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GreenlightLB serves those who live, work, and play in Long Beach through being an unbiased and trusted resource for health and safety information related to cannabis, and by ensuring that everyone can make informed decisions about cannabis use.

In addition to providing cannabis education, GreenlightLB receives funding by the California Office of Traffic Safety to provide educational programs and outreach activities to inform the Long Beach community about the dangers of driving under the influence of substances other than alcohol and to offer education and awareness activities focused on reducing collisions related to distracted driving.

The program's primary roles are to

  1. Educate the community on what we know about cannabis and its effects on health.

  2. Inform cannabis policy development and implementation by serving as an equitable public health lens.

  3. Advocate for critically needed research and data collecting surrounding cannabis, legalization, and its effects on community and individual health.


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Funding for this program was partially provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.