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Mobile Testing and Outreach Team (MTOT)

  • Mobile Testing Overview

    Mobile COVID-19 testing was launched to provide a community-based service to those who are not able to travel to one of the city’s testing sites. Mobile testing is specifically offered to older adults, individuals in long-term care facilities, people with disabilities, access or functional needs, and those with underlying health conditions.  

    Mobile testing has expanded to include “pop-up testing days” as a strategy to increase access to testing for Long Beach residents, primarily for under-represented demographics and communities, and for those who are unable to access other ongoing city testing sites.

    Those who are able to access testing through their primary care provider or at an ongoing testing site should continue to still do so.

    To request mobile testing, please complete the form below

    To request mobile testing by phone, please call the COVID-19 Information Line at (562) 570-4636, available Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Planning

    “Pop-up testing days'' will occur periodically, and alternate through city districts based on need. The date, time, location and population served will be coordinated by the representing councilmember and their office. Coordination requires establishing a secure location such as a community center or park building with access to electrical outlets, bathrooms and sinks for handwashing. An alternative location is a safe parking lot to deploy the health department’s Emergency Response Vehicle, which could serve as the base for pop-up testing that day. Pop-up testing does not require appointments.

  • Personnel and Equipment

    The pop-up testing team will bring tables, chairs, canopies, extension cords, laptop, scanner and all required PPE. The pop-up team will include 5-10 members depending on the district’s population. The team will be equipped to conduct up to 50 tests per hour or roughly 300 tests per day. The type of test kit used is the nasal swab which can be administered by staff or self-administered.

  • Test Results

    Most test results will be processed within 72 hours and delivered to the individual via email. In order to improve the delivery of test results to individuals without smartphones and internet access, a mobile team business card will be provided so the individual can call to obtain test results over the phone.

  • Safety

    The team lead will request support in advance from the Long Beach Police Department in the form of safety patrols in the vicinity before and during the pop-up testing operation. In addition to requesting a secure location for pop-up testing, the entire team will continue to maintain appropriate situational awareness during the operation.