The City of Long Beach launched a Commercial Food Scraps Collection Pilot Program in June of 2021 to City-serviced commercial businesses to comply with State Law AB1826 and State Law SB1383. Businesses selected for the pilot must participate. This program is not open to enrollment but is being expanded to all applicable City service businesses over time. This program collects food scraps separately from your normal trash in a new green cart provided for your business.

If your business is serviced by a private hauler and does not have organics, contact your hauler to set up service. This service is not optional as it is mandated by state and local law.

There are several benefits to participating in this pilot program, including:  

  • Diversion of organic waste from landfill or incineration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create energy or compost.
  • Keeping your business in compliance with state and local laws.
  • Reducing trash and rightsizing your service. 

The collection for this pilot program began June 2021 and is being provided, at this time, at no additional cost. 

Participating Businesses 

The City would like to schedule a time to discuss this program with you and provide additional resources. You may contact us at or (562) 570-2869. The City will follow up with a phone call and site visit to further discuss this program and provide you with the tools and resources you will need to participate successfully. A key contact from the City will be provided to answer all your questions and provide ongoing support and communication.