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The Vital Records Program provides in-person services to funeral establishments by appointment only. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

After-Hours Requests

After-hours service request(s) must be submitted through the California Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS). Once the submission has been made, please call our after-hours line at 562.435.6711.

A $130.00 per transaction fee will be charged for services related to death certificate filing on weekends or holidays.

While we understand there is little control in most circumstances, we encourage you to submit non-urgent death certificate requests during regular business hours. Fees are due at the time payment is rendered for the requested service(s).


Additional Information

EDRS Policy Sheet

Unlock Requests 
All unlock requests must be made in writing via fax to 562-570-4245 or email VitalRecords@longbeach.gov. Please do not call to unlock records. Unlock requested will be processed in the order received. Make sure your fax machine has the correct date/time programmed so we can assist everyone in the correct order.

Fax Sheet: California Electronic Death Registration System (CA-EDRS)

MI or LR Review
After submitting a record to MI or LR, please do not call the Vital Records Program. The request will automatically show up in Cal-IVRS que for our review. All requests submitted from Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm will be completed within 2 hours. If it has been more than two hours since the last submission, you may call 562-570-4305 to check the status of the request.