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Recycling Guidelines

Do you have questions about the recent recycling program updates and/or postcard you received in the mail? Check out our recycling guidelines and resources below.

Still have questions, we've got answers!
Email us at lbrecycles@longbeach.gov or call us at (562) 570-2850. 

Residents of single-family homes, small apartment/condominium buildings, or businesses that are serviced by the City, can recycle by using City-provided recycling carts/bins. Recyclables are collected each week on the same day as your trash. Carts must be out by 6:00 a.m. Use our online form to report any scavenging activities. Bring carts in within 12 hours after they have been emptied.

How Do I Prepare My Recyclables?

  • Make sure all recyclables are EMPTY, CLEAN, and DRY. 
  • Do not put plastic bags, food and yard waste, trash, or hazardous waste in your purple recycling cart. 
  • Shut your lid to prevent litter and contamination.

What Can I Recycle In My Purple Cart? 

Download the Recycling/Refuse Guidelines List: EnglishKhmerSpanishTagalog

What Items Go In the Gray Refuse (Trash) Cart? 

Items That Do Not Belong in Your Recycling or Refuse Carts

The following items should NOT be placed in your recycling and refuse carts. These items require a special collection pickup request or should be disposed of at a hazardous waste collection center or collection event. 

*Please note that a special collection request service for bulky or oversized items and used motor oil and filters are for residents with City-serviced accounts only. If you have a private hauler, please contact them if you would like to utilize this service. 


To learn more about our curbside recycling program: