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Federal Inspection Service Facility Study Now Available

FIS Study cover

A feasibility study on a federal customs facility that would potentially allow international flights at Long Beach Airport (LGB) was presented to the public in October by Jacobs Engineering (Jacobs). The Jacobs study may be found at:

The analysis surveyed the airport, airport tenants, government agencies, airport-dependent businesses and aircraft owners for economic data, and analyzed passenger traffic-related spending to determine the overall impact of a customs facility at LGB. The study also included a public outreach process to capture community input as a part of the study.

The Long Beach City Council authorized the study in July 2015. The feasibility study was initiated due to a request from JetBlue Airways to bring international service to Long Beach.

On January 19, 2016, the City of Long Beach commissioned Jacobs Engineering to conduct the study after a Request for Qualifications was issued and two community meetings gathered feedback from the public.

A separate analysis conducted by the City Attorney examining possible effects to Long Beach's Noise Compatibility Ordinance (LBMC 16.43) will also be released along with the study and may be found here.

A presentation of the FIS study, a report on the City Attorney’s analysis, as well as an opportunity for public comment, was included on the respective agendas of the following public commission meetings:

Airport Advisory Commission (AAC)
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Long Beach Gas & Oil Auditorium
2400 East Spring Street
6:30 pm

Economic Development Commission (EDC)
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
City Council Chambers
333 West Ocean Boulevard
EDC meeting begins at 4:00 pm; FIS study session will start at 6:00 pm

The City Council directed the study to be available to the public at least 15 days before the first City Council meeting and discussion. The City Council received the presentation and public input from the two commission meetings on January 24, 2017.

FIS Feasibility Study

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix A. Market Analysis

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix B. Environmental Compliance Assessment

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix C. Economic Impact

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix D. FIS Facility Siting Alternatives

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix E. LGB Scope and Capability Analysis

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix F. Rough Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix G. Financial Feasibility Report

FIS Feasibility Study - Appendix H. FAQs and Public Comments

FIS Feasibility Study - Complete Document

City Attorney's Opinion Regarding FIS

FAA Opinion Regarding FIS

FIS Presentation - Airport Advisory Commission - 10/20/16

FIS Presentation – Airport Advisory Commission Official Transcript – 10/20/16

FIS Presentation - Economic Development Commission - 10/25/16

FIS Presentation - Economic Development Commission Official Transcript - 10/25/16

FIS Presentation - City Council Meeting - 12/13/16

Attachment to FIS Study Session - City Council Meeting - 12/13/16