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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Process

  The City of Long Beach (City) is committed to encouraging and supporting the installation of rooftop solar PV systems that generates renewable energy, provides stable electricity, and reduces pollution. The City permits such installations by reviewing, approving, and issuing most construction permits (electrical and/or building) over the public counter process. The inspection of these projects can be scheduled and conducted at the convenience of the applicant upon the issuance of the construction permits.

Submit Electronic Solar PV Plans And Applications

The City's Development Permit Center accepts electronic solar PV plans and applications for the installation of solar PV systems.

A completed application along with the construction documents and Express Checklist (if applicable) can be submitted in-person by scheduling an appointment.

For the relevant details and instructions on how to submit projects through the EOTC process, please go to Plan Review Service. For simple flush-mounted rooftop solar PV systems 10kW or less, refer to the instruction noted below.

For help on submitting your application or information about an application that was previously submitted, please contact our Permit Center staff at 562-570-PMIT (7648).

Instruction For Simple Flush-Mounted Rooftop Solar System 10kW or Less

  • Contact Southern California Edison for conceptual approval of the proposed systems.
  • Provide the following documents:
    • Complete Development Services Permit Application / Electrical Section
      • Planning Permit / Local Coastal Development (if project is within coastal zone)
      • Certificate of Appropriateness (if project is in historic district/building)
    • Complete Express Checklist (Form-016 or Form-023) to determine eligibility for the express permit process
    • Complete electrical plans for the design of the system
    • Complete architectural roof plans showing roof layout, PV panels, and fire safety items
    • Complete structural roof plans showing size and location of framing members, sheathing, and detail of solar PV systems attachment to roof
  • Schedule an In-Person appointment at the City Hall 2nd Floor Permit Center. Please be prepared to submit your permit applications, completed forms, construction documents and other related technical documents as a DIGITAL PDF FILE ON A USB DEVICE.
  • Pay required fees when requested by staff

For more detailed information, please review Information Bulletin IB-023 Guideline for Express Permit of Rooftop Solar PV System 10 kW


Once the permit for the solar PV system has been issued, the installation of the system can commence. The system will be inspected to verify conformance to the Express Checklist or approved construction plans and the applicable code requirements. The construction documents (or Express Checklist if applicable) and the job inspection card shall be at the site for inspection at all time. Access is required to all elements of the installation at the time of the requested inspection. All ladders necessary to conduct the inspection must be OSHA compliant and set up in conformance with prescribed safety requirements. Approval will be granted upon final inspection of the solar PV system.

Permitting Documents And Related Information