Community Development

Tackling the Drought

Are you looking for a way to conserve water in your home or business? The LB CAP identifies drought as a climate change impact that Long Beach must adapt to and address. The Long Beach Water Department and SoCal Water Smart provides rebates to encourage water conservation. See a list of the City's water conservtion programs below. For additional information, visit

Lawn-to-Garden (L2G Program)

Transform your water-thirsty lawn into a drought-resistant garden. For more information, visit the L2G Program website.

Certified Blue Restaurant Program

Become a Certified Blue Restaurant by achieving the highest water-efficiency standards. Visit the Certified Blue Restaurant Program website to enroll your restaurant today and support Certified Blue Restaurants.

Native Plant Parkway Program

Convert your parkway, the area between the sidewalk and street, into native landscape at no cost! The California Native Plant Society carefully chooses native plants. For more information, visit the Native Plan Parkway Program website.

SoCal Water Smart Rebates

Replace your appliances with energy- and water-efficient models. Rebates are available for clothes washers, toilets, rotating sprinkler nozzles, rain barrels and cisterns, weather-based irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensor systems. For more information, visit the SoCal Water Smart Rebate website.

Take advantage of these rebates to conserve water and do your part! Conserve water use by following outdoor watering rules.