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Department of Human Resources

General Information

411 W. Ocean Boulevard, 10th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802
T: (562) 570-6621
F: (562) 570-6107

Most Contacted Numbers/Emails:

Employment Verification
Effective July 1, 2021, the City will utilize CCC Verify to conduct employment verifications. Employment verifications will no longer be conducted via fax or telephone. Please visit www.CCCVerify.com and select the "verifier" section. Click here to download the instructions. 

CCC Verify Customer Support: 
(855) 901-3099
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm (EST)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Employment Certification Forms should be submitted to CLB-StudentLoan@LongBeach.Gov

Due to the high volume of verifications, there is a 48 to 72-hour turnaround time. Please note we can only complete the form for current or prior City employees. Contractors and temporary staff members working via contract do not count as City employees.

Employee Discounts 

The Department of Human Resources is working on creating a virtual portal where local businesses can voluntarily share discounts and promotions on services to City employees. The discounts would be posted on an intranet page titled “Employee Discounts” and it would be internally accessible to the City’s workforce (currently estimated at 5,500 employees).

The requirements to post are:

  1. The maximum flyer size is 8.5X11 inches (letter size) in PDF file.
  2. If a graphic is attached, it must be 300x300 pixels max. sounds fine
  3. Flyers/graphics with vulgar and/or inappropriate language will not be accepted.
  4. Any offer to City staff must have a starting date and an ending date (renewals can be submitted).
  5. There is no minimum or maximum discount required (participation is voluntary and optional).
  6. Employees should be required to show their employee ID at the time of service if a discount/promotion is being offered.
  7. All posts should be submitted to CLB-EmployeeDiscount@LongBeach.Gov .

Please note participation in the Employee Discount section is optional and not a requirement. Participation in the program does not imply nor does it entitle the participants to special or preferential services from the City. This is an optional and voluntary program for vendors and business owners. The program is new for 2023 and it will be amended or revised based on demand and operational capacity. 

Jose Fernandez, Secretary - Special Events/Insurance
(562) 570-6314

Employee Benefits & Retirement Information
(562) 570-6303
Employee-Benefits@LongBeach.Gov or Retirement@LongBeach.Gov

Administration Bureau

Joe Ambrosini, Director 
(562) 570-6140

Omar Ramos, Manager of Administration 
(562) 570-6060

Personnel Operations Bureau

Fred Verdugo, Deputy Director
(562) 570-5045

Crystal Slaten, Manager of People and Operations
(562) 570-6036

Russ Ficker, Human Resources Officer - Personnel Services

Ramon Garcia, Human Resources Officer - EEO
(562) 570-6474

Yesenia Rico, Human Resources Officer - Talent Acquisition & LB Recovery
(562) 570-6552

Amanda Elek-Truman, Human Resources Officer - Employee Benefits
(562) 570-6371

Susie González, Human Resources Officer – Organizational Development
(562) 570-6588

Labor Relations

Sarah Green, Chief of Labor Relations

Sandra Aguilar, Human Resources Officer

(562) 570-7474

Sheree Valdoria, Special Projects Officer
(562) 570-6311

Risk Management Bureau

Joleen Richardson, Risk Manager 
(562) 570-6754

Derek Law, City Safety Manager
(562) 570-2712

Ayisha Thompson, Human Resources Officer - Occupational Health 
(562) 570-6966