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Make.Create.Design. 2019 @ LBPL

Teens ages 12-19 are invited to join The Studio to explore technology from the past, present, and future in our hands-on workshops Tick Tock and You Don’t Stop.

Past: Catapult Siege

Travel back centuries to the Middle Ages, the time of the ultimate weapon, the catapult! Join us to explore the principles of this powerful technology by firing 3D printed catapults and then designing and building your own out of everyday materials.  Test the engineering and design behind your catapult for speed, accuracy, power, and distance. Storm the battlefield and launch projectiles to take down your competitors! Who will be the last one standing in the ultimate medieval catapult battle royale!


Present: BiOBoTz

Nature constantly solves problems through adaptation and natural selection. Learn how to use animals’ evolutionary adaptations to your advantage and apply their traits to solve problems and create designs inspired by the natural world. In this workshop, we will play games, learn about biology, and use biomimicry concepts to build your own BIOBOT—a biologically-inspired automaton. Test your creations in the bio-gauntlet to find out which bot is the apex species.


Future: DŌM

Join us 33 million miles from Earth on the planet Mars as we explore the harsh terrain and establish sustainable living stations also known as DŌMs. Participants will battle adversities on their new home planet, collect resources, and craft vital systems in order to keep their DŌMs habitable. Everyone must struggle to compete or coexist as each team scrambles for the limited supplies available on the unforgiving Martian landscape. Come and find out if you have what it takes to live on Mars as we chart new territory and build our DŌM sweet DŌM!


Make Create Design Workshops:


Mark Twain

Past July 30th, 2-5PM

Present July 31st (1-4PM)

Future August 1st (2-5PM)

Los Altos

Past August 6th, 2-5PM

Present August 7th, 2-5PM

Future August 8th, 2-5PM

Michelle Obama

Past August 13th, 2-5PM

Present August 14th, 2-5PM

Future August 15th, 2-5PM


Past August 20th, 2-5PM

Present August 21st, 2-5PM

Future August 22nd, 2-5PM


All supplies will be provided for free.

First come, first served. No reservation required, please arrive promptly.

Sessions are limited to 30 participants each.