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Noise Element Update

What is the Noise Element?

The City has released the draft Noise Element with the goal of providing a tailored approach to noise policy across Long Beach neighborhoods. The updated Noise Element will contain a set of goals, policies and implementation measures to limit noise exposure, particularly in areas with nearby housing, hospital, school or daycare center uses.

The Noise Element is a mandatory "element" (or chapter) of the City of Long Beach General Plan and sets forth policies regarding noise and land use throughout the City. The Noise Element was last updated in 1975 and was implemented through a 1977 Noise Ordinance. Since that time, the City's physical makeup, population, regional context and the regulatory guidance around noise have changed significantly. 

Get Involved & Review the Draft Plan

The community is invited to join us for a second study session to revisit, review, and provide input on the October 2022 draft version of the City’s General Plan Noise Element. The second study session will be held both online and in-person at the following Planning Commission meeting: 

Thursday, December 1, 2022, 5:00 p.m.
Planning Commission Study Session
Long Beach Civic Chambers, 411 W. Ocean Blvd.

For meeting details, please visit the Planning Commission webpage.

The second study session will feature a presentation of the Noise Element update study scope and work plan.No formal action will be taken by the Planning Commission at this meeting. 

Staff presented the first study session at the October 20th Planning Commission meeting.  The study session featured a presentation of the Noise Element update study scope and work plan. The presentation and meeting details are linked below.

The October 2022 Draft Noise Element has been available for public review since October 14, 2022 and has been extended to December 1, 2022.

Community Engagement

To inform the draft plan and identify potential issues, a variety of community engagement strategies were employed in 2017 and 2018. The draft plan has incorporated a significant online outreach component, including a dedicated project website, email updates and announcements on the Department's social media channels. Another innovative online outreach strategy included was “Listen Up Long Beach,” an online mapping tool that crowdsourced data from residents and members of the public to report local noise issues and observations through their smart phone or other device. Responses received from the numerous outreach efforts have been recorded, studied and used to inform a Draft Existing Conditions Report and the draft plan.

Additionally, in May 2019, the City hosted a Noise Element Open House to share information and solicit community feedback on the draft plan.


Megan Covarrubias
Project Planner