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Long Beach Public Library is now open for Grab & Go visits at 4 locations! Visit Billie Jean King Main, Michelle Obama, Mark Twain, and Bay Shore Libraries. More infomation here.

LBPL To-Go is available at the following libraries: Billie Jean King Main, Michelle Obama, Mark Twain, Los Altos, Harte, El Dorado, and Bay Shore. If you have items ready to pick up, make your appointment here.

Goodbye Newspaper Archive, Hello

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On November 30, 2020, LBPL will make the official move from Newspaper Archive to Newspapers.comThis decision was made after careful discussion and in light of recent budget changes. We recommend you complete any Newspaper Archive research projects in process now, and download or print articles of interest before this date. Library staff will not be able to assist you in retrieving anything from this database. 
Starting today, you can begin using We believe you’ll find to be a very suitable replacement. It is ideal for users interested in historical Long Beach and Genealogy research. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you will be able to search through the following historical Long Beach papers (among hundreds of other California newspapers): 

  • Independent (1957-1977) 

  • Independent Press-Telegram (1949-1977) 

  • Long Beach Independent (1938 – 1957) 

  • Long Beach Press (1901- 1924) 

  • Long Beach Evening Tribune (1905-1906) 

  • Long Beach Tribune (1906- 1907) 

  • The Daily Telegram (1905-1923) 

  • The Long Beach Telegram (1923-1923) 

  • The Long Beach Telegram and The Long Beach Daily News (1923-1924) 

e continue to fulfill our mission by selecting, organizing, and making library materials accessible in a wide variety of formats and look forward to continuing our support of your educational, informational, and recreational goals. 
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