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UPLAN Demonstration Projects in North Long Beach 2/18/2021 The UPLAN team is excited to announce two new demonstration projects for North Long Beach at Aguas Way (5248 Long Beach Blvd) and Ramona Park (3301 E. 65th St). Visit the projects to learn more about possible street improvements for North Long Beach.
UPLAN DIY Virtual Walk Audits 7/10/2020 Make your voice heard and take part in the self-guided virtual walk audits along four major corridors in North Long Beach.
UPLAN Virtual Walk Audits 6/10/2020 Join the UPLAN team for a series of webinars that will conduct virtual walk audits along major corridors in North Long Beach on June 13 and June 20
Uplan Newsletter Volume 1 May 2020
UPLAN Newsletter Volume 1 5/22/2020

Check out the first-ever North Long Beach UPLAN Newsletter! The first issue gives an overview of the proposed UPLAN Zoning District recommendations and the proposed rezoning of commercial properties on Artesia Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue. 

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Our Future North Long Beach October 5th! 8/15/2019 Join us for Our Future North Long Beach as we kick off Phase II of UPLAN on Saturday, October 5th! Come learn about the changes in North Long Beach and share with us what you want to see in your community. Stop by anytime between 11 am and 2 pm for food and family-friendly activities.
UPLAN Demonstration Project April 5th! 3/29/2019 Join us for the UPLAN Demonstration Project and Workshop on Friday, April 5th! Come learn about the changes in North Long Beach and see the makeover for two vacant storefronts with community photos and art. Stop by anytime between 3 and 7 pm for food, music, and family-friendly activities.
Zoning Concept Workshop Presentation 2/8/2019 The UPLAN team hosted its first workshop on zoning and the proposed districts for Artesia and Atlantic Blvd. Read through the possible regulations and how zoning shapes your community. 
February Zoning Workshop 1/28/2019 For our February meeting, the UPLAN Team will be hosting a workshop on the zoning update and draft concepts for North Long Beach. Come learn more details about the zoning update and how it impacts your community. Refreshments will be provided!
UPLAN Vision Statement
UPLAN Draft Vision Statement Released 12/10/2018 The UPLAN team is proud to present the draft Community Vision Statement for North Long Beach. The document reflect the goals of community members, and provides a blueprint for the North Long Beach of the future.
Caminata #6 en South Street/Walk Audit #6 11/20/2018 El equipo UPLAN tuvo su sexta caminata en español en South Street. Lea el resumen del evento y sugerencias de como mejorar la avenida.
The UPLAN team hosted its sixth and final walk audit in Spanish along South Street. Read the event summary and corridor improvement suggestions.

Recap of UPLAN Walk Audit #5 at Long Beach Blvd 11/20/2018 The UPLAN team hosted its fifth walk audit along Long Beach Boulevard with parents and youth from the area. Learn what participants uncovered in their on-the-ground analysis of the corridor.
Recap of UPLAN Walk Audit #4 on Artesia Boulevard 11/20/2018 The UPLAN team hosted its fourth walk audit along Artesia Avenue, emphasizing age-friendly planning and complete neighborhoods for all ages. Learn about the audit results from participants along Artesial Boulevad.
Recap of UPLAN Walk Audit #3 at Jordan High School 11/20/2018 The UPLAN team partnered with Jordan High School to conduct its third walk audit and assess the area around the school. Learn about the infrastructure and land use conditions that participants assessed, along with other findings that will inform the Uptown vision.
Recap of UPLAN Walk Audit #2 at Carmelitos 11/20/2018 The UPLAN team partnered with Carmelitos Housing to host its second walk audit along Atlantic Boulevard. Participants looked at strategies to increase connectivity and mobility between Carmelitos and the surrounding community.
South Street Caminata #6 10/10/2018 Únase al equipo de UPLAN para una caminata en español comenzando en la biblioteca Michelle Obama y siguiendo por South Street para analizar como mejorar la via pública, los negocios, y las viviendas en North Long Beach.
Virtual Walk Audits Now Online 10/5/2018 Couldn't make it to a walking tour? Don't sweat it! They are online for you to browse through, ponder, and leave comments. Using the virtual community walk audit map, let us know what matters to you!
Long Beach Boulevard Walk Audit #5 9/6/2018 Join the UPLAN team for a walk audit starting at Starr King Elementary and going up Long Beach Blvd and Artesia Blvd to evaluate the built environment along this section of North Long Beach.
Artesia Blvd Walk Audit #4 9/3/2018 Join the UPLAN team for a walk audit starting at Ramona Park and continuing along Artesia Blvd. We will explore ways to make the built environment more age-friendly for all ages.
Recap of UPLAN Walk Audit #1 on Atlantic Avenue 8/28/2018 The UPLAN team hosted its first community walk audit at the July Advisory Committee meeting! Learn about the road, building, and land use conditions that participants assessed along Atlantic Avenue, along with other findings that will inform the Uptown vision.
Jordan HS Walk Audit #3 8/24/2018 Join the UPLAN team for a walk audit starting at Jordan High School and going up Atlantic Ave and Artesia Ave to evaluate routes to and from school and street connections.
UPLAN Visioning Activity at Grace Park 8/10/2018 Join us Sunday, August 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm during the Free Summer Concert at Grace Park! 
Recap of UPLAN visioning at July PopUPTown 8/10/2018 The UPLAN team hosted its first pop-up workshop at the July PopUPTown Social! Learn what the most and least popular "building types" were among participants, along with other findings for the Uptown vision.
Carmelitos Walk Audit #2 8/7/2018 Join the UPLAN team for a walk audit starting at Carmelitos Housing and going up Atlantic Ave to evaluate the buildings, streets, sidewalks, available services, resources and needs along Atlantic Ave. 
North Long Beach by the Numbers 8/7/2018 As part of the UPLAN process, the City team will use data to understand and tell the stories of North Long Beach residents and workers. Our first fact sheet shines a light on the diverse community that lives here and the next generation in Uptown.
PopUp Town Social
PopUp Town Social 7/25/2018 Join us this Thursday, July 26th from 5:30 to 8 pm at the monthly PopUPTown Social at Michelle Obama Library! 
Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee #3 7/25/2018

Thanks to everyone who came out to the third Advisory Committee Meeting.
Read the summary.