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Starting on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021, Permit Center (Center) services will be expanded to include in-person services for all development projects. Customers are encouraged to take full advantage of its in-person appointment-only service. Applications and materials will be accepted in hardcopy form, or, for convenience, on a USB flash drive (memory stick). 

Appointments, including same-day appointments, can be scheduled Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please note that for each appointment, a limit of two (2) projects can be processed.

The Center offers convenient services for different types of projects, including: Online Express Permits, In-Person Express Permits and Over-the-Counter Permits. Information about these and other services can be found on the Center page.

In addition, customers can also check the status of their plan reviews and permits.

Our team of building and safety experts works to ensure the safety of our residents and businesses by making sure that buildings are in compliance with all state and local building codes. We offer a variety of customer services and resources, as presented below, which include permitting operations, plan reviews, and building inspections:


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FEES & CHARGES: The City Council has approved changes to the Long Beach Master Fees and Charges Schedule, which is revised on a citywide basis bi-annually. The Development Services Department began implementation of its new schedule on Aug. 2, 2021.  The updated schedule contains many changes including increases, decreases, and the complete restructuring of some fees. View the Building & Safety Fee Schedules.  


To check the status of your building permit, you may search the City’s Permit Status or contact the Development Permit Center at (562) 570-5237.
The Building and Safety Bureau works to safeguard public health, safety, and property through the plan check, permit, and inspection processes. To find out if a permit is needed for your building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical project, go to the Do I need a permit? page or contact us at (562) 570 (5237). 
A permit is not required for any type of fence under four feet in height above grade pursuant to Section 18.04.020 of the Long Beach Municipal Code. Please note that even though a permit may not be required, all fences must comply with the requirements of the Long Beach zoning regulation

More information on constructing or installing fences and walls.

Building permit fees are calculated based on the valuation of a project. For information on how permit fees are accessed, refer to Section 18.06.010 of the Long Beach Municipal Code.
Development Services Fee Schedule.

A grading permit shall be obtained from the City’s Building Official for any grading work, except as specified in the following cases:

  • Grading in an isolated, self-contained area, provided there is no danger to the public, and that such grading will not adversely affect adjoining properties.
  • An excavation below finished grade for basements and footings of a building, retaining wall, or other structure authorized by a valid building permit.
  • Cemetery graves.
  • Refuse disposal sites controlled by other regulations.
  • Excavation for wells or tunnels or utilities which do not provide vertical or lateral support for buildings, or adversely impact the safety or stability of private or public properties.
  • Mining, quarrying, excavating, processing or stockpiling rock, sand, gravel, aggregate or clay controlled by other regulations, provided such operations do not affect the lateral support of, or significantly increase stresses in, soil on adjoining properties.
  • Exploratory excavations performed under the direction of a registered design professional.
  • An excavation which is less than two feet in depth, or does not create a cut slope greater than five feet in height and steeper than a 50% slope. This exception shall not apply to cut which exceeds 50 cubic yards or which changes the existing drainage pattern.
  • A fill less than one foot in depth and placed on natural terrain with a slope flatter than 10%. This exception shall not apply when the fill exceeds 50 cubic yards or when the fill changes the existing drainage pattern.
  • Excavation for caissons or piles under buildings or structures, swimming pools, or underground structures that are authorized by valid building permits.

A permit is valid for two years from the date issued, provided that any permit shall expire after 180 days from the the date of issuance if the work has not commenced, or when the City’s Building Official determines the work authorized by any permit has been suspended, discontinued or abandoned for a continuous period of 180 days.

Plan check applications expire 12 months after the plan check fees are paid, pursuant to Section 18.05.060 of the Long Beach Municipal Code.

 Plan Check Extension Form, can be filed to extend a permit application within 30 days of its expiration. Applicants must provide sufficient evidence that circumstances beyond their control prevented action to secure the permit within the allotted time and submit a filing fee of $356.40 in person at the Development Permit Center.

Financial hardship, contracting issues with design professionals or contractors, or seasonal weather conditions are typically not adequate reasons for the granting of an extension. 
To request copies of building permits for your property, you may search the City’s Building Permit Records, or contact the Development Permit Center at (562) 570-5237.
In a post-disaster situation, Building and Safety's Disaster Assessment staff is responsible for evaluating buildings and businesses for safety, serviceability, and occupancy.

Learn more about emergency preparedness.


Processing times for plan submittal intake up through inspection request for construction projects will vary depending on the project type, size, and complexity. On average, the overall processing times may take 2 to 4 months for most construction projects that are submitted by email. For faster processing time, certain minor construction projects that meet the requirement of Information Bulletin IB-002 Over-the-Counter Plan Check Service can be processed and reviewed in person at our public counter on the same day of the appointment. The flowchart below will help you estimate the timeline for construction projects that are submitted by email by adding up the processing times for each step of the process. 



2021 Building & Safety Bureau Quarterly Report


Working hard to ensure that buildings are safe, sustainable and structurally sound — Bureau staff responded to 10,488 phone calls for plan checks and completed reviews of 1,089projects.  A total of 2,805 permits were issued and 10,698 residential & commercial inspections were conducted.
View 2nd Quarter Report