Development Services

The Long Beach Community Investment Company

The Long Beach Community Investment Company (LBCIC) and our Housing team work on behalf of the City of Long Beach, and together with the City’s many partners and developers, to address the critical issue of housing availability and affordability in Long Beach.

The LBCIC is committed to providing sustainable housing, revitalizing neighborhoods, and promoting livability—all of which make our community safer, more attractive and viable.

In the years ahead, the LBCIC will continue to create partnerships with community groups, developers, and service providers to support creative and innovative investment programs that provide affordable and sustainable housing for the City’s most vulnerable populations.

The LBCIC Meetings

Pursuant to the State of California's latest Executive Order N-08-21 and the City of Long Beach's Safer at Home Order, LBCIC Board of Directors meetings will be held via teleconference until further notice. City Hall is closed to the public at this time. Please email any comments to Comments submitted during the meeting will also be forwarded and considered. Members of the public who have joined by web or by phone will have the opportunity to offer verbal public comment during the meeting.

To participate in these meetings, please use the following options:

By Web:

  • Access the Web Conference
  • Event Password: LBCIC1
  • Under "Join Event Now", enter your name, email, and the event password (LBCIC1). This information will not be used outside of the meeting.

By Phone:

  • 1-408-418-9388
  • Access Code: 187 344 2595

The LBCIC Resources and Materials

October 22, 2013, the Long Beach City Council approved Resolutions dissolving the Community Development Advisory Commission (CDAC), amending and restating the organizational documents of The Long Beach Housing Development Company (LBHDC), and renaming the organization The Long Beach Community Investment Company (LBCIC).

Members of the Board

  • Patrice Wong, Chair
  • Janice Ward, Vice Chair
  • Mary Castro, Director
  • Hilda Delgado, Director
  • Lindsay Mais, Director


  • Oscar W. Orci, Director, Long Beach Development Services; President of LBCIC
  • Patrick Ure, Housing and Neighborhood Services Bureau Manager, Long Beach Development Services; Vice-President of LBCIC
  • Alem Hagos, Grant Administration Division Officer, Long Beach Development Services
  • Monica Jaime, Long Beach Development Services, Secretary for LBCIC

Staff Liason

  • Patrick Ure, Housing & Neighborhood Services Bureau Manager, (562) 570-6026