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Breaking Cargo Records at the Port of Long Beach

Release Date: 2021-09-22

It has been an incredibly busy year at the Port of Long Beach. In 2020, our Port processed a record 8.1 million container units — the most in its 110-year history — and this year it is on pace to receive more than 9 million.

The Port of Long Beach has broken monthly cargo records in 13 of the last 14 months amid a historic surge that started in July 2020. August 2021 was the port's best August ever and I applaud the outstanding dedication of our ILWU dock workers, truck drivers and everyone else who keeps our port running each day.

Because of this historic increase in traffic, we have been working closely with the Biden-Harris Administration’s Task Force on Supply Chain Disruptions and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to improve freight movement and reduce delays.

Specifically, the Port of Long Beach is already expanding nighttime operations and increasing gate hours, as well as truck access to terminals. These changes are part of a pilot program that is intended to support the beginnings of a vision for 24/7 operations at the Port of Long Beach. The Port is also in the process of building additional rail lines to meet the need for cleaner and more efficient cargo flow.

Our port is a critical economic engine — not just for the region but for the entire country. It continues to support more than 51,000 jobs locally and 575,000 jobs across Southern California.

As one of the world’s premier seaports with 175 shipping lines connecting Long Beach to 217 seaports around the world, the Port handles over $200 billion in trade annually. The Port’s strength is going to be a key factor in driving our recovery locally, and we will ensure it remains a leader in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable trade.

Thank you and Go Long Beach,

Mayor Robert Garcia