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City of Long Beach Receives Grant Award For ‘Startup in a Day’ Pledge
Alma Castro
Innovation Fellow/Project Manager, i-Team
Innovation Team

The City of Long Beach has been awarded $50,000 from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The award is to support the development, implementation, and improvement of online tools that will help entrepreneurs learn about the business startup process and cut the time to apply for permits and licenses. President Barack Obama encouraged cities to support entrepreneurs by participating in the “Startup in a Day” Initiative and taking the “Startup in a Day” Pledge. Those cities were invited to apply for funding through two SBA prize competitions.

Mayor Robert Garcia, who prioritizes making Long Beach even friendlier for business entrepreneurs, has taken the pledge and joins 24 other Mayors who are committed to modernizing the startup process. “Entrepreneurs help to make Long Beach a great place to live, work and play,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “It is our job to be supportive of them and remove any unnecessary obstacles as they pursue their dreams and build local businesses.”

Over the next year, the City will develop a series of solutions that will prepare entrepreneurs for the startup process and make it easier to submit applications in one day. The SBA prize will support the creation and launch of StartupLB, a comprehensive online tool that will provide Long Beach entrepreneurs with business planning resources and will help to target business development.

StartupLB, along with the new online tool OpenCounter, represent a comprehensive commitment to supporting new and existing businesses that contribute to the City’s local economy. Additionally, the City has partnered with Citymart, a New York-based firm that connects cities with new ideas through “open challenges”, including one to make the City of Long Beach the most business-friendly City.

Cities were encouraged to take a public “Startup in a Day” Pledge and were invited to apply for funding through two SBA prize competitions. The SBA is conducting the “Startup in a Day” Initiative in partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC), which represents thousands of municipal leaders around the country. Following the awarding of prizes, the NLC will lead a group of winners to share best practices and build community development and implementation of startup solutions.