Development Services

Neighborhood Problem-Solving

The following is a list of helpful phone numbers to assist you with neighborhood problems:

  • If you need police officers to respond, please call 911 or police dispatch at (562) 435-6711. You may request that your contact information be kept confidential.

  • For assistance for your neighborhood group with neighborhood improvement activities: Neighborhood Resource Center (562) 570-1010

  • For help with obtaining the name and address of a property owner: Los Angeles County Tax Assessor, 1401 Willow Street, Signal Hill, CA (562) 256-1701

  • For problems with noisy neighbors: Police 911 or (562) 435-6711 to remain anonymous

  • To report health violations including inadequate trash receptacles, overcrowding, insect and rodent problems: Environmental Health (562) 570-6504

  • For assistance with reporting vacant and open buildings and/or substandard building conditions, including broken stairs or handrails or hazardous electrical: Code Enforcement (562) 570-CODE or (562) 570-2633

  • For assistance to replace burned out street lights: Public Works (562) 570-2700

  • For assistance to report tall weeds, discarded furniture or abandoned vehicles on front, rear or side yards: Code Enforcement (562) 570-CODE or (562) 570-2633

  • For information on how to do small claims filing to take court action against property owners: County of Los Angeles, Small Claims Advisor Program (213) 974-9759

  • For free assistance on settling disputes without going to court: Center For Civic Mediation (562) 570-1019

  • For problems with garages including garages full of storage and required parking not available, people living in garages: Code Enforcement (562) 570-CODE or (562) 570-2633

  • For problems with operating a suspected stolen property operation: LBPD Career Criminal Apprehension Team (C-CAT) (562) 570-7231

  • For special trash trash pick-up of large items on your own property - including chairs, couches or refrigerators): Integrated Resources (562) 570-2876
    • Residents with City-provided refuse service are eligible for two free pickups a year. Additional pickups may be scheduled for a fee.

  • For assistance in reporting trash picking and theft from purple recycling containers: Police 911 or (562) 435-6711 to remain anonymous

  • For help getting abandoned shopping carts removed call: Shopping Cart Retrieval (800) 252-4613 (Supermarkets and Target stores only) or e-mail

  • For help with barking dogs and stray, vicious or dead animals: Animal Care Services (562) 570-PETS or (562) 570-7387

  • For assistance to report potential fire hazards or car repair that is leaking oil onto the public street: Fire Prevention (562) 570-2563

  • For assistance to report graffiti or to receive free paint to remove graffiti: Graffiti Hotline (562) 570-2773

  • For information on the Housing Authority's Section 8 program: Housing Authority (562) 570-6985

  • For assistance to report shoes on power lines: Public Works (562) 570-2726

  • For assistance with a neighborhood nuisance: Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement (562) 570-5097

  • For garage/yard sale information and complaints: Yard Sale Hotline (562) 570-YARD or (562) 570-9273

  • For assistance with unwanted advertisements left on doorsteps and cars: Environmental Service Bureau's Litter Free Long Beach (562) 570-2876 or

  • For reporting illegally dumped items: Integrated Resources (562) 570-2876

  • For reporting illegal dumping in progress: Police 911 or (562) 435-6711 to remain anonymous

  • For reporting illegal dumping and discharges into the storm drain system: Street Operations Division (562) 570-2726

  • For reporting illegal dumping into the storm drains in progress: Police 911 or (562) 435-6711 to remain anonymous

  • For reporting concerns about a food facility (restaurant or market): Environmental Health (562) 470-4132

Updated June 2019