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The City of Long Beach has implemented a commercial food scraps and yard debris collection program  to City-serviced commercial businesses to divert organics from the waste stream. This program is part of ongoing efforts to reduce waste and improve recycling across our City. This program collects food scraps and yard debris separately from your normal trash in a new green cart provided for your business.

State Law AB1826 and State Law SB1383 both require jurisdictions to divert organic materials from the waste stream. To comply with state laws, the City Council adopted an ordinance amending the City’s municipal code and adding organic waste collection services for residents and businesses in December 2021. Per City of Long Beach Municipal Code Section “Automatic Enrollment in Recycling and Organics Program,” your business or property must be automatically enrolled into an organics recycling program. 

If your business is serviced by a private hauler and does not have organics, contact your hauler to set up service. This service is not optional as it is mandated by state and local law.

There are several benefits to participating in this program, including: 

  • Diversion of organic waste from landfill or incineration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create energy or compost.
  • Keeping your business in compliance with state and local laws.
  • Reducing trash and rightsizing your service. 

Participating Businesses 

Please contact the Refuse Hotline at (562) 570-2876 for billing and service inquiries, to request additional carts or to change cart sizes, and to report a missed pickup or collection issue.