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CurioCity: STEAM and Beyond


CurioCity: STEAM and Beyond!

The Long Beach Public Library is launching an exciting new series of in-person programming designed to introduce participants ages 12 and up to a wide array of creative interests within the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Drones, interactive electronics, and modular synthesizers are just some of the engaging topics that participants will be able to explore. The series kicks off on Saturday, October 2nd at 2:00 PM at the Billie Jean King Main Library with the inaugural module featuring Radio Control/Semiautonomous Robotics, presented by a local drone expert who will guide participants through the history of this tech up to its current form.

Hosted in the Studio makerspace at the Billie Jean King Main Library, this new series aims to provide insight and hands-on exploration into various STEAM fields through bi-weekly themes. Each two-week module will feature a presentation by a local expert in the field, followed by two hands-on programs hosted by Library Studio staff. Every two weeks through mid-December, a new module will premiere, featuring new guest professionals and exciting follow-up activities.

Block 1: RC/Semi-Autonomous Robotics

Date Time Activity
Sat. Oct. 2 2 - 3:30PM Drones!
Tue. Oct. 5 5 - 6:30PM RC Robots – Spheros
Thu. Oct. 7 4 - 5:30PM RC Robots – Spheros
Tue. Oct. 12 5 - 6:30PM Air Swimmer Blimp Race
Thu. Oct. 15 4 - 5:30PM Air Swimmer Blimp Race

Block 2: Interactive Electronics

Date Time Activity
Sat. Oct. 16 2 - 3:30PM Light. Sound. Motion. Space.
Tue. Oct. 19 5 - 6:30PM Drawing Bots
Thu. Oct. 21 4 - 5:30PM Drawing Bots
Tue. Oct. 26 5 - 6:30PM Circuits & Code
Thu. Oct. 28 4 - 5:30PM Circuits & Code

Block 3: Intentional Design + Lifestyle

Date Time Activity
Sat. Nov. 6 2 - 3:30PM Designing Your Dream Home w/ Mariah Hoffman
Tue. Nov. 9 5 - 6:30PM Japanese Book Binding
Thu. Nov. 11 4 - 5:30PM Japanese Book Binding
Tue. Nov. 16 5 - 6:30PM Bullet Journaling
Thu. Nov. 18 4 - 5:30PM Bullet Journaling

Block 4: Textiles
Date Time Activity
Sat. Nov. 20 2 - 4PM Natural Dyes with California Native Plants
Thu. Nov. 23 5 - 6:30PM Shibori Dyeing
Tue. Nov. 30 5 - 6:30PM Weaving Workshop
Thu. Dec. 2 4 - 5:30PM Weaving Workshop

Block 5: Sound Fabrication




Sat. Dec. 4

2 - 4PM 

Intro to Guitar Pedal Design 

Tue. Dec. 7

5 - 6:30PM 

Digital Instrument Maker 

Thu. Dec. 9

4 - 5:30PM 

Digital Instrument Maker 

Tue. Dec. 14 

5 - 6:30PM 

D.I.Y  Basic Synthesizer 

Thu. Dec. 16 

4 - 5:30PM 

D.I.Y  Basic Synthesizer