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The City of Long Beach offers programs to help you improve your home property. View the programs and eligibility requirements below.


The Home Improvement Rebate Program (HIRP) reimburses eligible owners of residential properties up to $2,000 to improve the exterior of their properties. Since 1987, property owners have received rebates to pay for improvements involving paint, stucco, doors, driveways, porch, and window repairs. Contact the Neighborhood Services Bureau at (562) 570-6866 for more information.

What is the Home Improvement Rebate Program?

It is a City program that provides a reimbursement of up to $2,000 to eligible property owners with exterior code violations visible from the street to improve the exterior of their residential properties. 

Who is Eligible?

Property owners of both single-family and multi-family owner occupied or rental property with exterior code violations visible from the street are eligible. Income limits apply for property occupants. 

How Do I Apply?

Residential property owners may complete an application form and submit it to the Neighborhood Services staff. Upon receipt of your completed application, ownership of the property and income eligibility of the residents living in the property will be verified, and eligibility will be determined. If you qualify, a Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to you authorizing you to proceed with improvements.

Note: Structures built prior to 1940 require environmental approval by the State of California before a Certificate can be issued. This process takes six weeks to complete.

What Kind of Improvements Are Eligible?

Any improvements to the exterior of the property that are visible from the street, with the exception of roofs. The correction of City Code violations that involve the exterior of a structure are especially encouraged. View examples of before-and-after photos of HIRP projects (English / Spanish)

Once the Work is Complete, How Soon Will I Receive the Rebate Check?

The Housing and Neighborhood Services Bureau will process your rebate check within six to eight weeks of receiving the required receipts, invoices, and a completed owner's invoice.

For more information, call (562) 570-6866.