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Application Period for Petition to Restrict Un-Hosted Short-Term Rentals Extended

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Local residents are reminded that the application period for the Petition to Restrict Un-Hosted Short-Term Rentals has been extended until September 30, 2021. The annual application period traditionally runs from December 8 to June 7.  Here are some general details regarding the petition process:

  • Petition Purpose: The petition serves as a tool for neighbors to prohibit un-hosted short-term rental activity from occurring in their neighborhood. Un-hosted means that the individual who holds a short-term rental permit for the property/unit does not live on the property while guests are present. The petition does not apply to and will not affect hosted short-term rentals.
  • Neighborhood Areas: Applicants can only apply for the neighborhood their property resides in. The geographic area of neighborhoods in Long Beach are defined by Census Tract Block Groups as determined by the 2010 U.S. Census. This mapping tool can be used to determine which Census Tract Block Group a property resides in.
  • Conducted by the City: Any residential property owner may apply. Once an application and application fee are received, the City will mail each residential property owner in the Census Tract Block Group an individual petition to the address on file based on publicly available property records. 
  • Petition Timeline: Signedindividual petitions can only be returned via US mail and must be postmarked by the date listed on the petition (approximately 30 days after the mailing date) in order to be counted. The City will provide a pre-paid envelope with which to return the petition.
  • Successful Petitions: A petition will be considered successful if a majority of the mailed petitions are signed and mailed back to the City.
  • Application: The petition application and additional instructions are available at under the “Petition to Restrict Un-Hosted STRs” accordion.

For more information about the Short-Term Rentals, please call 562.570.6820 or email