Help & Donate

Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund

The Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund, an official fund in partnership with the Long Beach Community Foundation, will support the most vulnerable in our community through community-based organizations at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response in the Long Beach area.

Donations & Discount Offers

Those wishing to donate goods, or provide goods or services at a discounted rate, must first submit a donation or discount offer. All offers will be reviewed, and offers that match current needs within the City will be forwarded to the appropriate City Department for coordination.  We anticipate that the City’s needs will change over time, so what may not be a need today, may become a critical need in the future.


The City is currently in need of medical and non-medical volunteers to assist with our COVID-19 response.

Multi-Service Center Donations

Support people experiencing homelessness by donating various goods to the Multi-Service Center.

American Red Cross

According to the American Red Cross, the number of canceled blood drives has increased. Healthy, eligible donors should consider donating blood at the local American Red Cross to ensure there is enough lifesaving blood on the shelves for those who need it most.

Other ways to do your part:

Safely offer support to your neighbors

One of the most important things we can do right now is come together and work as a community to support each other and take care of our neighbors. These Neighbor to Neighbor cards can help open lines of communication and find ways we can take care of each other during this time. 

Do not flush paper products besides toilet paper

  • The public is asked to avoid flushing wipes and paper towels, and instead to discard these items into the trash. Paper towels and wipes, including those labeled “flushable,” and those used for disinfecting surfaces, do not break down the way toilet paper does and can quickly cause sewer clogs, back-ups, and spills. Toilet paper hoarding has led to increased use of baby-wipes, and daily use of paper towels and disinfecting wipes has increased. Long Beach Water Department is asking the public to do their part in preventing impact on the sewer system.

Throw used face masks and gloves in the trash

  • There have been reports of used face masks and plastic gloves scattered around the city. Please consider the health of the people who are cleaning up behind you by properly disposing of used hygienic supplies in the trash.