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Local Requirements

HUD gives Housing Authorities choices about how rental assistance programs are operated. Tenants who are assisted by HACLB are affected by the following rules:


HACLB may operate only within the City of Long Beach. Participating tenants who wish to live outside of Long Beach must request to use the Section 8 Free Choice Voucher Program's "Portability Feature" to move to another jurisdiction.


HACLB will first assist residents of Long Beach before it assists others. HACLB considers both people who live in Long Beach and people who work in Long Beach to be "residents."

Criminal History Checks

All adult household members must obtain a criminal history check from the Long Beach Police Department before their household is authorized to receive rental assistance from HACLB. The Police Department must report that each individual has not engaged in drug-related or violent criminal activities for a 3-year period. Adults wishing to join a household that already receives rental assistance must also obtain a criminal history check.