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Healthy Homes is a concept that promotes safe and healthy housing as a means for preventing disease and injury. There is a lot of scientific evidence linking health outcomes such as asthma, lead poisoning, and unintentional injuries to substandard housing. Many at-risk families are disproportionately concentrated in poor quality housing. Luckily, there are simple health and housing principles that can help you promote a healthier home environment for you and your family. By simply following the 7 Principles of a Healthy Home listed below, you can be on your way to create a safer and healthier home for your family.

7 Principals of a Healthy Home:

The City provides education on the prevention and/or reduction of household hazards for homes with children that have asthma. There are "7 Principles of a Healthy Home".

mold_11. Keep it Dry

Excess moisture creates conditions that can affect health. Look for leaky pipes or faucets.

clutter_12. Keep it Clean

Keeping a home clean includes controlling the source, reducing clutter, and using effective cleaning methods.

roach_13. Keep it Pest Free

Keep them out and give them no place to hide. Fill and seal holes, cracks and gaps to keep pests out.

Open_Window_14. Keep it Ventilated

Proper ventilation can reduce the hazards of allergens, mold and carbon monoxide.

falling_15. Keep it Safe

Unintentional injuries are accidents that can be prevented by correcting the conditions that may cause illness or injury.

chemicalsundersink_16. Keep it Contaminant Free

There are biological contaminants such as mold, and household cleaning products that can trigger asthma.

kitchen7. Keep it Maintained

Things to check: leaky plumbing, peeling and chipping paint, sewer system, heating and cooling systems, ventilation, rainwater control/drainage, structural integrity, storage and organization.

Guide to using non-toxic cleaning supplies: English | Spanish

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Jr. Health Inspector Program

The Long Beach Health Department has developed the curriculum "Take a Closer Look: Be a Junior Health Inspector", which targets 4th grade students in high-risk areas to enhance their understanding of a healthy and safe home, and community environment. This is a collaborative effort between the Health Department, Public Works Department and the Long Beach Unified School District.


Curriculum developed and approved in accordance with LBUSD Health Education Content Standards and Benchmarks.

  1. Students specifically learn to name techniques to reduce and/or eliminate health hazards in the home, specifically asthma triggers, lead, unintentional injuries, and storm water pollution.
  2. A Health Educator from the Health Department delivers a 1-hour interactive educational presentation that highlights housing conditions that may impact health. Students learn the importance of a healthy and safe indoor home environment.
  3. At the end of the presentation, all students take an oath and are deputized as Junior Health Inspectors and are charged with helping the City protect their home and community environment. We provide students with an ID card, copy of the oath, follow-up assignment to inspect their homes and an informational guide for parents in three languages.

Junior Inspector Promise:

"I promise to do my best to keep my home and surrounding environment safe and healthy."

Classes are available NOW. Offered at no cost to the School!
To schedule a presentation, please contact Kathy Estrada at (562) 570-4008.

"Take a Closer Look: Be a Junior Health Inspector" - Parent's Guide
Junior Health Inspector Word Search

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