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Long Beach CSULB Rising Scholars

"What I understand from talking with our students and being their mentor and advisor is that victimization and trauma among women who have been incarcerated is very high, much higher than it is for men," said criminal justice professor and lawyer James Binnall.

Binall, who acts as lead faculty advisor for Rising Scholars and has experience with incarceration, will moderate the panel. 

"You have this co-occurring  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) where there are the issues that come with the psychological impacts that come with having been victimized/brutalized at some point in their lives," Binnall said. "It's a different dynamic."

Rising Scholars was founded in the Spring of 2016. This year it has about 25 student participants whose lives have been touched by either having a close relative or friends imprisoned or because they have served time in prison themselves.