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Miscellaneous Questions

In most residential areas, fences are limited to 3' - 0" in height in the front yard, and 6' - 6" in side and rear yards.

The regulations may be found in Title 21 Zoning Regulation of the Long Beach Municipal Code.

Information can be obtained from the Building Permit Records page or from the 2nd floor in City Hall.

For smoke detector requirement, see Department’s PPI (Policies Procedures and Interpretations) document B02. Currently, the City does not have requirement for seismic gas shut-off valves.

The rules and regulations governing the retention, inspection and duplication of approved construction documents can be found in Section 18.05.070 of the Long Beach Municipal Code. All construction documents that are not microfilmed pursuant to Section 18.05.070 of the Long Beach Municipal Code are discarded 1 year after the completion of the work covered therein. The department typically do not microfilm electrical, mechanical, or plumbing drawings. If a construction document has been microfilmed, an applicant can go to the Development Services Center and ask any Building Counter Staff for assistance in viewing or reproducing said construction documents. Refer to the department's Fee Schedule for the cost of reproducing construction documents. For additional information, please refer to Information Bulletin BU-025 Maintenance and Reproduction of Plan.

Mobile home parks do not come under the authority of the City of Long Beach for the purpose of enforcement of construction code regulations. The State Department of Housing and Community Development is the authority having jurisdiction over mobile home parks, including all of the buildings within the park. Their phone number is (916) 445-4782. Information can also be obtained from their website at