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We Respond: The Human Dignity Assistance Team

The Human Dignity Assistance Team is a highly trained, diverse group of individuals who are on call seven days a week to assist those in need. The Team is a valuable community resource that provides Hate Crime Response and Inter-Group Conflict Resolution.

  • The Team offers crisis intervention for victims of hate crimes or bias incidents, their families and our community.
  • The Team also mediates and resolves individual and community bias-related inter-group conflict to prevent confrontations from excalating or becoming destructive.

If you suspect you are the victim of a hate crime or bias incident:
#1 Call the Long Beach Police Department 9-1-1 or 562-435-6711 (from cell phone), AND
#2 Call The City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program Officer 562-570-6948



Hate Crime Response Team

What is the Hate Crime Response Team?
The Hate Crime Response Team is a highly trained, diverse group of individuals who are on call severn days a week to assist victims of hate crimes or bias incidents. Bias incidents are occurrances that do not rise to the level of criminal acrivity.

What is a hate crime?
A hate crime is a criminal act committed against a person or property because of race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender ot disability status.

Why focus on hate crimes?
All crime victims need support. However, victims of hate crimes generally feel particlarly vulnerable because they cannot change that which made them a victim. They have been attacked simply because of who they are. Hate crimes tear at the very heart of the individual's and community's identity.

How can the Team help?
The Team pprovides the following services:

  • Individual and community assistance in response to conflicts due to race, national. origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability status.
  • On-site support and assistance.
  • Documentation of hate crimes and bias incidents.
  • Assistance with resource referrals.
  • Assistance in securing help under the California Victim of Crime Program.

Human Dignity Program
Recommended Hate Crime Community Resources for Long Beach and Neighboring Communities:


Inter-Group Conflict Resolution Team

What is the Inter-Group Conflict Resolution Team?
The Inter-Group Conflict Resolution Team (ICRT) is a group of community leaders from various organizations called upon go mdciate a conflict between diverse groups. The ICRT becomes intercessors to resolve confrontations between grouips and to prevent confrontations from escalating or becoming destructive.

How can the ICRT help?
The ICRT provides the following services:

  • Responds to discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping that may lead to hate crimes and inter-group conflict.
  • Assists in setting bias disputes through mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Helps to develop constructive, creative and non-violent alternatives through conflict resolution.
  • Calms tensions, prevents violence and gets people talking again.