multiple events!

Sailing races will happen along the Long Beach Belmont Pier, and Water Polo will be in a temporary facility build near the waterfront. Marathon Swimming and the Triathlon will take place along our beautiful coast, with the Triathlon using our Grand Prix track. BMX will also be in a temporary facility by the water, and Handball will be hosted in the Long Beach Arena. The Convention Center will host warm up facilities.
budget pic 17
A Responsible and Balanced Budget 9/14/2016 Last night, the City Council adopted our budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2017. This budget is not only responsible and balanced, it also increases funding for infrastructure and public safety, as well as libraries and parks, and increases our reserves.

This budget, thanks to the voter approved passage of Measure A, begins the largest public infrastructure investment plan in a generation, and restores public safety services for the first time in almost decade.
The budget includes:

- Restoring South Division to the Police Department along with new officers.
- Restoring the Fire Engine service to Fire Station 8, including new firefighter positions.
- New Police & Fire Academies
- $80 million in infrastructure repairs to fix city streets, parks, libraries and public facilities.
- Sunday hours at more libraries.
- Expanding park programs across the city.
- Additional resources to address homelessness.
- More support for our Municipal Band, Museum of Art, and the Arts Council.
- New investments in technology.

...and more money set aside in our reserves for a rainy day, thanks to Measure B.
city seal
A New Strategy to Reduce Homelessness 9/12/2016 Across the State of California, urban cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento, and Los Angeles, are experiencing new challenges when it comes to a growing and transient homeless population. In fact, there are also reports of homelessness growing in coastal communities across the state.

In order to ensure an inclusive approach that engages the entire community, I'm calling a special City Council study session on homelessness for October 4 at 5pm. During the study session, we will review the progress we've made over the past decade, discuss the new challenges we are now facing, and review the city’s last ten year planning effort that began in 2004.
Moving Forward at the Port of Long Beach 9/9/2016 Yesterday, I received a call from Jon Slangerup, the Chief Executive of our Port of Long Beach. Jon has accepted a great new position as CEO at a major aviation firm and will be leaving the Port at the end of October. Jon has done an outstanding job over the past two years at our Harbor Department and we're all happy for his amazing new opportunity.

Under Jon's leadership, the Port has grown into one of the most efficient and most environmentally sustainable operations in the world, and improved its relationship with the city and the community tremendously. Jon, and the incredibly talented employees and managers at the Port, have put our Harbor Department in a strong position for the future.
RSVP Today for Next Week's Book Club Event 9/7/2016 Last month, I announced the creation of the Mayor’s Book Club and my first reading selection, “I’m Dyin’ Here,” by the Press-Telegram’s own Tim Grobaty.

On September 15, I’ll host a conversation with Tim, and I’m encouraging everyone to read “I’m Dyin’ Here” and attend the free event at the Beverly O’Neill Theater at 6 pm that evening.
An Economy That Benefits Everyone 8/31/2016 The Long Beach economy and housing market are booming.

What I love about Long Beach is we help our neighbors, and we work to ensure our economy is working for everyone. As we continue to build market rate housing, we must ensure we also build housing for our low-income seniors, students, veterans, and working families.

Over the next couple of months, we will be hosting three public forums and community meetings to discuss this issue and we would love to hear your feedback.

The upcoming meetings are:

Mayor’s Roundtable with Housing Advocates
Monday, September 19, 6:00-7:30 P.M.
Mark Twain Library Community Room
1401 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813

Community Forum and Resource Fair
Saturday, September 24, 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
Jenny Oropeza Community Center at Cesar Chavez Park
401 Golden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Mayor’s Roundtable with Developers
Friday, October 14, 1:00-2:00 P.M.
Michelle Obama Library
5870 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90805
Launching the Mayor's Book Club 8/16/2016

As Mayor and as an educator, supporting our libraries and promoting literacy are both very important to me. That's why I'm inviting you to join the Mayor's Book Club, which will feature local writers and an annual conversation and event.

Our first book selection is "I'm Dyin' Here: A Life in the Paper,” by longtime Press-Telegram reporter and columnist Tim Grobaty, published by Brown Paper Press, a Long Beach business. I'm hosting a community conversation and interview with Tim on Thursday, September 15 at 6:00 P.M. at the Beverly O’Neill Theater.
Best in the Business 8/12/2016 This Friday, I’m hosting the first ever Mayor’s Long Beach Business Awards. 50 business leaders will be recognized for outstanding contributions to Long Beach.

Among the winners this year are small business owners, executives, and neighborhood organizers, including newcomers to Long Beach as well as longtime members of the business community. My congratulations to all of them
mayor skyline
A Responsible Budget - that Restores Public Safety 8/3/2016 Yesterday, along with City Manager Pat West, I presented my proposed budget for fiscal year 2017. Tonight, the City Council will begin deliberating the budget, which must be adopted by September 15.

This is my third budget as Mayor and, like the previous two, it is balanced and responsible. We continue to fund Long Beach Police and Fire Academies, investments in technology, expanded Library services, and programs in our parks and community centers. We also strengthen our public works and clean team operations and grow our economic development efforts. And Long Beach continues to live within its means by facing challenges in a responsible and fiscally prudent manner, paying down our pension liabilities, and working to bring additional reforms in the future.
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Measure A Citizens' Oversight Committee Appointments 7/25/2016 Today I was proud to select five extremely capable, committed residents for the Measure A Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The Committee will oversee the use of the new Measure A revenue approved by voters in June, and ensure it is spent exactly the way the City Council and I promised: on infrastructure and public safety.

This is the biggest investment in our city in more than a generation, and that’s why it’s so important to have a strong Committee to oversee the funds.
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Two Years of Progress 7/17/2016

July 15 marked the end of my first two years as Mayor of Long Beach, and I wanted to share some of our accomplishments. This infographic highlights the progress we've made on economic development, education, livability, and civic innovation. 

I'm looking forward to two more years of hard work and strong progress!




kitty hall
Saving More Animals & "Kitty Hall" This Friday 11-3 7/5/2016 Today, our Animal Care Services (ACS) Department released its mid-year report on dog and cat adoptions, and the news is great. In fact, as the graphic below shows, 2015 was a record year—and so far 2016 is even better.

And, this Friday is one of my favorite events, Kitty Hall, where cats and kittens are available for adoption in the City Hall lobby.
Happy Birthday 7/4/2016 As we begin our three day weekend in celebration of our country’s birth, I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a safe and happy July 4th, and to share some thoughts about this important holiday.
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Let's Make All Americans Safe 6/15/2016 The shooting in Orlando this weekend has left many of us in a state of grief and shock. As we mourn the 49 lives lost, as well as the 53 people who were injured, we should also think about how to prevent more senseless acts of terrorism and hate in the future.

I’m grateful to the Press-Telegram and several of their sister papers in the Los Angeles News Group for publishing a column I wrote about this tragedy, and I hope you’ll take a moment to read it
Remembering our Local Heroes 5/27/2016 As we prepare to enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend, let's remember the reason for this important holiday: To honor and remember our fallen service men and women, and contemplate their sacrifices in service of democracy and freedom.
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Major Blue Line Improvements Move Forward 5/26/2016 Making the Blue Line safer and more enjoyable for residents, commuters and visitors has been a top priority for me as Mayor. Today I’m pleased to announce, that after many months of advocacy and lobbying, the Metro board voted to move forward on important safety and security measures for the Long Beach Blue Line.
The Most Walkable City in Southern California 5/6/2016 We just got fantastic news about our efforts to make Long Beach more pedestrian friendly and support sustainable modes of transportation. Long Beach made the top ten list of the Most Walkable Cities in the United States – and became the only city in Southern California to make the list!
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Meet the Mayor 5/6/2016 I want to invite you to join me for conversation and coffee at two "Meet the Mayor" events tomorrow, Saturday, May 7.

First, at 1:00 PM, I will be at the Library Coffee House, 3418 East Broadway in Belmont Heights.

Then at 2:30 PM I will be at The West Bistro (formerly known as the Breakfast Club) at 3900 Atlantic Av. in Bixby Knolls.

We've now held 14 of these "Meet the Mayor" events since I've been in office, and I'm glad to take these opportunities to hear input from you and respond to your ideas and concerns. I'll spend some time sharing news about the city, answering your questions, and just saying hello to residents.

There is no formal program, and I will be at each location for about an hour.

These events are free and open to all. I look forward to seeing you!
A Huge Win for West Long Beach and the Environment 4/1/2016 As you probably read in the local news, and in the opinion section of the Press-Telegram today, the City of Long Beach has achieved a huge legal victory for our families, schools, and environment. After years of battling in court, we won our lawsuit against a proposed rail yard project that would have negatively affected West Long Beach neighborhoods.
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Library Overdue Book Fines Forgiven in April 3/29/2016 Our City boasts some of the best municipal libraries in the country, and every resident should have access to the great resources our libraries provide. That’s why for the month of April we are launching a library overdue fines amnesty program. If you have books or library materials that are overdue with fines, return them in April and we will cancel out all fees.
Parking Just Got Easier 3/22/2016 This week, we began implementing biggest changes to parking in Long Beach in more than 30 years.

Starting Monday, March 21, we began changing street sweeping times and signs throughout our most parking impacted neighborhoods. We are eliminating all 4 am street sweeping, and reducing no parking hours from four hours to two in parking impacted neighborhoods.
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Bike Share is Here 3/10/2016 Today after several years of hard work, Long Beach opened our first Bike Share station, at the Promenade and 3rd Street. Over the next few weeks, 10 stations and 100 bikes will be set up in and around Downtown Long Beach. Eventually, there will be 50 stations with 500 total bikes throughout the city, connecting our college campuses, Uptown, Midtown, Bixby Knolls, Belmont Shore, and all our great neighborhoods.
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A Message from Mayors Robert Garcia, Bob Foster and Beverly O'Neill 2/14/2016 For the last two decades, we have worked to make this community safer, healthier, and a better place to raise a family and open a business. Our progress as a city is only possible as a result of contributions from countless community leaders, educators, residents and business leaders that have come together to make our city stronger.

Our city is facing two pressing challenges. How we address these challenges will determine the kind of city we leave to future generations.
cov ca
Don't Have Health Insurance? Get Covered TOMORROW 1/29/2016 If you or your family need health insurance, we can sign you up tomorrow at 2525 Grand Avenue, from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. You can call (562) 570-7979 for more information. Or you can visit longbeach.gov/health

I’ll be there at 8:30 am to greet anyone coming in.
This is Long Beach 1/14/2016

 Last night it was my honor to present my second State of the City address at the Terrace Theater. More than 2,000 people attended – and at least 1,000 more streamed it to watch on-line.

The night was a chance for me to share many of our accomplishments and plans, as well as the challenges we face. It was also an opportunity to show everyone 
this fantastic video, “This is Long Beach”


Traveling To and From LAX Just Got Easier 12/30/2015

Traveling to and from LAX just got a lot easier for Long Beach residents. 

Today, Long Beach Transit begins its new FlyAway bus service from Long Beach to LAX. Hourly service will be provided from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily from the Long Beach Transit Hub at First Street and Long Beach Boulevard. The fare is $7 one way, and for every adult fare, two children age five or under can ride for free  

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8,000 Jobs and a Brand New Civic Center 12/16/2015

Last night, after many years of public discussion and deliberation, the City Council gave final approval to plans for a new Civic Center for Long Beach. The new center will include iconic architecture, a completely new main library, a revitalized Lincoln Park with new spaces for events, a new City Hall, and the Port’s headquarters, as well as a residential and retail component.

It is vital to move forward with this project, not just because our current Civic Center needs replacing, but because of the tremendous positive economic impact for downtown.

Sign up for City Emergency Notifications 12/14/2015

Last week I joined Councilman Daryl Supernaw and our city team as we rolled out our new emergency notification system, Alert Long Beach. I want to encourage you to sign up, so you can to stay informed about major weather events and public emergencies.

You can sign up for Alert Long Beach here  

xmas tree
Lighting the Tallest Christmas Tree in Long Beach‏ 12/2/2015 I hope you and your entire family will join me on Monday, December 7th at 5 pm as we light the tallest Christmas tree in Long Beach at the Terrace Theater Plaza. The entire plaza and fountains will be lit up and decorated to celebrate the holiday season. The evening will include carolers, food trucks, rides for the kids and a visit from Santa.
Remembering Nohemi Gonzalez 12/2/2015 While the whole world mourns with Paris, the attacks have hit close to home here in Long Beach. Nohemi Gonzalez, a 23 year old student at Cal State Long Beach, and a beloved daughter and friend, was killed in Paris Friday.

Nohemi was an exceptional young woman who worked hard and contributed greatly to our community. She cared about others and made a positive impact on the world. Her loss is heartbreaking for all of us, but especially for those closest to her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Nohemi Gonzalez, and with all those mourning for Paris.
keys to city
Keys to the City 12/2/2015 Please join me in celebrating some very special members of our community. I will present my first Keys to the City to the 35th Governor of California and former First Lady, the Honorable George and Gloria Deukmejian and civil rights pioneer and former Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education Member, the Honorable Bobbie Smith.

The presentation of these keys, designed and produced by local Long Beach artists, will take place at the beginning of the Long Beach City Council meeting on December 8th at 5:00 P.M.
The City Budget, and SCE Outages 12/2/2015 In November, the City got important updates on two critical issues: The power outages this summer, and the FY17 city budget.

First, we heard a report on the budget expectations for fiscal year 2017 from our Financial Management Department.

Also, Southern California Edison (SCE) released two reports taking full responsibility for the power outages, and explaining what steps they are taking to ensure outages like that never happen again.
The Port's Latin America Strategy 12/2/2015 Just hours ago, I addressed 300 port executives, exporters, business leaders, and government officials at the annual American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Congress of Latin American Ports in Arica, Chile. The Port of Long Beach, which has both participated in and sponsored this conference for the last few years, is about to launch a major endeavor to expand trade to Latin America. In fact, the Port will be releasing its first comprehensive commercial trade plan for Latin America in early 2016.
A Historic Moment for Long Beach 11/13/2015 Just a few minutes ago I left a meeting with Brigadier General Mark Toy in San Francisco. In that meeting, we finally reached agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers to move forward with a study of our coastal ecosystem.

This means that after more than 15 years of advocacy by the City, community groups, and countless individuals, we will finally find out if reconfiguration of the Long Beach Breakwater is possible.

It’s a historic moment for Long Beach and General Toy will be flying down in the coming weeks for an official signing ceremony of the agreement. The study begins in 2016.
What is Long Beach Doing About Climate Change? 11/10/2015

Today, in a brief ceremony at the Cesar Chavez Park Children’s Garden, I signed the Compact of Mayors to join the world’s largest coalition of city leaders addressing climate change. 

More information about the Compact is here: 


The City of Long Beach has already been working to combat and adapt to our changing climate, and those efforts will continue. But now, as part of the Compact of Mayors, the City will expand its efforts. 

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Lowest Water Use Since 1963 11/5/2015 We just got word that Long Beach met, and exceeded, our water conservation goal again last month. Despite the hottest October on record, our city cut water use by a little more than the state-mandated 16% compared to 2013, using less water for the month than in any October since 1963! This is our fifth consecutive month meeting our conservation goal.
ev charge
Charge Up in Long Beach 10/29/2015 Creating a more sustainable economy is one of my top priorities and one way we can do that is by expanding the electrical vehicle infrastructure here in Long Beach. That’s why this Tuesday the Council will consider my request that the Sustainable City Commission look at our current policies and find new opportunities to do just that.
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800 More Kids in Preschool and Early Education 10/26/2015

Two days after I was installed as Mayor, I gave my very first speech at Cal State Long Beach on my education initiatives. I discussed the city joining the Long Beach College Promise initiative and launching the Mayor's Internship Challenge. I also spent time discussing an issue which I think is critical to the success of our city: universal preschool. 


Thanks to the Long Beach Unified School District, we have added over 800 new preschool seats in the last year. 

port dudes
America's Best Port 10/26/2015 I am writing to you from Tokyo, Japan, where I’m traveling with our team from the Port of Long Beach to meet with trading partners, secure future port business, and learn about emerging technologies that will ensure sustainable growth at the harbor.

Thanks to our ambitious trade agenda, the Port of Long Beach just had the strongest quarter in its history and is on pace to have a record year.
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It's Innovation Week 10/8/2015 This weekend in Long Beach and all over Los Angeles County, thinkers, artists, policy-makers and technology experts kicked off Innovation Week.  The event is actually a full 20 days, from October 2 - 22. I want to invite you to participate in Innovation Week events here in Long Beach, and support the many innovators living and working in our community.
Welcoming Pope Francis at the White House 9/24/2015

I was deeply honored to be in Washington, D.C. this week at the invitation of President Obama and the First Lady to help them welcome Pope Francis on his first official visit to the United States.

I joined the President and other mayors and officials as Pope Francis arrived at the South Lawn of the White House. I am proud that our city was represented at this historic event. 

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Remembering Our Heroes 9/11/2015 This morning I had the honor of participating in our city’s September 11 memorial ceremony, along with members of our Long Beach Police and Long Beach Fire departments. We took a few moments to remember all the lives lost 14 years ago today, and to pay special tribute to the men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty, here in Long Beach and all across the country.
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Power Outage Town Hall and Meet the Mayor 8/21/2015

I want to make sure you are aware of two important community meetings happening tomorrow.

First, an opportunity for residents to learn about the steps being taken to prevent future power outages like the ones we’ve recently experienced, and then my final “Meet the Mayor” event of the summer.

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Frank Gehry and the LA River 8/11/2015 For the past few years, the City has been working with the LA River Revitalization Corporation to completely transform the LA River and surrounding areas in Long Beach. Now Frank Gehry, a true genius who is perhaps the most acclaimed living architect in the world, will be bringing on his team of architects, designers and engineers.
Voting Rights and Welcoming our New Clerk 8/7/2015 Today is a profoundly important anniversary for all Americans and for the principles we hold dear. On August 6, 1965, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, which outlawed discriminatory barriers to voting and brought the power of the Federal government to bear in protecting access to the ballot box for all Americans, regardless of race.

That’s why today is the perfect time to register to vote, if you are not already registered.

This is also the perfect time to welcome our new City Clerk, Maria de la Luz Garcia, who will be charged with overseeing our elections.
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A Year of Hard Work 7/22/2015

July 15 marked one year since taking office as your Mayor. I've been focused on four key areas: Education, Economic Development, Civic Innovation, and a Livable and Sustainable City.

Please take a minute to check out the four graphics we've created to keep everyone informed about what we are working on.


The Next Emergency 7/22/2015

Last week, Long Beach experienced one of the biggest public emergencies in the city's history. Thankfully, due to a strong response from our city team, our public safety personnel, many volunteers, and community partner agencies, we saw no serious crime, injuries, or property damage. I’ve never been prouder of Long Beach.

Now that the power is back on to all customers, we will be taking a long, hard look at why this happened, and what needs to be done to keep it from occurring in the future. Meanwhile, I want to encourage everyone to use this experience as a reminder of how important it is to be prepared for an emergency.

Join the Long Beach Internship Challenge 6/15/2015

Yesterday morning at the Aquarium of the Pacific, in collaboration with our  education, business, and community partners, I was honored to kick off the Long Beach Internship Challenge. And, if you own or work in a business or organization that can offer internships, I want to ask you to join this challenge.

US Flags
Remember These 14 Heroes 5/25/2015 As our nation marks the beginning of summertime this Memorial Day weekend, it’s important that we not forget the real reason for this holiday: To honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. While we enjoy time with family and friends, let’s also take time out to hold these brave men and women and their families in our thoughts.
Best Parks Southland
Long Beach Has the Best Parks in the Southland 5/20/2015 Yesterday we received some great news from the Trust for Public Lands. The Trust released its annual rankings of the nation's parks, called the ParkScore, and the City of Long Beach was ranked first in the Southland, and 18th overall out of 75 cities ranked! Long Beach also ranked first in Southern California for park access, size, and investment.
Bloomberg ITeam
The Bloomberg Innovation Team is Here 5/18/2015 Today our new Innovation Team (i-team), funded by a $3 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, begins work at City Hall.
More Taxis, Lower Fares, and the Sharing Economy 5/14/2015 Last night, Long Beach became the first big city in the United States to modernize taxi cab regulations in response to the success of new ride share services like Uber and Lyft. In the next few months, taxi customers will see new yellow cabs, lower fares, and a new smartphone app.
Memorial Day
Ending Veteran Homelessness in 2015 4/29/2015 The men and women who serve in our armed forces are the heroes of our community. No veteran should ever have to be without a home and a warm place to sleep. That's why I'm proud to have announced today that the City of Long Beach will end veteran homelessness before the close of 2015.
parking meter
Parking is about to get easier 4/13/2015 Starting next week, we will begin installing new smart parking meters citywide to replace all the antiquated coin meters we currently have. These new meters will take debit and credit cards and be able to display important messages on holidays to ensure no one overpays or gets an unexpected ticket.
technology chip
Long Beach 3.0 4/2/2015 As you know, I’ve long been an advocate of the benefits technology and innovation can bring to Long Beach, both by creating more efficient and transparent government, and by attracting cutting edge companies to set up business in our city. So I’m especially glad that this vision for Long Beach as a technology and innovation hub was featured in today’s Los Angeles Times.
pike nike
Nike, Forever 21, H&M & More Coming to Long Beach 3/4/2015 In another sign of progress and a strong economic future for our city, today we unveiled two new major retail tenants opening in Long Beach: Nike and Forever 21. Along with H&M clothing and Restoration Hardware, these tenants are going to anchor the new Pike Development in Downtown Long Beach. The 65 million dollars of private investment and the addition of 45,000 square feet of space will attract tourists, visitors and residents, and increase tax revenue to the city. It will also attract more retailers and new investment in Long Beach.
virgin rocket
Virgin Galactic to open facility in Long Beach 2/12/2015 I have some great news to share. Virgin Galactic, the privately-funded space company founded by Sir Richard Branson, is moving into a new 150,000 sq ft facility right next to the Long Beach Airport at Douglas Park. Virgin Galactic will manufacture the company’s new satellite launch vehicle, LauncherOne, right here in Long Beach.
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Mayor Garcia's State of the City Address 1/13/2015

The evening of January 13, 2015 at the Terrace Theater

5:00 PM: Terrace Theater lobby opens. Food trucks available. Mingle with friends and family

6:30 PM: State of the City

RSVP at:www.StateoftheCityLB.com

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2014: The Year in Review 12/30/2014 2014 was a great year for Long Beach, and you can read all about the City's accomplishments in our "2014: The Year in Review".
Long Beach City Seal
Long Beach Wins Bloomberg Innovation Grant 12/15/2014 A couple of months ago, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invited 90 Mayors from across the country to compete for a prestigious Bloomberg Innovation Grant. Selected cities receive millions of dollars to support innovation teams, who will work with the city to develop creative solutions to the challenges they face.
A New Civic Center for Long Beach 12/15/2014

Last week, Long Beach went big and approved a project team to build a new downtown Civic Center. After many months of public meetings, careful study, and healthy debate, Plenary-Edgemoor Civic Partners was unanimously selected by the City Council. This is great news for our city: We are going to get a new Civic Center and revitalize our Downtown.

The project includes a new Main Library, Lincoln Park, City Hall, Port Headquarters, and new housing, retail and a hotel.

Long Beach City Seal
New Leadership at City Hall 12/5/2014 Please join me in welcoming eight outstanding leaders to new positions in the City of Long Beach. These recently appointed individuals are great examples of the skilled and committed leaders who are moving our city forward. Six have been part of the City’s leadership for many years, and recently moved to new positions. Two are new to our City, and I want to warmly welcome them to Long Beach. I have complete confidence that they will do outstanding work on behalf of the City.
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Long Beach Named Top Ten Digital City for 4th Consecutive Year 11/11/2014

Long Beach has been named a Top Ten Digital City for the fourth year in a row, earning sixth place for large cities - one rank higher than last year, and the 3rd best in California.

I'm proud that Long Beach is a leader in innovation and continues to improve in our use of technology to increase efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness. And, I'm committed to continuing to move forward in this area...

Council unanimously approves Mayor's 61 commission appointments 10/24/2014 I am proud to announce that I have appointed another 48 Long Beach residents to citizen commissions, and they were approved by city council on Tuesday, bringing the total number of commissioners approved by Council to 61.

The appointees represent every area of the city and bring a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds and skillsets, greatly increasing the diversity of the commissions.
hi 5.jpg
Expanding the Long Beach College Promise 10/14/2014 Yesterday at Ernest McBride High School, I joined LBUSD Superintendent Chris Steinhauser, LBCC President Eloy Oakley, and CSULB President Jane Conoley to announce a sweeping educational initiative. For the first time, the City became a signatory to the Long Beach College Promise, bringing the City into partnership with the three major educational institutions in Long Beach and expanding the mission of the Promise to include the goal of universal pre-school enrollment, doubling the number of internships in the city for Long Beach students, and expanding college scholarships and student support.
Long Beach City Seal
13 New Commissioners 10/9/2014 Today I announced the appointment of 13 new commissioners to fill the remaining seats on five different commissions. The commissioners represent the diversity of Long Beach and come from all areas of the city.
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Mayor Garcia's First Commission Appointment Unanimously Approved 9/17/2014 I am proud to announce the first commission appointment of my term as Mayor. Last week, I appointed former Deputy Attorney General Tracy Egoscue, to the Board of Harbor Commissioners, and last night, Ms. Egoscue was approved unanimously by the City Council.

Commissioner Egoscue is an outstanding addition to our strong Harbor Commission.

Long Beach City Seal
Council Unanimously Passes Mayor's Budget Recommendations 9/17/2014 Last night, the City Council adopted the FY15 budget for Long Beach. The Council adopted a responsible and thoughtful budget, which will put additional funds into our reserves, create a new economic development department, and provide added support to our libraries. It also includes significant support for infrastructure and public safety.
Long Beach City Seal
City Council Meeting and Swearing-in Ceremonies 7/15/2014 The Long Beach City Council meeting and swearing-in ceremonies at the Terrace Theater will air on LBTV at 9:00 p.m., July 15, 2014

The video will also be available here on July 16, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.
Long Beach City Seal
Watch the City Council Meeting Online - WATCH LIVE 7/11/2014 The public is invited to attend the City Council meeting at the Terrace Theater on Tuesday, July 15, from 4:00 to 4:30 pm and also from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Starting at 5:30 pm, there will be an Inauguration of our newly elected officials.  If you cannot attend this free event, the City Council meeting will be web-streamed live.   + Watch Live