Effective July 2012

The Housing Program has been moved from the City Health Department to the City Development Services Department, Code Enforcement Section. If you have a complaint or questions about any of the below mentioned housing units, please contact Code Enforcement at 562-570-2633.

The goal of the Housing Inspection Program is to identify housing violations jeopardizing resident's health and safety, and take the appropriate enforcement action to correct the violations.

The Housing Program is responsible for the licensing and inspection of:

1. Licensed Housing (multiple dwelling units)

Multi-dwelling units consists of four or more dwelling units. This includes:

  • condominiums
  • own-your-owns
  • apartment buildings
  • any parcel or lot with four (4) or more dwelling units. (For Example: Four (4) or more single-family dwelling units, two (2) or more duplex units, a single-family dwelling and a triplex unit, on the same or contiguous parcel(s) of land, etc.)

Condominiums and own-your-owns have individual ownership, but due to their construction, each unit can impact the other. These units can be owner occupied or rented or leased out by the month.

Apartment dwellings are usually rented by the month or leased month to month or for longer periods of time.

2. Hotels, Motels, and Rooming Houses

Hotels consist of 6 or more rooms. Modern hotels usually have bathroom facilities in each room. Old hotels may have common bathroom facilities for each sex. Hotels are rented day-to-day, but not more than once in a 24 hour period.

Motels consist of 6 or more rooms. Each room has its own bathroom facilities. Some motels may have mini-cooking facilities. Motels are rented day to day, or week to week, but no more than once in a 24 hour period.

A rooming house consists of 5 or fewer rooms, with a common living room, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. This type of facility is usually rented by the month.

Bed and Breakfast consists of 1 or more rooms. Family style meals are served in a common dining room. There may be common bathroom facilities.

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