Used Motor Oil

Why is it important to properly dispose of used motor oil?

It is up to us to properly handle used motor oil to prevent it from getting into the soil or into our waterways. Used motor oil contains many pollutants and accounts for over 40of the oil pollution of our nation’s harbors and waterways. Recycling used motor oil also allows it to be re-refined and used again, creating less of a demand for new oil. 

If you see that oil has been spilled on the ground or in a storm drain, please notify the City by submitting an  Illegal Disposal Report.

How can I recycle my used motor oil and filter? 

Request a FREE Pickup of Motor Oil and/or Oil Filters

Residents with City-serviced refuse accounts can request for their used motor oil and filters to be picked up on their next recycling collection day. 

Use the online form below or call (800) 774-0222 to request free recycling containers, filter disposal bags, and/or to schedule a used motor oil/filter pickup. 

Motor oil and filters will be collected only after you have requested a pickup. Your request must be received before 4:00 pm the weekday before your recycling collection day. Requests made after that time will be scheduled for your collection day a week later.  

On your scheduled used oil collection day, place motor oil and filters two feet away from your recycling cart (NOT inside the cart). Used motor oil and filters MUST be in the containers provided for oil collection. Do not leave used motor oil or filters out at the curb unless you have requested a pickup. 

Used Motor Oil

Request a Pickup of Used Motor Oil and Filters

Request Empty Containers to Recycle Used Motor Oil and Filters

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