July 2020 Noise Update for Communities Surrounding Long Beach Airport

In recent months, Long Beach Airport’s Noise and Environmental Affairs Office has been contacted by residents in surrounding neighborhoods to inquire about a possible increase in general aviation operations and the associated noise generated by those operations. This document is intended to provide background information for residents with questions or concerns about noise impacts.



  • Recent construction activities have caused several closures of Airport runways, which has resulted in temporary changes to flight paths. 
  • The Taxiway Charlie project led to a few weekend closures of Runway 12/30 during daytime hours. During that period, commercial aircraft – as well as the typical general aviation aircraft – were required to use Runway 08L/26R. LGB received an increase in noise complaints during these temporary closures.
  • Periodically, there has also been several weeknight closures of Runway 12/30 related to construction activities. As above, this results in all aircraft utilizing Runway 08L/26R during nighttime hours.
  • Due to construction activities located near Runway 08R/26L during daytime hours on several days, general aviation operations have shifted to Runway 08L/26R.



  • LGB has one of the most restrictive noise ordinances in the nation. The Airport has a total of 18 noise monitors to assist with management of the ordinance, fourteen of which are located within the community. 
  • Six of the 18 noise monitors are enforcement noise monitors that measure single event noise exposure levels (SENELs) generated by individual operations conducted on each one of our applicable three runways. If operations generate noise levels that exceed the applicable SENELs, the operators are issued a noise violation.
  • Commercial operations must be scheduled between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. Long Beach Airport is open 24 hours per day; however, the maximum permitted SENELs vary by time of day to ensure lower noise levels during the critical nighttime hours. 
  • The preferred runway use program limits runway utilization by time of day and type of aircraft. The program specifies Runway 12-30 for commercial operations and during the nighttime hours. When our primary runway, Runway 12-30, is closed, operators (including commercial air carriers) will utilize Runway 08L-26R



  • There are also prohibited activities listed in the noise ordinance that include limitations on touch and go operations and practice missed approaches during specific hours.
  • Airport staff review all operations to determine whether a violation needs to be issued and then work with the operators on complying with all applicable noise ordinance matters. 
  • The Airport is in regular communication with the FAA’s local Air Traffic Control Tower regarding prohibited activities and, although LGB is responsible for enforcing the noise ordinance, requests FAA Tower assistance in communicating prohibited activities to operators. 
  • Airport staff continues to develop additional educational and noise abatement material for the general aviation community.