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Report Edible Food Waste

California state law requires food generators such as supermarkets, food vendors and distributors, restaurants, hotels, and large venues to donate the maximum amount of edible food that would otherwise be disposed of. The law applies to Tier 1 and 2 commercial edible food generators as shown in the graphic below. Throwing surplus or unsold food that is still edible into the trash is considered “intentionally spoiling” and may be reported. Read more about the requirements of SB 1383 in Long Beach and on CalRecycle’s website

Have you seen a Tier 1 or 2 food generator throwing edible food in the trash? Please fill out the information and submit below.

Please email any relevant evidence (ex: photographs) to LBRecycles@longbeach.gov.

Please provide your contact information in case the City of Long Beach would like to follow up or provide an update on this complaint.