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Request a special collection

For bulky, oversized, and odd-sized items, City-serviced accounts can receive up to twelve (12) Special Collections annually at no additional cost. Please note that a regulatory fee may be charged for items requiring special handling.

When you submit the information below, you will be contacted by email or phone to schedule a Special Collection.

Do not place your special collection items on the parkway or in the alley until the evening prior to your scheduled collection day. Please note that you are not scheduled until you have received confirmation from the Refuse Hotline or e-mail.

Preparing Items For Special Collection

IMPORTANT: Please read these instructions before submitting your request.

  • Size: Items cannot exceed 72″ x 48″. Please bundle smaller items together. Bundles cannot exceed 48” in any direction. Items or bundles cannot exceed 40 pounds. Bags cannot exceed 25 pounds. To ensure safe handling of items by City crews, please do not place sharp objects such as branches, sticks, broken glass, etc. in plastic bags. All bags and bundles must be securely tied. Branches must be bundled and yard waste must be contained (bagged).
  • Oversized items: If you want an oversized item collected (such as a sofa or any item that exceeds the maximum size), please let us know when you schedule the pickup.
  • Special handling: Appliances, televisions, computer monitors, and tires will be picked up by a special truck and should be kept separate from other items. If you have any of these for collection, let us know when you schedule the pickup. A fee might be charged for items requiring special handling.
  • Maximum items: A maximum of eight (8) large items or 25 bags/bundles/boxes of trash will be allowed for each scheduled pickup. Customers can opt to use two (2) free special pickups for the same day.
  • Mattress handling: If your special pickup includes additional items, please be sure that the items are not on top of the mattress preventing collection. 
  • Scheduled Special Collection day: On your scheduled special collection day, place all items at your normal weekly refuse collection location no later than 6:00 am. Please remember that the items cannot be out until a pickup date has been confirmed by the Refuse Hotline

Please be aware that the refuse employees who are scheduled to pick up your bulky items cannot go onto private property because of insurance liabilities.