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Frank Gehry and the LA River

Release Date: 2015-08-11

Revitalizing the Los Angeles River in Long Beach has been a priority of mine since serving on the City Council. For the past few years, the City has been working with the LA River Revitalization Corporation to completely transform the LA River and surrounding areas in Long Beach.

As you may have read in the LA Times, Frank Gehry, a true genius who is perhaps the most acclaimed living architect in the world, will be bringing on his team of architects, designers and engineers – pro bono – to help develop the best possible designs for this massive and important project.

I met with Mr. Gehry earlier this year, and his ideas for the project are incredible. This is great news for Long Beach and our entire region.

Our local Long Beach River Link plan has not been formally updated since 2007, and it’s time we incorporate the hard work of the last 8 years, including the participation of Mr. Gehry, into the plan. I've asked the City Council to formally begin work to update the plan.

The River is one of our City’s most important assets, and we are going to restore and enhance it so that it provides the greatest possible benefit to the people of Long Beach. This will be a transformative project for Long Beach, and give residents an extraordinary new opportunity for recreation and the quiet enjoyment of nature.

To have Frank Gehry’s participation is an extraordinary development, and ensures this project will be of the highest caliber.