As a pilot program participant, the City will provide your business with additional tools and resources before you begin. These include:


  • One (1) new green 64-gallon cart to collect only your food scraps to be co-located with your trash and recycling carts.
  • One (1) indoor receptacle to collect food scraps in kitchens, breakrooms, and food prep areas.
  • One (1) starter roll* of clear plastic liners for your indoor collection container. 
    • Note: Clear liners are required to be used for food scrap collection.
    • *This is a one-time offer.


Learn more about the City’s Commercial Food Scraps and Yard Debris Collection Program. All educational materials are available in English, Khmer, Spanish, and Tagalog. Additional resources can be found on our Food Scraps and Yard Debris Guidelines page. 

To get started, read our Program Overview Handbook and Food Scraps brochure.

Additional Resources


Staff training is offered in English, Khmer, Spanish, and Tagalog for City-serviced customers. Visit our Training and Program Success page to learn more.

Donate Food

Donate edible food to a local food rescue organization. For a list of local food rescue organizations, see our list here.