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Mayor Richardson is proud that Long Beach is modeling the way with the creation of a new Police Oversight Commission. 

This Commission is fully appointed and no vacancies are currently available. Please note that all Commission applications are held on file for 2 years. 

The 7-person Police Oversight Commission is now open for applications. The application is open to all Long Beach residents who can meet the responsibilities of the Commission.

Basic requirements include: 1) attend quarterly Commission meetings; 2) complete approximately 10 hours of outside preparation work each month; 3) complete at least two Police ride-a-longs each year; 4) complete a LiveScan background check; and 5) participate in required ongoing trainings of Commissioners.

In order to apply, prospective applicants must complete the online commission application, submit the supplemental Police Oversight Commission questions (below), and upload their resume. You can upload your responses on the ‘Add Attachment’ button at the bottom of the Commissioner application page.


  1. How have you engaged community groups, organizations, and individuals in Long Beach?
  2. What reforms or improvements, if any, do you believe could improve the delivery of police and public safety services in Long Beach?
  3. What does fostering healthy Community-Police relations in Long Beach look like to you? (what are some key conditions, strategies, or approaches for building stronger partnerships and relationships)

You can download a printable PDF of the supplemental application questions here.

Community interest in serving on this Commission is high, and when a vacancy becomes open, we anticipate many more applications than available positions.

Thank you for your interest in serving Long Beach!