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People and their needs are at the center of all we do. By rapidly creating a product with people in mind, we swiftly develop thoughtful prototypes. This is known as a minimum viable product (MVP). The sooner we can get a well-constructed idea in front of people, the sooner we will head in the right direction. Their feedback is critical.
A cupcake represents the smallest possible cake-like confection that can be still be considered a complete cake. If we were doing waterfall development, we might be focusing on making a whole lot of bread before making any frosting, and planning to make one big cake a year from now. But instead we want to get our cupcake in front of users and see if they like it before we commit to making a huge sheet cake.

So how small should an MVP be? How quickly should it be released? Well, as someone once put it to us: “If you’re not embarrassed, you released too late.”